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Birthright Bus Set!
I did a stand up set on the bus from the Sea of Galilee to Jerusalem with the Birthright Israel group! It was a lot of fun the entire set wasn't recorded but I had the best heckler ever up front calling me a "basic bitch" lol an expression which I taught his Israeli ass! Anyways I had a great time giving people a little insight in past adventures of my life and I hope you all enjoy!
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Steve Cross Standup music
Singing jokes to a jam sesh with no previous practice and mostly improv.
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Drunk and Dissorderly with Steve Cross
You gotta laugh at your mistakes sometimes
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Kayak sledding! The NEW buzz!
Kayak sledding into Pond! Please like and subscribe!
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Fantastic Fishing Frenzy
I had some time so decided to fish from scratch and pull out some biggins
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Fishin like a redneck
We decided to talk like crazy rednecks all day while fishing and it was awesome
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The Shrimp Salad Ballad
They asked for one more
Views: 35 Shrimp Salad
Steve Cross Warped Tour and Shrimp Salad
Standup from 7/7/16 at Sean Bolans In Bel Air MD at open mic night. Loads of fun and mostly improv
Views: 16 Shrimp Salad

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