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How to fix american megatrends errOr at boot (American Megatrends Inc versão 1.08)
So , welcome friends today I show you that how you can recover the american megatrends screen error... actually this screen appear only if your PC has major problem SOLUTION : 1) first cause of this problem is you usb , ps2 or any other port is broken.. that's why this screen came in my case my ps2 port is broken that's why keyboard is not detected so, after replacing the keyboard the problem is gone.. 2) if solution 1 is not working for you then try ....it just change your PC RAM stick .. I am sure 100% that changing ram is kick out the problem.. Purchase important product from amazon below : buy CMOS battery from this link : https://link-to.net/19907/amazonCMOSbattery buy Hard Drive from this link : https://link-to.net/19907/amazonHardDrive buy Usb Keyboard from this link : https://link-to.net/19907/amazonUSBkeyboard buy Motherboard from this link : https://link-to.net/19907/amazonMotherboards buy Ram from this link : https://link-to.net/19907/amazonRamStick buy Cpu Cabinet from this link : https://link-to.net/19907/amazonCPUcabinet if you like this video please subscribe to my channel and like and share this video among with your friends.. goooood byeeeeeeee......:)
UEFI Change Boot Order Tips
Visit my website at: http://www.password-reset.com How to access your UEFI (BIOS) on newer computers running Windows 8. Changing your boot order to start from a bootable USB drive or CD/DVD.
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How to fix american megatrends errOr at boot
Please watch: "DBC14 Gameplay On NVIDIA GT 710 {2GB} SERIES" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtg9gVg3WHY --~-- I will show you How to Overcome pc.boot errOr american megatrends
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Aptio Setup Utility - Cannot Exit
How to Replace asus Laptop Keyboard https://youtu.be/q7Ib1XQRGH find bearing number with Android apps https://youtu.be/8GtowJVN5Ak Tata 909 brake shoes setting l Wheel lining fitting https://youtu.be/yLrPy5U2KJE Aptio Setup Utility - Cannot Exit asus laptop Once in the Aptio Setup Utility, navigate to the Security Expand the Secure Boot menu section and disable Secure Boot. Navigate to the Save & Exit tab, save your changes, exit the Aptio Setup Utility, restart your computer and wait for it to boot into the utility once again. Navigate to the Boot Disable Secure Boot and Fast Boot Enable CSM (Compatibility Support Module). Navigate to the Save & Exit tab, save your changes, exit the Aptio Setup Utility and restart your computer. When your computer boots up, it should boot straight into its Operating System and not into the Aptio Setup Utility. aptio setup utility windows 7, aptio setup utility won't exit, aptio setup utility asus, windows 10, aptio setup utility dell, aptio setup utility no boot options, aptio setup utility msi, aptio setup utility samsung, aptio setup utility update, aptio setup utility windows 8, aptio setup utility not exit, plz share the video
American Megatrends Bios Coms Setup Utility Begini Cara Mengaturnya
Tutorial Cara Mengatur Bios Coms Setup Utility American Megatrends
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How To Open BIOS Settings In Windows 7
How to open bios settings and setup in Windows 7.Also how to boot computer from CD/DVD/USB by changing the boot order in the bios. Your computer includes a BIOS Setup utility for changing important computer settings. This document does not define specific default BIOS settings because too many differences exist between computer models. This document includes typical examples. Your system might be different. Keys to press (possibly some variation, but give these a try first): Dell: F2 HP:F10 Acer:F2 Asus:F2 Toshiba:F2 Lenovo:F1 (or F2) This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 operating systems.Works for all major computer manufactures (Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung).
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Change the BIOS boot-sequence / boot order (AMI BIOS)
Here's how to change the pc's boot-sequence, boot order or startup-sequence in the BIOS to boot from CD-ROM or Floppy instead from Hard-Disk
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How To Change Boot Order In Computer BIOS [For Beginners]
This tutorial demonstrates how to launch the built-in BIOS utility to change the boot order of your devices on your computer. If you are looking to set the primary boot device to a usb flash drive/stick or CD/DVD follow these steps. If you ever want to change these settings back, you can do so following the keyboard shortcuts located in the BIOS. Remember to always save your changes before closing out of the utility. To boot from a CD, DVD or USB device, make sure that the device has boot sequence priority over the hard drive. BIOS (Basic Input Output Subsystem) is a programmable chip that controls how information is passed to various devices in the computer system. A typical method to access the BIOS settings screen is to press ESC, F1, F2, F8 or F10 during the boot sequence. BIOS settings allow you to run a boot sequence from a floppy drive, a hard drive, a CD-ROM drive or an external device. You may configure the order that your computer searches these physical devices for the boot sequence. The first device in the order list has the first boot priority. For example, to boot from a CD-ROM drive instead of a hard drive, place the CD-ROM drive ahead of the hard drive in priority. Before you set boot priority for a USB device, plug the device into a USB port. To specify the boot sequence: 1. Start the computer and press ESC, F1, F2, F8 or F10 during the initial startup screen. Depending on the BIOS manufacturer, a menu may appear. 2. Choose to enter BIOS setup. The BIOS setup utility page appears. 3. Use the arrow keys to select the BOOT tab. System devices appear in order of priority. 4. To give a CD or DVD drive boot sequence priority over the hard drive, move it to the first position in the list. 5. To give a USB device boot sequence priority over the hard drive, do the following: Move the hard drive device to the top of the boot sequence list. Expand the hard drive device to display all hard drives. Move the USB device to the top of the list of hard drives. Save and exit the BIOS setup utility. 6. The computer will restart with the changed settings. 7. Boot Priority Options Some computer manufacturers allow you to select the device that contains the boot sequence from a special device selection menu. The example below uses a Dell system board. To set boot priority using a device selection menu: 1.When the computer starts to boot up, after the manufacturer's ID screen, press F12 several times. The device selection menu appears. 2. Use the up and down arrows to select CD-ROM or an USB Flash Drive. 3. To boot from the selected device, press ENTER. Note: Using an incorrect BIOS setting can cause a system malfunction. Please follow the BIOS guide provided with your computer motherboard. If you read these instructions and you are not sure how to change a setting, it is better to leave it as the default setting. This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 operating systems.Works for all major computer manufactures (Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung).
