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How Important Are Small Businesses?
Learn more about how government policies affect you, your family, and your wallet: https://informationstation.org/
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Economic Impact on Small Businesses
The Ohio State University professor, Sharon Alvarez, discusses entrepreneurship and the impact small businesses have on the economy and how the economy is effecting them. Those with "passion" are able to ride out the waves. http://fisher.osu.edu
Why small business is the source of economic growth
Small Business Administration Administrator Linda McMahon on the 235,000 jobs added in February, the role small businesses play in the U.S. economy, and whether the GOP’s Obamacare replacement will get passed.
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Economic impact: Small businesses hit hardest in shutdown
Small businesses could easily be the hardest hit in the government shutdown, causing a great deal of concern for many Americans. Kai Ryssdal, host and senior editor of "Marketplace" on American Public Media, joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" with more on the economic impact of the shutdown.
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Why small businesses are critical to the economy
Former Dallas Fed advisor Danielle DiMartino Booth on small businesses and job creation in the U.S.
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This is the best economy for small business in 50 years: NFIB CEO
NFIB CEO Juanita Duggan on the current economic environment for small business in America. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of the world — FBN launched in October 2007 and is the leading business network on television, topping CNBC in Business Day viewers for the second consecutive year. The network is available in more than 80 million homes in all markets across the United States. Owned by FOX, FBN has bureaus in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and London. Subscribe to Fox Business! https://bit.ly/2D9Cdse Watch more Fox Business Video: https://video.foxbusiness.com Watch Fox Business Network Live: http://www.foxnewsgo.com/ Watch full episodes of FBN Primetime shows Lou Dobbs Tonight: https://video.foxbusiness.com/playlist/longform-lou-dobbs-tonight Trish Regan Primetime: https://video.foxbusiness.com/playlist/longform-trish-regan-primetime Kennedy: https://video.foxbusiness.com/playlist/longform-kennedy Follow Fox Business on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoxBusiness Follow Fox Business on Twitter: https://twitter.com/foxbusiness Follow Fox Business on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foxbusiness
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Round Table Discussion: Economic impact of open source on small business
Tim O'Reilly hosted a discussion at OSCON 2012 to examine findings from the report "Economic Impact of Open Source on Small Business." He was joined by Dan Handy, CEO of Bluehost; John Mone, EVP Technology at Endurance International Group; Roger Magoulas, Director of Market Research at O'Reilly; and Mike Hendrickson, VP of Content Strategy at O'Reilly. Download the report for free here: http://oreil.ly/OFbUG5 Learn more about the report: http://oreil.ly/Mx6HlF
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The Importance of Small Business
In this animated motion graphic we learn about the importance of small businesses in local communities and what the Innovation Connector can do to support those businesses.
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Latino Business Owners: The Force Behind Economic Growth in America | By Lili Gil Valletta
In a country built by immigrants, numbers represent the strength and ability to move forward both culturally and economically. Such is the case for Latinos, a growing force in the United States currently representing 18 percent of the overall population — a number expected to grow to 30 percent by 2060. The economic impact Latinos have in the country as a group is growing at a steady rate, and according to Nielsen, a global information measurement firm, Latinos are "the most influential segment since the baby boomers," representing a $1.5 trillion consumer market. The economic impact extends beyond the Latino consumer to the Latino entrepreneur. The State of Latino Entrepreneurship 2015 Report, created by the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI), highlighted data that reveal the economic impact that Latino-owned businesses (LOBs) have on the U.S. economy. Housed within Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative is a unique research collaboration between Stanford University and the Latino Business Action Network (LBAN), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization located in Palo Alto, California. This report also debunked several myths regarding the markets and industries in which LOBs are found. Latinos are significantly impacting the growth in number of small businesses in the United States. The State of Latino Entrepreneurship 2015 report revealed that between 2007 and 2012, the number of LOBs grew by 46.9 percent compared to just 0.7 percent for non-Latino owned businesses, an extraordinary level of entrepreneurship that suggests Latinos play a substantial role in local job creation and economic development. A closer look at the growth in the number of small businesses between 2007 and 2012 shows that 86 percent of the growth in all small businesses during this time can be attributed to LOBs In fact, without LOBs the United States would see a serious drop in the number of small businesses. Source: http://www.cnbc.com/2016/04/18/latinos-the-force-behind-small-business-growth-in-america.html
INL economic impact on small businesses
The INL has spent nearly $130 million dollars around the state of Idaho. Local businesses that work for the INL builds a company resume and allows them to grow in areas outside of Idaho Falls.
