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Unable to play Amazon prime video in Chromium browser. Protected content error displayed
Problem: Unable to play Amazon prime video in Chromium browser , Protected content error getting displayed. Solution: This video will guide you how to install chromium widevine package in arch Linux.Protected content error displayed Slide and command: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1BP0X--W6QJRvWkoWeKxvAJxY141ePMPZorIUdvAd7MM Operating System: Arch Linux Browser :Chromium
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Arch linux installation in Malayalam
Step by step instruction to install arch Linux in a VM including the desktop environment (KDE)
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How to configure hangfire in dot net
It is a very easy component in dotnet which will help us to schedule a background Job. Source code of the demo is located at github https://goo.gl/LEvVmF
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How to enable swap file in arch linux in malayalam
How to enable swap file in arch linux with hibernate option working
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Configuring VS Code for Typescript Development Lesson-2
How to configure Vs code for typescript.
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Introduction  to typescript lesson-1
This video talks about basic history of Javascript ,ECMAscript and typescript.
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ArchLinux Installing on top of LVM in Malayalam
Arch Linux Installing on top of Logical Volume manager in Malayalam Slide link https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YRkz44FwioguNuKSpXiZxo9VWrxlFNUmqb--xWp-VfQ/edit?usp=sharing
Basic types in typescript Lesson-3
Basic types in typescript. We will be discussing about String, Boolean, number. enum, array, tuple, union type and type alias.

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