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Alan Greenspan Gold and Silver Is Money Superior To All Fiat Money Including The Dollar!
Alan Greenspan Longest serving federal reserve head for a long time was anti-gold. His comments on gold being superior to all fiat monies and describes the dangers of countries that don't have gold in reserves during currency difficulty. He says the reason the entire world keeps gold in reserve is the fact that gold is money.
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You Don't Own Your House And Your Deed Proves It! What is Allodial Title and How to Get It!
You don't own your house and your Deed Proves it. What us allodial title? My guess is most people have no idea and that it means they don't actually own their property. Don't worry there is a way to apply for allodial title but it will cost you.
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New Silver Standard In Mexico! Would Be A First Backed By Silver Price
Mexico Planning a new silver standard. In a forum for savings the plans were announced to create the first monetized silver coin backed by the value of silver. This could change everything a silver standard pegged to silver price. The silver libertad just got a whole new meaning.
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The Coming Economic Collapse Will Make JP Morgan The Most Powerful Bank In History
During the next economic collapse JP Morgan's massive silver stockpile that they have been collecting since the price began to drop will make them the richest and most powerful bank in history. The physical silver hoard held by JP Morgan is larger than the hunt brothers and was accumulated at a time when price was in decline. like them or hate then the reality is they know money before it moves and most people think it's foolish to own silver.
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When The Economic Collapse Hits Everyone Will Head For The Exits at Once.
The middle class is disappearing for the firat time in the history of America they are a minority. The economy is collapsing and When the Economic Collapse Hits Everyone Will Head For The Exits at Once. The reason for prepping now is it will be too late when panic sets in.
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Get Ready For The Trillion Dollar Liquidity Crisis! Are You Prepared
The 1 Trillion Dollar liquidity crisis are you prepared? Most are unaware of the fact that over 1 trillion dollars in liquidity is about to but sucked out of the markets. Notice the concern when promise of increased economic activity sends a panic on monetary policy. The fast pace of raising interest rates and shrinking the fed balance sheet is about to spur a liquidity crisis as markets lose over a trillion dollars.
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Peak Silver Supply Squeeze! World Without Silver
Peak silver supply squeeze world without silver. The dwindling supply of physical silver. Available silver supply is unable to meet growing demand. Also covering the effects of peak gold on silver supply.
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Watch The Warning Economic Collapse! The Federal Reserve Is Crashing The Stock Market
The Federal Reserve is crashing the stock market and they are warning us long in advance. The economic collapse 2017 begins with an unexplained intense focus on interest rates. After years of simulated economic data that appeared stronger now that the economic data is collapsing The Federal Reserve sets intense determination on raising interest rates. The balance sheet has never before been at such level and unexpected market swings are sure to follow.
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If This is an Economic Recovery What is The Rent Relief Act? Economic Collapse News
Economic collapse news. So the general narrative is that the economy is strong with no end in sight. Tell me again why the rent Relief Act is being pushed. It is a motion to provide relief for troubled households struggling to pay their bills. there a huge divide between what people say and what people do.
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Silver Price Will Skyrocket And The Dollar Collapse Under a Fed Inflation Target of 3%
Silver price will skyrocket as The Fed may soon set it's sights on a much faster rate of devaluation of the dollar. The current target of 2% is not enough the currency is not devaluing fast enough to feed the monster. They want to collapse the dollar with a 3% a year cut to the purchasing power of the Dollar. Our currency has been under a steady rate of collapse but soon things may get much worse.
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Gold is Flowing Out Of The U.S.! Premiums and Cost of Production Rises For Silver And Gold
What happens to the price of gold with record gold supply outflows if there is any downturn. The cost of production of silver and gold has increased while production has decreased. Premiums have increased on American silver eagles and we are seeing a separation of the physical silver and gold market and the paper silver and gold market.
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Shocking 100 Year Old Document Explains Todays Economic Collapse! Bankers Manifesto On Schedule!
Bankers manifesto from 1892 explains just what's happening in our economy today. The bankers manifesto explains why so many are ending up homeless. The document explains in stunning clarity why we had the Housing crisis and yet they are who we trust.
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Peak Gold and Silver Begins to Redefine and Industry
Peak gold and silver begins to redefine and industry. Australia's mega mine has seen a major decline in production and estimates say they will need to increase exploration worldwide by double and also increase production just to maintain current levels. The larger mines have decided to move to acquiring smaller proven projects rather than invest in exploration. This removes a large amount of capital for silver and gold exploration and leaves us with a larger supply deficit.