Impact of Small Business on the Local Economy
This video is for the Impact of Small Business on the Local Economy Campaign on behalf of the Oxford-Lafayette Economic Development Foundation
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Small Businesses and the Economic Crisis - NYTimes.com/video
The Times checks in with small businesses around New York City to see how they're faring through these hard times.
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The Socio Economic Impacts to the Business
Presented by Group 7 Gas 12- A
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O'Reilly Webcast: The Economic Impact of Open Source on Small Business
While open source makes an enormous contribution to the economy, the impact is difficult to quantify. The web hosting industry empowers customers with direct access to open source software. With small and medium-sized businesses comprising the bulk of their customers, web hosts serves as a compelling case study to examine the impact of open source on small businesses and, by extension, the economy. This webcast expounds on the conclusions offered in the July 2012 O'Reilly Radar Report with additional insight drawn from the real-world data provided by Bluehost. About Jared Smith Jared Smith is the Director of Open Source Outreach at Bluehost. Jared has a long history of involvement with open source communities, most recently as the Fedora Project Leader, and before that as the community releations manager for the Asterisk project. His technical background includes programming, large-scale systems administration, telecommunications, and technical training. He holds a Batchelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Utah State University, and currently resides in Virginia with his wife and two children.
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Intuit VP Talks About Small Businesses and Their Impact On The Economy
View full story at http://news.kron4.com
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Small Business Economic Impact Alliance Introduction
Intro to SBEIA organization.
Maritime Day: Port of New Orleans' economic impact for small businesses
Eric Paulsen reports from the Mississippi River and interviews Tiffany Carter, Port of New Orleans Director of Procurement, about the economic impact for the port, particularly for small and local businesses.
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#GrowWithGoogle | 2017 Economic Impact Report
The web is creating a world of opportunity for businesses across the US. Learn how Google’s tools are helping businesses grow, find new customers, and create jobs: https://google.com/economicimpact #GrowWithGoogle --- Follow @googlesmallbiz on: Twitter: https://goo.gl/PfMGpY Facebook: https://goo.gl/6mJv39 LinkedIn: https://goo.gl/2BUwr5
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Future of SMEs: Europe’s economic powerhouses - Real Economy
Small and medium businesses (SMEs) are "the heart of Europe's economy":http://ec.europa.eu/growth/smes/ but some have not survived the financial crisis and many others have had to innovate to have any kind of a future. Real Economy travelled to Italy to meet some of those who have risen to that challenge, often tapping into new sources of financing when lending from the banking sector was drying up. There are some 21 million SMEs in Europe, supplying about 85% of jobs. All that entrepreneurshi… READ MORE : http://www.euronews.com/2015/09/28/smes-in-europe-innovating-and-investing-for-growth euronews business brings you latest updates from the world of finance and economy, in-depth analysis, interviews, infographics and more Subscribe for daily dose of business news: http://bit.ly/1pcHCzj Made by euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe.
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Small Business and the Economy
President Obama speaks about the key role small business plays in moving the American economy forward and the steps his Administration has taken to help small businesses grow and hire new workers during a visit to Woonsocket, RI. October 25, 2010.
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Issa: EPA Does Not Look at Economic Impact of Regulations on Small Businesses
Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, discusses the limited scope of the EPA's mandate in focusing on environmental issues and not looking at the economic impact of regulations on small businesses. Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight, and Government Spending, "Assessing the Impact of Greenhouse Gas Regulations on Small Business." The hearing continued a dialogue with private-sector job creators about the impact that federal actions have on the economy and seeks to engage the executive branch on improvements in the regulatory climate. April 6, 2011.
Growing our Economy Through Small Business
The Alaska SBDC works with businesses statewide to make a positive impact on our state's economy. Visit www.aksbdc.org for more info!
Independent We Stand "Small Business. Big Impact."
Small businesses are the lifeblood of a vibrant economy and our newest video shows just what a big impact small businesses can have. Please share and help us spread the word! To find and support locally owned businesses in your neighborhood, please visit us on the web at http://www.IndependentWeStand.org.
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Economy affecting small businesses
Economy affecting small businesses
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Interesting Facts about Small Business - National Small Business Week 2018
National Small Business Week is here. Check out these interesting facts about small businesses that will make you feel a lot better about your small business. All of these small businesses have a significant impact on the US economy through job creation, innovation, and economic impact. Every year since 1963, the U. S. President has issued a proclamation announcing National Small Business Week, which recognizes the critical contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners. Learn more about
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Introduction to the Small Business Economic Impact Alliance Organization
Karla Lyngvar, president and co-founder of SBEIA (Small Business Economic Impact Alliance) introduces the organization, which supports small business owners through Clarity Chart™ process, ASK Campaign, Mastermind Meetings and Legislative Initiatives.