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[Tutorial] How to Set your BIOS to boot from CD or DVD
This video is to help everyone understand the basics setting your bios to boot from your CD/DVD Drive
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Asus X555L Bios Boot from Usb / Disk Drive
Boot keys Configuration of bios Boot form usb/cd/dvd /Disk Drive Asus X555L Done ! If You like Please Support me Links below :) For anyone finding this video of help, any generous donations would be of great help ❤️. https://www.paypal.me/Bouhedda/10 https://www.paypal.me/Bouhedda/25 https://www.paypal.me/Bouhedda Any other amounts are welcome. Thank You in Advance for your kind support.
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How to Fix "F1" Error at Startup of PC
hey guys here is our new video on how to fix f1 error in startup of you pc i hope we solve your problem! Intro/Outro Track: Sohniye by Falak ~ Follow us at twitter :~ http://twitter.com/techpanjabi Catch us on Google+ :~ http://google.com/+TechPunjabi Catch us on Facebook :~ http://facebook.com/TechPunjabi Follow us at Instagram :~ http://instagram.com/TechPunjabi Thanks for Watching & Please Share our Videos with friends and Family Don't forgot to like & subscribe "Jai Hind"
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В BIOS в меню Boot нет пункта загрузки с USB, HDD, CD 💾
На видео ASUS VivoBook S200E BIOS AMI v. 2.15.1226 Включаем в BIOS пункты загрузки с внешних загрузочных USB - носителей Вкладка “Security” пункт "Secure Boot Control" поставить значение “Disabled” Вкладка “Boot” пункт “Launch CSM” поставить значение “Enabled”
How to Fix Boot Missing error In BIOS inside of pc
RADAR PRODUCTION PRESENTS Hello Friends, Welcome to this Production & also Welcome in this Video.. Friends as you know I always bring new and different kind of Videos related to Software.. In this Video you will learn How To fix missing boot.. means How To remove error from your PC... you can understand it by Screen activities.. if you read Booter missing on your screen.. then you can read below of that please press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart.. I will tell you all about that step by step... Step 1... First you Must Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart... Step 2.. While restarting We have to press delete key again and again, until BIOS menu will be not open... Step 3.. Then We have to follow all instructions of Boot Menu... Friends may be it's possible that your PC give you Different instructions, But process always same... may be you will have to press another key while restarting PC... Or may be your boot menu will open from different type.. So don't you worry because process always same for that. you can press right arrow key for go up and down.. Step 4.. We will go Hard Disk Driver then press Enter.. Step 5.. we have to select Internal Hard disk.. which is connected to inside of PC.. I can't tell you all Steps here... So please watch this Video carefully.. You can understand all steps better than by Screen Activities... If you want to install Windows 7 & How To format C drive, so you can watch my previous Video.. You can see it's Link Below 👇 https://youtu.be/KxJhgyJJikU So Please Watch full Video to get knowledge about your PC problem Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe.. Must Comments also... Thanks for watching 😊
BIOS : CD Boot + USB Legacy Support  [ Phoenix, AMI, Award, Dell ]
Tip : BIOS einstellen um von CD / DVD / BlueRay zu Booten und wie man die Unterstützung für eine USB Tastatur / Maus einschalten kann , z.B. für den Start einer Installations CD von Linux Ubuntu oder ä.
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How To Fix: "No Boot Device Available"
If you're experiencing problems with your computer with "No Boot Device Available". I found a solution that hopefully will help solve your problem. Good Luck!
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American Megatrends No Boot To USB Option Fix! Systemax Laptop no boot to usb fix
Fixed not being able to boot to usb on a systemax laptop or America megatrends bios
How To Change First Boot Device in BIOS to Boot From CD/DVD
Changing the boot order on a PC is mostly done in order to boot from a recovery disk or from an OEM disc to run some kind of Windows repair software On a Dell machine it's usually F2, Toshiba is F1 or ESC, HP is F1 or F2 to start up in the BIOS.
