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Grand Theft Auto 5 running on GeForce 210 1GB
Hey, I bought a £21 Asus Nvidia Geforce 210 1GB Graphics card from my local Maplins. I though I'd try GTA V on it, and its works! Settings are on the lowest quality etc. But it'll do until I can buy a better card! Can also run, - Batman Arkham Origins (Low settings) - Dead Space 2 (High settings) - Dark Souls: Prepare to die edition (low settings) - Grand Theft Auto IV (Low Settings) - Minecraft (uggh! Little boy likes it! Honest!) Open to suggestions on what Graphics Card to buy, preferably under £100.
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Bury Tomorrow - Black Flame Cover
Bury tomorrow requested cover of Black Flame. All drum and bass tracking has been done by me all. Took way too fucking long!! Anyway, been getting stressed, tired, almost pulling my hair out but here is my cover! Enjoy! #blackflameband #burytomorrow #blackflame
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Grand Theft Auto 5 running on GeForce 210 1GB
Thanks for Watching! Please Subscribe, and you can follow me on Twitter @Mikeesevern -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/mikeespace Video Intro by - DreamMotion https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSb6t3OETZMoir-MSUn2zSQ/featured
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Old Man Dance to Enter Sandman
So I'm on my break at work and Enter Sandman is playing on the radio. As I'm scrolling through Facebook this video of this guy starts auto playing without the sound and perfectly synced up to Matellica. I though it was hilarious and decided to make this into a video! You may not find it funny but I did, and I seriously hope this guy (whoever he is) is still boogieing better then the rest of them!
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Love Thing Cover
Right so its been a while since I uploaded a video on here! I've got a new camera! (Xperia Z) and a new guitar! This guitar is an Ibanez RG350DX! I've been watching a few videos on this guitar and to be honest the people playing them can't play (very well at least). I'll admit I'm not perfect! But wanted to do a decent video with sound on this guitar! I almost didn't buy this guitar because of the videos and sound quality! The Ibanez is straight out the box! No adjustment except flat tuning it a little! Set up was - Guitar Rig 5 - God's Love Patch - CryBaby Wah GCB-95 So to anyone buying this guitar, hopfully my video will give you a better idea on the sound of the guitar! In the background is my old Ibanez RGT42, I believe this is a better model (correct me if I'm wrong!) But I generally find the RG350DX is equally as good as my RGT42. Hopefully this video won't lag on sound uploading it onto YouTube! Previous videos have done before!
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Interlude - Mikee Walker
Hey! this is a little song I made as an interlude type thing. Don't know if a better quality version will make it onto it, but I thought id record an upload it with some stupid pictures onto here so you can all have a listen! :)
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Severn Airplay Part 1
Severns First Radio Appearance on Top Rock Radio, your host DJ Beerman!!
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Severn Airplay Part 2
Severns first Radio Airplay on Top Rock Radio, your host DJ Beerman
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Severn - Trent FM Arena July 4th 2010
Hey, on July 4th 2010 my band Severn got the Amazing chance to play the Trent FM Arena, through a voting system involving Radio and Public Votes, We made the Top 10 bands to play the Arena then we was
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Pinata FAIL!!
Had to make this verison! You got knocked the duck out man by Chris Tucker! Piñata fail!
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