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Weather impacts small business
Weather impacts small business
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Small Business Economic Impact Alliance Introduction
Karla Lyngvar, president and co-founder of SBEIA introduces the organization.
Social Impact Economy
Speaker(s): Scott Griffith, Karen Gordon Mills, Tracy Palandjian, David Wilkinson, David Wood Date: Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 6:00pm Scott Griffith, Former Chairman and CEO at Zipcar, Karen Gordon Mills, Institute of Politics Fellow, Fall 2013 and Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, 2009-2013, Tracy Palandjian, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Social Finance and former Managing Director, The Parthenon Group, and David Wilkinson, White House Senior Policy Advisor for Social Finance and Innovation; and Executive Director, City First Enterprises, joined moderator David Wood, Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy, HKS and Director, Initiative for Responsible Investment, Hauser Institute for a discussion on the social impact economy and entrepreneurship. Panelists discussed how responsible investment and crowd-funding can be a force for social change; they also emphasized the ways in which metrics and data analysis can help the government and private firms match entrepreneurs with investors. Topics: Business & Economics Technology Non-Profit
Small Businesses and Nonprofits Impact On The U.S. Economy LLS
By Carolyn A. Winston and Addison Sims, Hosts of Let's Talk Biz This month on Let's Talk Biz we are focusing on the impact that small businesses and nonprofits have on the U.S. economy. You'll want to tune in to hear what our guests have to say about the outlook and the impact of small businesses. Most people think that the backbone of the U.S. economy is concentrated in a handful of Fortune 500 companies. The Fortune 500 companies do have an impact on the U.S. economy, but small businesses have a greater impact on the economy. Usually, small businesses do not make headline news; the media's attention is typically on Wall Street, but Main Street plays a significant role in the U.S. economy. In terms of employment and private (non-farm) gross domestic product small business drives the U.S. economy. Small business provides jobs and spurs our economic growth. If large corporations lay-off workers small businesses are the ones behind the scene creating jobs for displaced workers. The Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy reports that small businesses have been the driving force behind new job creation, generating between 60 percent and 80 percent of all new jobs annually over the past decade. Small businesses are responsive to consumer change and taste; contribute creativity, productivity, and ingenuity to technologies; and engage in global opportunities. Small businesses hire about 68 million workers, almost half of all private sector jobs. U.S. small business firms pay about 44 percent of the total U.S. private-sector payroll, according to the Small Business Administration, that is approximately $2.1 trillion of the total (non-farm) private-sector payroll of $4.8 trillion. Small businesses have a significant impact on our communities. Small business owners represent a diverse group of individuals, of all ages, from all educational, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Small businesses represent the moral, social, and economic values of modern society which form the backbone of local communities. They participate in community activities, support local charities, and share concerns about education, crime, and the environment. Small businesses owners help fight poverty. Forming a small business offers many individuals the opportunity to rise above the poverty line. Now, that we have shared some exciting statistics about small businesses and their support for nonprofits let us share some key findings about the outlook of small businesses: • Small businesses firms hiring has slowed because of a distressed economy • There remains a need to streamline rules, regulations, etc. for small businesses • Access to capital is a challenge and it is hard to get bank loans and more small businesses are using credit cards to finance their businesses Let's Talk Biz's Best Biz pick of the week is Evernote. Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web. Keep everything in sync. All of your notes, web clips, files and images are made available on every device and computer you use. Share your notes and collaborate on projects with friends, colleagues and classmates. Search by keyword, tag, and even find text inside images. Want more tips? Join host Carolyn Winston and Addison Sims next week on Let's Talk Biz and for marketing support register for our FREE Small Business Mentor Protégé webinars. Register Now! Until we meet again, keep talking biz!