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bios American Megatrends
Trabalho de laboratório de hardware bios American Megatrends inc.415 Turma 1ºADS Tarde Fatec Zl Alunos: Andre de Sotti 132.005-1 Bruno Yamashita 132.010-6 Joao Victor 132.024-6
Menemukan dan Mengatur First Booting pada BIOS American Megatrends #BIOS
Menemukan dan Mengatur First Booting pada BIOS American Megatrends #BIOS
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Tutorial Setup Bios American Megatrends Inc versão 1.08
Aluno - Felipe Matricula - 1220136 Professor - Leandro Matéria - Hardware Setup Bios American Megatrends Inc versão 1.08
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How to Boot USB and enable CSM on Asus Bios ver 302
This is an easy step by step procedure on how to boot your bootable USB Flash Drive on Asus BIOS version 302 and later. For those who are having trouble enabling the CSM option watch the video. This tutorial works only on Bios with CSM and Legacy mode. For UEFI Bios try this: - make your USB bootable by using RUFUS UEFI installer and choose GPT to be recognize by your BIOS, insert your USB first before you open your laptop then go to BIOS settings, If you have secure boot option choose disable then save and restart, then go back to bios settings again, If you can see the USB then just go Boot option and choose your USB on Boot option #1. For Huion Kamvas Pro 22 Installation and Pen Pressure Test: https://youtu.be/gq3oneFYOp0 For the tutorial on how to create a bootable USB can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/Yiox80WAfjw For tutorial on how to upgrade M.2 SSD watch this: https://youtu.be/J8bP5A1M5SA For google chrome that won't load any website watch this: https://youtu.be/KfmptqPA_wQ For Genius Cam Mouse Camera Fix: https://youtu.be/UQ6uqzoRXeA enjoy!!
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How to Update BIOS For ASUS, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Acer, Samsung, Gigabyte, Asrock, AMI, Phenix Award 💽💻🤔
👍 Watch about updating BIOS and if it’s worth doing. In my previous video “How to enter BIOS or UEFI” I told you about BIOS and UEFI, the types of this microcode, how to get there, and how to boot a computer from a USB drive or DVD. Find the link in the description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOWhvngUWZE. Read more about Windows installation in our blog - https://hetmanrecovery.com/recovery_news/. This instruction will help you to update BIOS AMI, Phoenix Award for a computer or laptop ASUS, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Acer, Samsung, and so on. These types of BIOS are used by such motherboard manufacturers as Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, EVGA, Intel, Asrock etc. When do you need to update BIOS? If your computer works without any problems, and all of the devices connected to your PC are bug-free, there is no need to update BIOS. But if your computer is relatively old, and you cannot connect a certain device without errors, then updating BIOS can solve the problem. Having Windows 8 or 10 installed on an old PC, a BIOS update can solve the problem with incorrect work of old drivers. Sometimes when trying to install Windows 10 on an old computer you can face this kind of screen freezing in the first window after booting the computer which makes it impossible to continue with installation of the operating system (I also experienced such problem). I solved it by updating BIOS to the latest version. I would like to warn you that updating BIOS is a risky process, and if there is a failure, the problem will be more difficult to solve than just reinstall Windows. Before you start updating, charge your laptop’s battery or use an uninterrupted power supply for your desktop computer just in case there is a power cut during the process of updating. If you decided to update your BIOS, the first thing you should know is the motherboard name and model as well as the current BIOS version. But if you have a factory assembled PC or a laptop by a well-known manufacturer (e. g. Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo and so on), then you have to know the computer model name instead of the motherboard name and model. If you liked this video, click the Like button below and subscribe to our channel to see more. We’ll be glad to answer any questions in comments. Thank you for watching and good luck!
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Aptio Setup Utility Como Resolver???
Video mostra como resolver problema de configuração do seu pc.
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BİOS ayarları [laptop] giriş tuşu | usb ile format atma [fabrika ayarları -reset] windows boot menü
