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Outlook - Fixing Autocomplete in Outlook
A recent upgrade has caused issues with the Outlook AutoComplete fields feature. This tutorial video will assist you in resetting the AutoComplete on your version of outlook.
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Accessing your Account
How to Access a New Student Account for the First Time.
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Office 365 - Office 2016 Install for Mac
This Information Technology Services Video will show you how to install Office 2016 for mac from your Office365 email account.
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Lync - Installing the Lync Client
Learn how to install the Lync 2013 client that comes standard with your Office 365 U of I mailbox.
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Office 365 -- Wave 15 Primer
Learn more about VandalMail and the Wave 15 upgrade that is being pushed out in mid June.
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File Recovery: Network Drives
Learn how to recover deleted files from the U:/ and S:/ drives. Applicable to: Windows
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Office 365 - Handling and reporting spam messages
Learn how spam filtering works under Office 365 and what you can do to report and improve junk email filtering.
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Lync - Using Lync through OWA
Learn how to use the light-weight lync client built into the Outlook Web App.
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VPN -- (Windows) Installing the VPN Client
Learn how to download, install and use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client for Microsoft Windows to access your files from off-campus locations.
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Networking - Clearing Your Browser Cache
Learn how to clear your cache and fix common internet issues.
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Account Setup
Welcome, new students, to the University of Idaho. This video tutorial will assist you in setting up your NetID account for the first itme.
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Configuring Email Clients on Android Devices
Learn how to configure your University of Idaho email account for Android devices.
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Using the new Scantron for instructors
This video tutorial will explain the proper use of the new scantron service provided to faculty by the ITS Help Desk.
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Security Profile
Security Profile Setup.
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Scantron - Using Form 223127
Test taking tips for students using Scantron test form 223127 at the University of Idaho
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Office 365 - Office Mobile for Android
Learn how to transform your Android device for use with Office Mobile.
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VPN - Android
Learn about using the Anyconnect Client to access VPN on your Android device.
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Alumni Email Migration
For graduates, UI email accounts expires one year after you leave the university. Other accounts expire after you are no longer eligible to enroll in courses. This tutorial will demonstrate how to migrate your student email to an alumni account.
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VPN -- (Mac) Installing the VPN Client
Learn how to download, install and use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client for Mac OSX to access your files from off-campus locations.
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NEW - 05 - Email and Office365
New Employee Welcome - Your @uidaho.edu email address is hosted by Office365. Learn more about what is included in this video.
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Set Password
How to Set the Password on a New Student Account for the First Time.
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UI Tech Minute -- Copyright Information
University of Idaho Information Technology Services Chief Information Officer Dan Ewart sits down and discusses copyright law and the DMCA and how it pertains to UI students. More information on copyright law can be found at: http://www.lib.uidaho.edu/copyright/ http://www.uidaho.edu/its/security/copyright/
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The NetID
Introduction to the NetID and University of Idaho accounts.
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Outlook - Recreating Recurring Appointments
This tutorial will show you how to recreate recurring appointments in Outlook and solve an issue relating to the undeliverable message.
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Office 365 - Office Online Interface
Learn how to create and share Word Documents on OneDrive @ University of Idaho.
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Email - Configuring Outlook Windows
Learn how to setup Outlook for your University of Idaho email accounts in Windows.
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Outlook -  Setup for Android
This Information Technology Services video will show you how to download, setup, and use Microsoft Outlook on your Android device.
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Connecting a Wii to the UI Network
This video will demonstrate how to connect a Nintendo Wii to the UI network using a LAN adapter.
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Vandal Overnight!
Vandal Overnight is a community outreach gaming event focused on bringing University of Idaho students together with their peers across the Palouse region. More info: https://www.uidaho.edu/its/Vandal-Overnight Thank you to everyone who contributed to Vandal Overnight Spring 2015. We hope to see you in October.
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Outlook - Setup for iOS
This Information Technology Services video will show you how to download, setup, and use Microsoft Outlook for Apple cell phones and tablets.
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Vandal Overnight Promo
Vandal Overnight provides fun for locals age 13+ in the form of free food, tournaments, tabletop, board games, video games, and prizes. Participants are encouraged to bring their own device for a free play LAN Party. More info at https://www.facebook.com/uihelpdesk/
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Finding MAC Address
This tutorial will demonstrate how to locate your device's MAC address. A MAC address can be used to identify your device and register it for University network access. To find this address, follow the correct instructions for your device type.
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UI Essentials - Campus wireless internet
Learn about the two different networks offered at the University of Idaho and how to use them.
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Installing Microsoft Office through Office 365
University of Idaho employees can upgrade their Office 365 license to A3 and download up to five copies of Microsoft Office 2013 for PC or Office 2011 for Mac for your work and personal computers.
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Office 365 - This is Office 365!
Students and employees have access to Office 365. Learn what it is and what it can do for you!
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Office 365 - Employee License Upgrade
Learn how to enable Office 365 ProPlus and OneDrive for employee and staff accounts.
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File Services -- Connecting the User and Shared drives
Learn how to connect your User and Shared drives both in the Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.
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Office 365 - OneDrive @ University of Idaho
Get to know OneDrive @ University of Idaho!
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More Help
Where to find Additional Account Assistance.
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Office 365 - OneDrive @ University of Idaho Appropriate Use
Learn what data can be stored on OneDrive @ University of Idaho.
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Traveling Safe with your Technology
If you are traveling over holiday break, this video can help you with tips on keeping your technology safe as you travel home.
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UI Essentials - VandalMail
Students at the University of Idaho are provided with an Office 365 VandalMail account. Learn how to use your VandalMail account in this online video tutorial.
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Lync - Lync Basics
Learn about Lync basics such as Instant Messaging and video chatting.
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UI Essentials -- Setting up your Security Profile
Learn about the Security Profile, how to set it up and how to use it to remotely reset your password.
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Office 365 -- Bookmarking your Student VandalMail
Learn how to bookmark the University of Idaho student VandalMail landing page to never lose track of your email.
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Security - Reporting Phish
If you get a particularly nasty Phishing email, please do not hesitate to report it both to Microsoft and our security staff. This video will show you proper reporting procedure so we can categorize and take preventive measure efficiently.
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Email -- Windows -- Configuring accounts in Outlook
This video will assist you in setting up your U of I email account in Outlook 2010 or 2013 for Microsoft Windows.
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VOG Fall 2015
The recap of Fall 2015 Vandal Overnight. Join us next year!
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NEW - 01 - Getting Started
New Employee Welcome - Getting Started
Views: 255 UIITSHelpDesk
Office 365 - Collaborating and Sharing: Meet Ana!
See how Ana uses Office Mobile to share her homework on the go!
Views: 94 UIITSHelpDesk

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