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Most pools need to be cleaned, have their heating systems repaired and debris also should be removed. Skimming Vacuuming Brushing Cleaning filters Pool heater maintenance Monitoring water levels Leak detection Winterizing Reopening. Knowing and anticipating the cost of pool maintenance is critical when considering one for your property. Note that if you get your pool installed correctly by a professional, maintenance and upkeep will be much more manageable. Make sure to set aside a budget for any possible repairs you might need in the future. Just Keep Swimming. If you want to start your summer in full swing, check out our 10 pool party ideas to have an awesome backyard pool party. Pool options. Nothing is as COOL as a POOL. Option Pool. An option pool consists of shares of stock reserved for employees of a private company. The option pool is a way of attracting talented employees to a startup company - if the employees help the company do well enough to go public, they will be compensated with stock. Employees who get into the startup early will usually receive a greater percentage of the option pool than employees who arrive later. Commodity Pool. Jumbo Pool. Pooled Funds. Dark Pool Liquidity. How Option Pools Are Structured. The shares disbursed from the option pool may be determined by the roles of the employees as well as when they are hired. For example, senior management that is brought onboard near the founding of the startup may receive a percentage of the entire pool, whereas later employees in more junior roles might be granted just fractions of a percent. The option pool grants shares that, like other types of stock options, often require a period of time before they are vested. This means the employee will not be able to benefit from these shares possibly for several years. By delaying their ability to reap monetary value from their portion of the option pool, the belief is that the employee will contribute more to the overall health and growth of the company in order to see the greatest possible gains when the shares vest.