DİKKAT. 10'larca farklı BIOS menüsü vardır dk 4:08 FAKAT %90 BENZER İŞLEMLER yapılır. 1- BIOS giriş tuşu öğren dakika 0:38 de 2- Format Dvd ,Usb ayarı 1:50 3-Hata çözüm 2:44 ve 3:00 ve 3:22 Klavye çözüm 4:36 4- BIOS AYARLARINI sıfırlama 2:15 ve 3:50 5-Sistem özelliklerini öğrenmek 3:30 ---- Daha fazla Göster 'e basınız [Press Show more] DİKKAT..! Pc kapalı iken GİRİŞ yapılamaz Yeniden başlatmanız gerekir: 0:19 *Abone Olun YENİ video'ları kaçırmayın Kanal tanıtım Video : https://goo.gl/HyKnmW Nasıl Abone olurum : https://goo.gl/9YLr4A ŞİFRE Sorunu çözümleri için , ilk yoruma bakınız... Sistem özelliklerini öğrenmek için Video: https://goo.gl/YEdX2w *HATA çözümleri 1-Usb Flash veya DVD görünmüyor ise..! Çözüm1: Videoda dakika 2:44 den ve 3:00 dan bakınız ENABLED YAPINIZ [disabled aktif ise] Çözüm2: CSM Parameters'e girin ve Disabled ise üzerine tıklayın ve ENABLED yapın... Çözüm3: Link: https://goo.gl/YAht8A 2-Klavye çözüm dakika 4:36 dan bakınız *Windows 10 - 8 - 7 İndirmek Yükleme ve Ayar Videolari [İnstall , setup] https://goo.gl/7xob7T *Farklı BIOS çeşitlerinde USB BOOT ayarı (Dvd veya Usb Flash) için sırasıyla bu menüleri açınız 1-Advanced BIOS features 2- Boot device priority 3- 1st Boot Device : Sata hdd 2nd Boot Devide: Cd /Dvd 3rd Boot Device : USB Multi Flash burada uygun olanı En üste taşıyın [Video içinde dakika 1:50 de] BIOS sıfırlamak gerekirse... Sabit 🔋 pil bataryayı tam olarak boşaltın, Detaylar Linkte Link: https://goo.gl/J11vvJ __Masaüstü BIOS sıfırlama : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra2-ghuButY *İnstagram : https://www.instagram.com/acemi_ustad_pc/ *Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/c.ugurdo.ist Ana sayfa : https://goo.gl/ZXYYgG bios format atma, biostan format atma, usb ile format atma, bios ayarları, usb den format atma, boot menüden format atma, bios ayarlarını sıfırlama, bios sıfırlama, hp laptop format atma, usb format atma, windows bios açma, cd ile format atma, biosa nasıl girilir, windows biosa nasıl girilir, bios usb görmüyor, hp bios ayarları, pc format atma, flash ile format atma, american megatrends hatası, bootmgr eksik hatası, format atma, windows format, flashtan format atma, laptop format atma, windows format atma, bilgisayara format atma, hp format atma, windows format atma usb, insydeh setup utility, bios, laptop bios sıfırlama, format atarken sürücü yükle hatası, windows bios format, usb format, bios nasıl açılır, biosa nasıl girilir windows , windows format, windows format atma, bilgisayar format atma, asus bios ayarları, windows usb format, packard bell format atma, usb ile format atma windows , acer laptop format atma, windows format atma usb, bios ayarlarına nasıl girilir, bios setup utility, boot menu windows , win format atma, bilgisayar kapalıyken format atma, bios format atma usb, format nasıl atılır windows , asus laptop format atma, bıos format, windows boot manager hatası, bios format, windows usb format, windows xp format atma, bios ile format atma, hp pavilion g format atma, toshiba laptop format atma, bios güncelleme, bios usb format, windows format cd li, usb den format atma bios ayarları, windows bios ayarları, windows format cd li, windows format atma, casper laptop format atma, hp bilgisayar format atma, bilgisayarı açmadan format atma, laptopa format atma, windows boot menu, asus format atma, casper bios ayarları, windows boot menu, format atma windows , win format atma, windows sıfırlama, bilgisayara format nasıl atılır, bios açma, hp boot menu, biostan usb ile format atma, hp bilgisayara format atma, usb ile format atma windows , windows sıfırlama hatası, asus bios format atma, bios resetleme, bios tan format atma, bootmgr eksik, eski bios format, lenovo format atma, açılmayan bilgisayara format atma, cd den format atma, exiting pxe rom hatasi, telefondan bilgisayara format atma, windows bios format atma, american megatrends hatası çözümü, bilgisayara nasıl format atılır, bios ayarları nasıl yapılır, bios dan format atma, hp bios format, hp usb ile format atma, usb ile format atma bios ayarları, biostan sistem geri yükleme, format atma windows , win format atma usb, cmos setup utility windows , hp pavilion format atma, windows bios, windows format atma cd siz, bios menüsüne nasıl girilir, hp bios açma, windows bios format, windows format usb, windows format atma, bios setup utility türkçe, bios şifre kaldırma, cmos reset nasıl yapılır, flash bellekten format atma, format bios ayarı, işletim sistemi bulunamadı hatası, bios ekranından format atma, bios usb boot, hp bios güncelleme, windows format usb, aptio setup utility - copyright (c) american megatrends inc, bios flash görmüyor, bios menüden format atma, bios usb aktif etme, casper format atma, grundig laptop format, hp format atma win ,
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Aptio BIOS Boot from USB Windows 10 (or any OS)
Download Windows 10 here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/software-download/windows10 My PC is Dell Inspiron 13 3000. 1. Turn off your PC. 2. Put your USB (or CD / DVD / Disk Drive). 3. Press and hold F2, while turning on the PC (or press and hold F9, or keep tapping any key, or keep tapping F12). 2. When options appear on the bottom left of the screen press F2 (depends on your computer, it may have different options, or it may goes to BIOS directly). BIOS menu is displayed. 3. Boot - Fast Boot = Disabled. 4. Boot - Add Boot Option - USB. Select media file: Enter the path to the install file. For example, For Windows 10: EFI\ Boot\ Bootx64.EFI 5. Enter any name (e.g. mmm). 6. Put Boot Option Priorities to the recently created name (e.g. mmm). 7. Secure Boot = Disabled. 8. Save & Reset (or Save & Exit, or F10). 9. Wait for several minutes, it will display the installation screen.
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Настройки AMI БИОСа, раздел BOOT
Настройки AMI БИОСа, раздел BOOT
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boot usb bios asus k55a (aptio setup utility copyright (c) 2012 american megatrends,inc)
boot usb bios asus k55a (aptio setup utility copyright (c) 2012 american megatrends,inc)
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BIOS reset without opening the PC!
You can reset the BIOS / CMOS settings without opening the PC, our tutorial is for AMI and Phoenix BIOS. Doesn't work? Then you can try a hardware reset, too!