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Economic Collapse News - Stock Market Sell-Off Begins With JNJ Leading the Fall
The Dow Jones is down nearly 400 points, with Johnson & Johnson responsible for nearly a quarter of the fall. the market is showing very unstable signs all it needed was a catalyst. asbestos in baby powder isn't exactly news but it is the underlying weakness that has investors on edge
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Bail In's How Banks Can Legally Take Your Money - Economic Collapse News
Economic collapse news. We have all heard of banks bail in's, But How can banks legally take your money. Here is an in depth study into bank bail in's, their use so far and the law giving legal authority to take depositors money. The language is tricky but here is how bank bail in's work.
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Wells Fargo Warns The End Of Credit Cycle Is Here! Economic Collapse News
economic collapse news. Housing prices are now at all time highs in many metropolitan area. Housing prices have far out paced wages and the problem as Wells Fargo puts it is consumer credit cycle maturity. This is a term that means we are maxed out of Debtors with ability to borrow. Two things this could produce economic collapse or reassigning credit approval standards.
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Silver Demand in India Reaches Such Extremes They are Cutting Purity to meet Demand
silver demand in India has reached such an extreme that they're actually cutting purities in jewelry and other related products to be able to meet demand. The problem is there's just not enough physical silver to go around all this at a time when silver prices have remained largely stagnant this can't go on forever.
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Unaccountable Teflon Banks! lawsuit Filed For Vix Manipulation - Economic Collapse News
economic collapse news. There has been a lawsuit filed looking for information about the recent losses in vix. The suit claims hundreds of millions of dollars were lost and studying the early February volatility they have found foul play. But the real problem is unaccountable banks. Back from the beginning this has been the main problem settlement after settlement ups and downs it has been Teflon Banks who operate with impunity. Who is there to speak up.
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It's Enough To Make You Sick! Information Overload
With all the constant stream and frenzy over topics that don't matter. When Alabama passed the bill to eliminate sales tax from silver and gold bullion it got almost no coverage. The constant information Overload is enough to make you sick.
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Silver Not Gold Is Set For The Return of a Lifetime
Silver not gold is set for the return of a lifetime. the simple answer is gold is the money of the rich. a quick checkup on the status of the average American will show you they fit into a different level. Silver being the people's money means the psycological search for the safe haven protection of precious metals will push the majority of flow into silver and not gold. a vast amount of wealth has the potential to create the return of a lifetime in silver
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Auto Delinquencies Skyrocket Auto Bubble Goes Pop! Economic Collapse News
Economic Collapse News Auto sales plummet as delinquencies skyrocket on sub prime auto loans. A lot of hype was given to auto sales last year leaving dealership lots filled with inventory. Even all time high incentives can't move these cars. Guess it's bad business to write bad loans.
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New Laws Could End The Federal Reserve! Silver And Gold Currency Competition
New Laws Could End The Federal Reserve passage of the Wyoming legal tender act would encourage the use of silver and gold as money by removing all taxes on silver and gold bullion. Multiple states have now passed laws to pave the way for the new silver standard and gold standard. Over time good money will push out bad money as people see the benefit of saving in gold and silver the losses from use of federal reserve notes will be more apparent. In the currency competition with silver and gold there is no way to compete.
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Physical Precious Metals Demand Surges 19% data shows a Tightening Market
Demand for physical gold and silver is increasing. Tighter mine supply and increased demand for physical silver and gold is showing changes in the way the precious metals market is behaving beyond the headlines.
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James Traficant Jr. Bankruptcy Speech! Must Hear! Emergency Banking Act Is Why He Was Silenced
James Traficant Jr. bankruptcy speech from 1993 reading of the speech because all other videos have been replaced. This is a very significant speech and it shows why he was silenced. Share this video describing the emergency banking act.
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Proof Unemployment Rate Is A Lie! Participation Is The Worst In Decades - Economic Collapse New
Subscribe to https://www.youtube.com/c/growathome Proof the official unemployment rate is a lie. It's not even a good lie the Workforce Participation Rate is at its worst level in decades. It was only worse at a time when wages were so much higher that less people needed to work. The Financial safety net is being removed and no one even noticed
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The Coming Stock Market Crash Will Take Everything Down
Economic collapse can happen much faster than people anticipate changes have taken over markets which are leading to disaster for stock markets. What happens when the machines start selling. Trading today is largely operated by computers and they all move together a sell signal will trigger sell commands all over the economy.
