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VocaLink Immediate Payments Solution
VocaLink has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise of real-time payments systems following key roles in deploying and operating the UK Faster Payments Service, the LINK ATM network and FAST - a new real-time system in Singapore, which went live
The global emergence of real-time payments
Marc Terry, managing director, commercial services, VocaLink discusses the global market for real time payments, the lessons learnt from the Singapore experience and the future of the industry. Don't forget to subscribe for future videos
The UK Faster Payments Service provides a trusted platfrom f
VocaLink, the international payments provider, is celebrating the five year anniversary of the Faster Payments Service in the UK, with 2.5 billion transactions securely processed since its launch in 2008. In this video: Chris Dunne, Payments Services Director, VocaLink is interviewed by Finextra about Faster Payments at the 5 year anniversary of the service. Against a tough economic backdrop, the service has flourished and real time processing is now the standard time for phone or internet initiated domestic UK payments. The Faster Payments Service is the largest real time payment system in the world that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering direct customer initiation and almost instantaneous transfer of value to the beneficiary. VocaLink processes payments on behalf of the Faster Payments Scheme Limited. The service supports businesses and consumers alike with the ability to make immediate bank transfers.
Vocalink Innovation
Learn more about Vocalink products and services and how we are helping to shape the global payments landscape.
VocaLink is a global payments partner
VocaLink is a global payments partner relied on by financial institutions, corporates and governments to provide high availability and resilient payment solutions. We operate class-leading payment clearing systems and ATM switching platforms which underpin the majority of UK electronic payments -- we provide a national grid for payments. Our proven capability of implementing real-time payment systems in the UK has led to the development of immediate payment solutions for other countries.
What consumers really want from digital payments
Download VocaLink mobile payments research report VocaLink managing director of strategy and business development Paul Stoddart, discusses what consumers really want from digital payments.
The future of payments
David Yates, CEO of Vocalink looks at payments, the rise of startups, the future of ACHs and the promise of blockchain technology prior to Money 20/20 in Las Vegas.
PromptPay - Financial Inclusion VoxPops
PromptPay is driving financial inclusion across Thailand
"PromptPay Me Back"
Driving a digital economy
Vocalink Analytics: Financial Crime Solutions
Find out how Vocalink Analytics is using cutting-edge data science to help protect people, businesses and payments systems from fraud and financial crime – one payment at a time.
The India Payment Stack
Find out how real-time payments are helping businesses across india
Digitising Bangladesh's Milk Industry
Find out how real-time payments are helping dairy farmers in Bangladesh grow their business
PromptPay - See it in Action
PromptPay allows registered customers to transfer funds using a mobile phone with only the mobile phone or Citizen ID number of the recipient.
VocaLink and Immediate Payments
Kris Kubiena, VocaLink Proposition Delivery Director, talks about VocaLink and the Australian payments market
VocaLink talks to the Banker about Immediate Payments
Kris Kubiena, VocaLink Proposition Delivery Director, talks with The Banker about VocaLink's global payments activity
Real-time for the real-world
Kris Kubiena, Payments Proposition Director for VocaLink, talks to Finextra's Liz Lumley about the significance of real-time payments.
Multi Proxy Platform
The Vocalink multi proxy platform allows personal information to be stored, accessed and managed independently of any associated applications. Being independent, the proxy platform can be linked to any number of applications that involve a payment, such as a mobile payment application or overseas remittances or even card payments.
PromptPay - Empowering Entrepreneurs
Find out how PromptPay is empowering small business owners
How do consumers benefit from an up-to-date payments infrastructure?
Paul Stoddart MD of Strategy and Business Development, answers the question: How do consumers benefit from an up-to-date payments infrastructure?
How does the Middle East's payments infrastructure compare with the rest of the world?
Paul Stoddart MD of Strategy and Business Development, answers the question: How does the middle east's payments infrastructure compare with the rest of the world?
Moving mobile payments to the mainstream
David Yates, VocaLink Chief Executive Officer, talks to the editor of The Banker magazine about mobile payments and innovation in Japan.
Sibos 2013 pre event interview with VocaLink Payment Service Director Chris Dunne
Chris Dunne, Payment Service Director, VocaLink, discusses the role of market infrastructure and the benefit and importance of ISO 20022.
Our Culture
Our Culture
Sibos 2013 pre event interview with VocaLink CEO David Yates
Chief executive of VocaLink David Yates and editor of The Banker Brian Caplen discuss the ways in which payments infrastructures are having to adapt to emerging technologies and changing consumer habits in a pre-event Sibos 2013 interview.
Payport - Your connection to Faster Payments
To remain relevant and meet your customers’ fast-changing demands, you need to make the most of the real-time Faster Payments infrastructure – and that’s where PayPort can help.

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