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USB Boot option, cannot boot Windows with USB, ASUS
This is a tutorial on how to chose the first boot option to be USB for ASUS laptops with this kind of BIOS Setup version. This can be helpful also if you have problems with configuring other boot options, it doesn't have to be the USB. The video is recorded on model ASUS X54C.
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ASUS BIOS Secure Boot Disable
Someone had a question about the secure boot stuff. So I'm showing them my settings. Second Channel Google+ Page https://www.google.com/+wwjoshdu Main Channel: http://www.youtube.com/wwjoshdew Gaming Channel: http://www.youtube.com/wwjoshdo Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wwjoshdew Like my page on Facebook: http://fb.com/wwjoshdew
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Aptio Setup Utility Solution | American Megatrends 2015 with Beryl Ogola
Halo and welcome to a video where I shall be expounding on the Manual for Asus computers that I used to get rid of the Aptio Setup Utility. This is the right and best way to do it, however, there is the easier way to do it. Stay subscribed because I’ll be dropping it soon. Call me Beryl Ogola, and by that, we can begin. Needed equipment/Tool of trade. • A second computer. • A flash disk at least 8GB in size. • Internet connection or at least 25 GB of prepaid Data. • The Boot Tool that is available on the link at the beginning of this video’s description. Boot Tool link: https://aptiosolutions.godaddysites.com/ • Some patience. As you saw earlier, the email address was blurred out. That is because this is the internet, you don’t just drop emails around, but the main reason is I will personally send the tool to you and guide you through the process of fixing your computer if you use the link at the beginning of the video description. The tool is zipped as you can see. You can also see that lady on the background. She is a Queen. The one who sits at the throne. The timeline of this video is……….so winter is here. I’m telling you, Cersie will be sitting in the throne room in the end. And you don’t want to miss that just coz your Computer Crushed and you can’t fix it. Once you get the zip file, it’s about 11.1 MBs in memory size, just unzip it to get two files. One file is this manual that we are currently using with my email address in it and the other is the boot tool. Ensure that your internet connection is up and running then run the program. Accept the changes it is about to make coz you don’t have any other choice. A blue bar written window will appear for a few seconds then probably disappear. After that, you need to accept the Microsoft terms and conditions that are too long to read. Winter is here there is no time. What you want to do is create installation media for another PC. This is where the flask disk comes to play. Just plug it in now. That’s what she said. If the she is a nerd. Get it? Click next at the bottom right of the blue screen. The next screen is where you select your language. I left mine at its default language and but make sure the architecture is 64 bits. It’s way better. Click on next. On the next screen, select USB flash drive then next You should see the name of your flash disk on the next screen. If you don’t see it, restart this video. If you see yours, click on next and the downloading will begin. It’s kind of like Fortnite for PC. Only less fancy. Now here is where your patience is required. Subira. Swahili for patience. So tafadhali subiri kidogo or if you like, please be a little patient. After completing the download, your flash disk shall be pregnant with 13 files in it approximately 7.8 GB in memory size. We are now done with the computer we borrowed. Move to your Asus Computer and on the blue screen, scroll to security settings and find a secure boot menu or any other boot menu. Remember we are using a boot tool now so we need a boot menu. Press enter and on the next screen, disable the boot control then press escape for back. After that, go to the boot menu and in it, enable the Launch CSM if it is disabled. Press escape to access the previous menu then move to save and exit. Save all those settings and the computer should restart into a black screen asking you to insert a boot media and device. This is the flash disk you just made pregnant. Get it? Nerd innuendos are so mind involving. Plug it into you Asus PC as shown then give it a cold hard reset. Now when your PC comes alive and a cycle made of small circles appears, you are on the right path. Subiri kidogo. The screen that comes live is the child in your flash disk’s womb. Click on install now and a setup should begin. The next screen gives you options. I recommend Windows 10 Pro and click next to the license page. Again, too long to read. Accept them and click next then select custom install. The screen after this is now your hard disk. Only one drive will allow you to deliver your child by making the next button clickable. For this to happen, you have to format the disk. It is the C drive. This is why you should not store your files here. If your PC crushes, you lose everything on it. Click on next then wait for the baby to be born. It is beautiful to watch by the way. At the end, the PC should restart. Give it a sec and the chain of circles in cycles shall appear. It just downhill from here. The next screen are your personal settings. You can customize them or go with the default. Name your computer and set a password for it. Then press next. This should lead you to Cortana. Your personal assistant. I love her. Downhill ride again. Straight to your brand-new desktop. You are now ready for winter. Boot Tool Link: https://solveithub.wixsite.com/aptiosolve
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Configurar BIOS para arrancar desde USB en PC con UEFI
¡SUSCRÍBETE! http://goo.gl/2ENqy3 En este breve vídeo os muestro como debéis de configurar la BIOS en vuestros ordenadores para poder arrancar los Live CD/USB en los ordenadores nuevos que no dejan arrancar con este tipo de dispositivos por "seguridad" Arrancar pc desde el USB o CD: http://informaticaeficiente.com/arrancar-pc-desde-el-usb-o-cd/ Como crear un USB booteable: http://informaticaeficiente.com/crear-usb-booteable/ Aprende a diseñar una página web GRATIS: http://informaticaeficiente.com/disenar-pagina-web-wordpress/ PROGRAMAS GRATIS: http://adf.ly/13240117/programas-gratis Mi Twitter: https://twitter.com/inFermatico ¿Te ha sido útil? ¡Escribe un comentario! ¡Propón nuevas ideas para nuevos contenidos! ¡Pronto más vídeos!