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Economic Collapse News New Home Sales Crash! Picking up the Housing Crisis where we left off
Economic collapse news. With interest rates on the rise we're seeing a crash in sales for autos, and new home sales. We have also seen a steady stream of retailers filing for bankruptcy protection. The problem is debt and interest rates. it's just that simple now we continue the first housing crisis where we left off.
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Entire Comex Silver Trading Net Short Held By Only A Handful of Banks
When it comes to commodities there is no other market that operates the way the Comex silver market does right now. Even more disturbing is the fact that the entire Comex net short position is held by only a handful of banks. This enables enormous control over the silver market and supersedes even supply to demand ratio.
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New Law Signed To Use Silver and Gold As Money
The constitution states that only Gold and Silver coin is money in the united states. Bill in Arizona has just been signed into law to help end the the monopoly the federal reserve has on money. The removal of tax can greatly help open the door to the safe storage of wealth in precious metals. Good money always pushes out bad money.
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You are about to Bail Out Bankrupt State Pensions? Gold Price Smashed By One Trader
Gold price takes a huge hit from a mass selling spree triggered by one investor. Such a large move in contracts triggered stop losses and algo play drove down gold price 1%. The new discussion has begun about taxpayer funded state pension bailouts. Most of you are probably unaware but you may be about to pay for bankrupt state pensions
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Coinbase Losing! Must Turn Over Customers Records To IRS For Massive Bitcoin Fishing Expedition
Coinbase has just gone back in front of judge to once again hear that they are giving free rein to search customer records. largely viewed as anonymous and private it is starting to look like a large scale fishing expedition is about to take place by the IRS into coinbase customers transactions.
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Banking Crisis Leaves Worlds Oldest Bank And World Economy on Brink of Economic Collapse
Banking crisis claims another victim The worlds oldest bank Just received a massive bailout. The ECB bail in policy has the Italian Lawmakers spooked. The bubble economy and zombie banks have pushed the world to the brink of economic collapse
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Silver Stacking has an Opportunity That is Profitable Without Economic Collapse! But Very Limited
Many overlook a great opportunity in Silver Stacking. If you're new to buying silver you should consider these simple things because there is profit to be made now without economic collapse. Detailing and looking into the bullion industry and ways to make money now.
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Dollars Will Not Be Enough To Purchase Silver! True Value of Silver beyond Inflation Hedge
The True value of Silver. A day is coming that your dollars will not be valuable enough to purchase real money like silver or gold. Covering the devastating effects of inflation and the current state of the U.S. Dollar. Silver and golds use through history and the ultimate ability to liquidate silver in a crisis unlike the U.S. Dollar.
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Stagflation Has Begun And The Savings Of Millions Is Disappearing - Economic Collapse News
Economic collapse news. Subscribe to Grow at Home Farm https://youtu.be/lMDs1ok7VwY The Savings of millions of Americans is evaporating fast. In a recent study the savings rate for many is decreasing fast. The majority of Americans do not have enough to handle an emergency. This is normally explained as consumers are confident but the reality is inflation pressure is picking up in many sectors including gas prices. Wages just can't keep up with prices.
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Danger This Week For Stock Market Prepare For Chaos! Puerto Rico Economic Collapse 2017
Monday could bring shockwaves to stock markets as puerto rico is set to expire on stay of debt burden the market has gone to far ahead of it's self and is set to trigger economic collapse 2017 any moment
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Economic Collapse News - The U.S. Housing Market's Largest Buyer Is Dumping Properties
Support us by subscribing to our other channel. Economic collapse news. The U.S. Housing market for about a decade has had tens of billions of dollars poured into it by one huge buyer. That all has changed and now Chinese investors are leaving the housing market. What happens to the housing prices left behind. Either way the real housing crisis is here and it doesn't look good for an economy on the ropes.
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Economic Collapse News - Toronto's Housing Bubble Is Set To Spark Market Chaos
Economic collapse news. Trouble is brewing in the Toronto real estate market Canada’s biggest bubble which may be the POP heard around the world. In October, home prices plunged at the fastest pace in more than two decades, according to new data published by Statistics Canada. Statistics Canada’s Price Index for new Toronto homes declined 1.4% in October from a year earlier, the most since September 1996. Across all provinces and territories, home prices increased 0.1%, the slowest pace since 2010, which signals the country's real estate market has stalled and could reverse into 2020. The pace of new home construction crashed by a massive 40.3% in the Greater Toronto Area between October 2017 and October 2018
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Peak Homelessness! Homeless Numbers Surge For the First Time Since the Financial Crisis
Economic Collapse News. Homeless Numbers in the United states have never been this high before. We have reached peak Homelessness the funny part is many experts are saying this is caused by the economic recovery. "Homelessness is Recovery" yeah even sounds bad.