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Aptio Setup Utility - Cannot Exit [hindi]
parul tech ak technicl chainal h.aur ajj hum ap ko optio setup utility se releted problems ko salve karne ka tareeka batane ja rahe h.agar video se bbhi optio setup utility exit nahi ho raha h to ye mera no h 9721746698 pr samajh sakte h aptio setup utility windows 7, aptio setup utility won't exit, aptio setup utility asus, windows 10, aptio setup utility dell, aptio setup utility no boot options, aptio setup utility msi, aptio setup utility samsung, aptio setup utility update,
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How to flash mod bios AMI
Make bootable Pendrive Boot from pendrive Flash comand: afudos bios.rom /GAN Link: https://mega.nz/#!54oxwbJA!tkghDael8JgY3cY9X75XUKdF0Gs-jnlb4g0lz9Ei9mg
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CMOS Settings Wrong Fix In Any Pc or Laptop{UPDATED} 2017 American Megatrends
My Stuff :-- DaDDyZ hOUsE Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge :-- http://amzn.to/2ceMmoH Coolpad Mega 2.5D (Royal Gold) :-- http://amzn.to/2ctlXWD Mirror's Edge Catalyst (PS4) :-- http://amzn.to/2chjhtV Watch Dogs 2 (PS4) :-- http://amzn.to/2csomSL Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands (PS4) :-- http://amzn.to/2cso7XJ GOQii 3 Month Personal Coaching with Fitness Tracker :-- http://amzn.to/2chiE3z Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts I & II :-- http://amzn.to/2chk8uA Samsung Gear S2 Classic SM-R7320 Smart Watch, Black :-- http://amzn.to/2csoEsx Samsung Gear VR - Virtual Reality Headset :-- http://amzn.to/2bZNtXs Apple iPhone 6s Plus (Rose Gold, 128GB) :-- http://amzn.to/2chk9i3 Master Chief Gaming PC :-- http://amzn.to/2chkSzG HOPE YOU LIKE MY VIDEO PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ME AND YOU WANNA BUY SOME STUFF PLEASE CLICK ON ABOVE LINKS:------- CMOS إعدادات فيكس خطأ في أي جهاز كمبيوتر أو لاب توب {محدث} 2017 خلال توجهات الأمريكية CMOSの設定が間違っていたPCやノートパソコンで修正{更新} 2017 American Megatrends CMOS Настройки Неправильный Fix В любом ПК или ноутбук {ОБНОВЛЕНО} 2017 года американские Мегатренды CMOS-Einstellungen Falsche Fix In jedem PC oder Laptop {UPDATED} 2017 American Megatrends CMOS Parameteren falsche Fix An All Pc oder Laptop {RTL} 2017 American Megatrends CMOS設置錯誤修復任何Pc或筆記本電腦{UPDATED} 2017年美國大趨勢 CMOS设置错误修复任何Pc或笔记本电脑{UPDATED} 2017年美国大趋势 CMOS Settings Wrong Fix In elke PC of Laptop {updated} 2017 American Megatrends CMOS 설정 잘못되었거나 모든 PC 또는 노트북 {업데이트} 2017 미국 메가 트렌드 Ajustes de CMOS Fallo en cualquier PC o portátil {ACTUALIZADO} 2017 American Megatrends
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Problem with reinstalling Windows 7, 8 or 10 on Samsung Series 5 notebook
How to setup BIOS so you can reinstall the OS. I tried different methods before, reinstall from the USB key, from Samsung DVD, from HP DVD external devices, and it just booted into Windows 8, and it was driving me crazy, so I reconfigured the BIOS so it started booting from DVD drive. I hope this video helps someone, as it took me a couple of hours to figure it out.PS: Delete all the partitions on the drive.
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Keyboard Not Working After Startup Or In BIOS (Keyboard Error !!)- WebTech360*
If Your Keyboard Not Working After The Computer Startup Or At A Time Of Startup (Showing Keyboard Not detected ) Boot Option Not Working Then This video Will help You. 100% Fix... Watch Until End And Enjoy...... Please Like And Inspire... Our Blog Link WordPress - https://webtech360in.wordpress.com/ Our Blog Link BlogSpot - https://webtech360in.blogspot.in/ Audio Mp3 link - http://asiapacificgasoil.com/mp3/lil-jon-ft-three-6-mafia.html
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This video shows how to update the BIOS on your Asus laptop. A common issue with an outdated BIOS is that the computer restarts by itself after shutting it down.