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Full Blown Pension Crisis! It's Much Worse Than We Thought!
The rates they are using to calculate pension liabilities are not accurate. Minnesota Just changed to the new regulations and they went from almost the top funded to one of the least funded. The problem is there are only 8 states that have switched to using more accurate numbers. The reason they are more accurate is because they are all valued in today's dollars to project payments obligations decades from now. The whole pension system is in crisis and it's much worse than we thought.
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China Initiates Dollar Collapse Transition Could Spark Worst Economic Collapse in History
China pushes more countries to abandon the dollar by using the new silk road trade route to encourage use of local currencies over dollars and to bypass dollars in trade between the nations of trade route. the dollar collapse continues to get worse as more major nations are holding less foreign reserves and accumulating gold. this new push could bring the mighty dollar to it's knees from it's top spot as the world reserve currency and initiate a devastating economic collapse
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China Moves To End Silver Price Manipulation!  Silver and Gold Contracts Demand Physical Delivery
China has just created new silver and gold contracts that limit the amount one individual is able to own. The bigger feature is that the require physical delivery of Silver in order to create them. Unlike the Comex which doesn't even endorses naked short selling. China has grown it's presence in the gold and silver market this new move could put an end or the beginning of the end for silver manipulation.
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50 Year Old Recording Exposing The Truth of The Federal Reserve and World Events Today.
50 Year Old Recording Exposing The origin and truth of the federal reserve. The reason for its creation and Motives. 50 year old recording explains world events today.
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H.R. 5404 Bill To Enact a United States Gold Standard Would Make Dollar Convertible To Gold
New bill would secure the Dollar to a fixed rate of Gold eliminating financial instability in the economy. Silver and Gold limits debt that cannot be paid it also secures individual prosperity. H.R. 5404 would do just that set the Dollar to a fixed rate backing it by Gold. All U.S. Dollars would be exchangeable with gold ending years of loss for savers. Bill to enact a United States Gold standard.
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Dow Jones Taking Heavy Losses Day After Billions in Pension Dollars Dumped on the Market
Economic collapse news. the worst case scenario would be the dow continues falling... at least that's what the plan was when billions of dollars worth of pension funds were just dumped onto the market. Why? well that's simple they were taking losses with current investment strategy and by regulation and charter were required to roll it over inti stocks. already underfunded pension funds now have the largest clearing ever.. month end, quarter end, year end and this happens to be the largest on record 64 billion dollars. as we speak millions could have their pension lost in the stock market.
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Economic Collapse News - Bank Stocks Are Crashing Entire Index Is Down Over 20%
Economic collapse news. On Tuesday, the US KBW Bank index, which tracks the largest 24 US banks and serves as a benchmark for the banking sector, dropped 1.2%, the fifth day in a row of declines, to the lowest close since September 7, 2017.The index is now back where it had been on December 1, 2016. Two years of big gains Erased! But it doesn't stop there with all the experst now warning of the coming financial crisis you must ask yourself is my money safe. maybe this time we will learn something.
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Pension Runs Begin!  Early Retirements Spike On Fears The Money Isn't There - Economic Collapse News
Economic Collapse News. State workers are rushing for the gates to lock in paymets. This is the first time people are waking up that there pension will not be there when it's time to retire. The models of pension insolvency projected a much later date of default. The sudden run on pensions has drastically changed those numbers.
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How To Be Free From Your Financial Prison!
Economic collapse news. How to be free from your financial prison. So many people are living a life they don't want. In fact 85% of Americans don't like their job... how is it that we are among the most miserable people in the world. It's because we are not free debt is the opposite of freedom. How to take control and be set free from your debt burden.
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The Petro Yuan Has Captured 12% Of the Worlds Oil Trade! Dollar Danger - Economic Collapse News
Economic collapse news. In just 7 short weeks since it opened the petro yuan has captured 12% of the worlds oil trade. in 1971 the gold support for the U.S. Dollar was ended on a promise that oil would exclusively be traded in dollars. After years of printing the only thing that has held the dollar together has been oil. The real dollar danger is set to begin.
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Deutschebank Says The End of Fiat Money Has Come
deutschebank warns we are watching the end of fiat money and the world will soon need alternatives. Though he points out cryptocurrency as the go to replacement gold and silver have time tested resilience against currency devaluation.
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