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How to Disable UEFI Secure Boot in Windows 10
How to Disable UEFI Secure Boot in Windows 10 If you looking on how to disable secure boot in your UEFI BIOS whether its a ASUS, ASRock, MSI, or Gigabyte motherboard, we got you covered. Just follow the guide in this video. Disable secure boot in Legacy bios Why would I need to disable secure boot? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/disabling-secure-boot Join our forum http://www.briteccomputers.co.uk/forum
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Como Configurar la Bios Para Bootear desde un CD o DVD
En etse vidoe les enseño a como configurar la bios para iniciar desde el cd pero esto es muy facil con solo apretar unas cuantas teclas en todos los caso son diferentes puede ser F2 o F12 F10 F9 supr o Esc para poder entrar ala bios y bootear desde el cd con esto podremos formatear nuestra conputadora espero les sirva y le guste AGRADECER NO CUESTA NADA Encendemos el ordenador y en cuanto aparezcan las primeras letras en pantalla pulsamos la tecla Supr (suprimir) o también llamada Del (delete), con ello accederemos a la Bios. Puede haber otros ordenadores que para acceder a la bios haya que pulsar otra tecla, normalmente se suele indicar en pantalla al arrancar el ordenador, estate atento por que solo se muestra uno o dos segundos. Aquí tienes una relación de teclas para acceder a la BIOS dependiendo de la placa base que tengas: SUPR DEL CTRL + S CTRL + ALT + ESC CTRL + ESC CTRL + F2 CTRL + ALT + S CTRL + ALT + Z F1 F2 F10 Una vez en la Bios tenemos que cambiar la secuencia de arranque para que se inicie en primer lugar, ésto puede diferir bastante de un ordenador a otro pero debes buscar la palabra en ingles "boot" que suele estar dentro de "Avanced bios features", en la mayoría de las ocasiones pone "Boot Sequence". Con las flechas arriba/abajo nos movemos por la lista de la secuencia de arranque de la bios y con las teclas + y - cambiamos el valor, como decimos hay que poner en primer lugar el cd-rom o dvd. Ojo, en la mayoría de las ocasiones solemos tener una grabadora de dvd y un reproductor, para identificar el reproductor que es lo que nos interesa, fíjate que debe estar identificado como DVD-ROM, la grabadora suele poner DVD-RAM. Por último grabamos los cambios y salimos, busca algo así como "Save & Exit Setup" que quiere decir guardar y salir. NOTA IMPORTANTE: No usar los comentarios para realizar consultas (están cerrados), usar los FOROS y abrir un tema para cada pregunta, de esa manera es más fácil responder y seguir el hilo de una forma coherente. Los comentarios en éste artículo son tan extensos que me es imposible coordinar las respuestas. Gracias a todos.
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Understanding the BIOS of a desktop computer (Hindi) (हिन्दी)
This video will help you understand the BIOS of a desktop computer. इस पाठ में आप डेस्कटॉप कम्प्युटर के बायोस के बारे में सीखेंगे।
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How to Boot from USB if not supported by BIOS
How to Boot from USB: https://goo.gl/HTt6Kk In this tutorial we are looking at a few ways to boot from a USB flash drive or hard drive, even if it's not supported by BIOS. Very useful if you want to clean install Windows, but you don't want to burn it to DVD. I tried to install Windows 7 from USB on my old "HP" laptop that does not support USB booting. Everything worked great. In this tutorial we are looking at 2 different programs (kind of 1 really) "Plop Linux" LiveCD https://www.plop.at/en/ploplinux/downloads/live.html and "Easy BCD" http://www.techspot.com/downloads/3112-easybcd.html ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music:Kevin MacLeod Title: Klockworx Klockworx, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Как поставить UEFI режим в BIOS для флешки на ноутбук Asus X540SA-XX039D
В этом видео: ответ на вопрос моего зрителя Artem Vasylkiv: Вопрос: Сергей, подскажите, пжл. Столкнулся с такой же проблемой, как Вы описывали. Ноутбук Асус. Ставлю 10. Вылетает синий экран с такой же надписью, как на Вашем видео. Вот только поставить UEFI на первое место я не могу, так как у меня только Boot Option #1 с моей флешкой, а строка Boot Option #2 (в которой было бы написано UEFI...) - отсутствует. Что делать? --- Кратко о настройке BIOS на ноутбуке Asus X540SA-XX039D. Чтоб установить Windows 7, с заранее подготовленной загрузочной флешки! --- Меня можно найти: В Контакте - https://vk.com/id71665899 На ФейсБуке - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004435142982 Группа UFO, XCOM : https://www.facebook.com/groups/710299285740068/ --- Если понравилось видео ставьте Like ;) Подписывайтесь, чтоб было удобно следить за новыми видео ! --- Благодарю за Вашу поддержку каналу! Donate. Architectural project exists only due to your support . Карта Приват Банк (в гривнах) - 4149 4378 2469 8607 (Савченко Сергей) WebMoney (в дол)- Z251356989876 WebMoney (в евро)- E159886090943
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Disabiling ASUS Bios Secure Boot
When installing drivers in Linux, you may encounter an error that the ERROR: could not insert 'drivername': Required key not available. One way to resolve this is to disable SecureBoot in your BIOS. This video shows how to do that on one particular ASUS BIOS version. This website shows several other variations: http://www.rodsbooks.com/efi-bootloaders/secureboot.html
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Fix Bootable Pen Drive Not Detecting or Not Showing in Boot Menu in Windows 10/8/7
Bootable USB Pen Drive Not Showing in Boot Menu Devices #BiosSetting #PenDriveNotShowing #Boot Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/MeMJTube Follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/mj1111983 Website : http://www.bsocialshine.com
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32MB UEFI AMI BIOS American Megatrends Beschreibung
BIOS Beschreibung vom ASRock 890FX Deluxe5 32MB UEFI AMI BIOS American Megatrends
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HOW TO FIX "Please enter SETUP to recover BIOS setting." AMI BIOS
This video shows you how to fix "Please enter SETUP to recover BIOS setting." on motherboards with American Megatrends Inc. BIOS (AMI BIOS). The procedure is pretty much the same. This error usually occurs when there is a power outage, but can indicate problems with the CMOS battery. The motherboard used is ASUS H110M-A. How to fix: 1. Your PC will say which button you have to press to enter BIOS SETUP. Usually it's F1, F2 or DEL. Press the button. It depends on your motherboard. 2.The BIOS Setup will open. In most cases, the settings are fine (eg. boot order), but sometimes you'll have to set them up manually. DANGER! Use BIOS only when needed. Do not change any settings without knowledge; otherwise you might damage both your PC, BIOS or the motherboard to the point it won't boot anymore. If you are in doubt you can handle BIOS, call an experienced (support) person. 3.When you are done setting up BIOS, simply exit the BIOS by clicking (or selecting) Save&Exit option. If you have older versions of BIOS (non-UEFI), locate the EXIT tab, and then SAVE&RESET or something similar. You will get a dialog box asking Are you sure? - You click YES or OK or Y or whatever to get out of the BIOS. 4.The computer will reboot. It'll take longer to boot, but it'll work. If you have any further problems, contact an experienced person. Please like, share and subscribe. SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtxJh2LJQtSDhcj5x55B6Qw
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How to Enter BIOS or UEFI in a Computer or Laptop and Boot from a Flash Drive or a CD, DVD 💽🛠️💻
👍 Watch how to enter BIOS or UEFI in a computer or laptop, and how to make them boot from a flash drive or a CD/DVD. BIOS is a set of microcode that allows you to adjust items of your system unit, as well as set the boot sequence from CD/DVD or a flash drive in order to install an operating system. UEFI is a modern version of BIOS that has a graphic interface. Read more about tuning Windows in our blog - https://hetmanrecovery.com/recovery_news/. Hotkeys to enter the BIOS: • Acer (Aspire, Power, Veriton, Extensa, Ferrari, TravelMate, Altos) – Del or F1; • Acer (Altos 600 Server) – Ctrl+Alt+Esc or F1; • Acer (Older PC) – F1 or Ctrl+Alt+Esc; • ABIT – Del; • ASUS – Del; • AMI (American Megatrends AMIBIOS, AMI BIOS) – Del; • AMI (American Megatrends AMIBIOS, AMI BIOS) Old Version – F1 or F2; • ASRock – Del or F2; • Award BIOS (AwardBIOS) – Del; • Award BIOS(AwardBIOS) Old Version – Ctrl+Alt+Esc; • BIOSTAR – Del; • Compaq (Presario, Prolinea, Deskpro, Systempro, Portable) – F10; • Compaq (Older Computers) – F1, F2, F10, or Del; • Chaintech – Del; • Cybermax – Esc; • Dell (XPS, Dimension, Inspiron, Latitude. OptiPlex, Precision, Vostro) – F2; • Dell (Older 486 Models) – Ctrl+Alt+Enter; • Dell Dimension L566cx System – Del; • Dell (Older Laptop Models) – Fn+Esc or Fn+F1; • Dell (Some Models) – Reset 2 times; • ECS (Elitegroup) – Del or F1; • eMachines (eMonster, eTower, eOne, S-Series, T-Series) – Del or Tab; • eMachine (Some Older Computers) – F2; • Fujitsu (LifeBook, Esprimo, Amilo, Tablet, DeskPower) – F2; • Gateway Using Phoenix BIOS (DX, FX, One, GM, GT, GX, Profile, Astro) – F1; • GIGABYTE – Del; • Hewlett-Parkard (HP Pavilion, TouchSmart, Vectra, OmniBook, Tablet)– F1; • Hewlett-Parkard (HP Alternative) – F2 or Esc; • Hewlett-Parkard (HP) Tablet PC – F10 or F12; • IBM ThinkPad using Phoenix BIOS – Ctrl+Alt+F11; • IBM (Older Computers or Notebooks) – F2; • Intel – F2; • Lenovo (ThinkPad, IdeaPad, 3000 Series, ThinkCentre, ThinkStation) –F1 or F2; • Lenovo (Older Products) – Ctrl+Alt+F3, Ctrl+Alt+Ins or Fn+F1; • MSI (Micro-Star) – Del; • Micron (MPC Computers ClientPro, TransPort) – Del or F1, F2; • Microid Research MR BIOS – F1; • NEC (PowerMate, Versa, W-Series) – F2; • Packard Bell (8900 Series, 9000 Series, Pulsar, Platinum, EasyNote, imedia, iextreme) – Del or F1, F2; • Phoenix BIOS (Phoenix-Award BIOS) – Del; • Phoenix BIOS (Phoenix-Award BIOS) Old Version – Ctrl+Alt+S, Ctrl+Alt+Esc, Ctrl+Alt+Ins or Ctrl+S; • Sharp (Notebook Laptops, Actius UltraLite) – F2; • Samsung – F2; • Sony (VAIO, PCG-Series, VGN-Series) – F1,F2 or F3; • Sony Vaio 320 Series – F2; • Toshiba (Portégé, Satellite, Tecra) – Esc; • Toshiba (Portégé, Satellite, Tecra with Phoenix BIOS) – F1; • Zenith, Phoenix – Ctrl+Alt+Ins;
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