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Andre Taylor: Immigration Reform, Small Business, Economic Growth
Author and entrepreneur, André Taylor comments on the U.S. debate on immigration reform. As a U.S. born citizen committed to increasing and improving entrepreneurship, André calls attention to small business development as the missing ingredient in the proposals and discussions on immigration. Small business startups in the U.S. are in decline, and many Americans cite fear and a lack of security as reasons not to start businesses. In contrast, many immigrants have no choice but to create new businesses to survive. The impact of these businesses on the Main Streets of America is an often overlooked benefit of growth in the U.S. immigrant population. André makes the point that lawmakers, immigration advocates, policymakers, and small business advocates should unite to elevate the immigration discussion from enforcement, entitlements, and low-wage labor to spurring entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development where America needs it most. www.andretaylor.com
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When Wal-Mart leaves small towns behind
UPDATE: NewsHour Weekend returns to Winnsboro, S.C.: https://youtu.be/taSfSdr9vMo The Winnsboro, South Carolina, Wal-Mart Super Center was one of three in the state to shutter its doors last month, joining more than 150 stores nationwide. For 18 years it had served as the town’s center of commercial operations and employed over 160 people. NewsHour's Christopher Booker reports on the impact of Wal-Mart leaving town. Watch more from Making Sen$e: https://bit.ly/2D8w9kc Read more economic news: https://to.pbs.org/2PNUx19
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The Big Business of Small Business
At Funding Circle, we’re celebrating the contribution that small businesses who access finance through our platform make to the economy. Across the United States, small business owners are creating jobs and driving the economy forward. Funding Circle is proud to help. Funding Circle's full economic impact, reported by Oxford Economics, can be downloaded here: http://www.fundingcircle.com/us/impact
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ESA Business Applications Socio Economic Impact
Space data can have a significant impact on our daily lives - from automated trains, rehabilitation and remittance. It can transform our entire world through some incredibly innovative and forward-thinking projects throughout Europe and beyond. ESA Business Applications has invested over €250M in over 500 European businesses, created over 2500 new jobs and launched more than eighty new products. Thanks to the contributions from our national delegations and private investors, we have created a 4x return on investment, with a future projection of 7x. Here are some examples: SATFINAFRICA This project has created reliable financial solutions to many isolated people in Africa (as well as the rest of the world): https://business.esa.int/projects/satfinafrica GEOSATIS As an alternative to imprisonment, this project uses an ankle bracelet for monitoring offenders and aiding in their rehabilitation. The offenders are supervised through satellite navigation: ANSALDO STS Unveiling the first ever fully automated train, Ansaldo STS utilizes satellite data to control an unmanned train running through Australia. Find out more about how ESA Business Applications can empower your business here: https://business.esa.int/funding Find out about the projects we've worked on: https://business.esa.int/projects Keep up to date with us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ESAbusinessapps
How regulation, economy impact small biz in America
‘American Mojo’ Author Peter Kiernan discusses the impacts regulation and the economy have on American small businesses.
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Small Business Network - Women Mean Business
A panel of business women who lead diversity strategies at their large corporations will examine the importance of diversity in the workplace. The panel discussion will examine: -Why companies are committed to support diverse, woman-owned businesses? -The economic impact of diverse, woman-owned small businesses. -Trends impacting diverse, woman-owned businesses. -Strategies for diverse, woman-owned companies to build relationships with large companies. The panel of business leaders includes: -Sheila Dews-Johnson, Director of Supplier Diversity & Supplier Sustainability for McCormick and Company, Inc. -Darlene Fuller, Senior Director of Supplier Diversity for Sodexo in North America -Dominica Groom, Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion for Freddie Mac
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Small Business, Big Impact - XLR8UH and Sultan Ventures - Tarik Sultan
Small businesses and entrepreneurs are creating economic growth, innovation, and quality jobs. SBA celebrates small business ownership and entrepreneurship through the stories and experience of those business and community members who make our economy run, who demonstrate the business skill, insight and drive to get things done and some of the steps they have taken to define their success today and where they plan to be tomorrow. Join District Director Jane Sawyer on this first live streaming program with the U.S. Small Business Administration on building successful businesses and fostering an entrepreneurial culture and support system. She will be talking with Tarik Sultan, partner in XLR8UH and Sultan Ventures, a graduate of SBA’s Emerging Leaders Program and prize winner in the Accelerator Growth Awards. ThinkTech Hawaii streams live on the Internet from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm every weekday afternoon, Hawaii Time, then streaming earlier shows through the night. Check us out any time for great content and great community. Our vision is to be a leader in shaping a more vital and thriving Hawaii as the foundation for future generations. Our mission is to be the leading digital media platform raising pubic awareness and promoting civic engagement in Hawaii.
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Small businesses is the glue to the US economy: SBA’s Linda McMahon
Small Business Association (SBA) administrator Linda McMahon discusses how the department is working to create jobs, fix the jobs gap and help veterans find employment.
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Small Business, Big Impact | RAW Talks with Hilda Broomfield-Letemplier
A small entrepreneur making big impact in the community. This is the story of how Hilda Broomfield-Letemplier and her husband started a business in the front yard of their first home in Labrador, northern Canada. Today, the company is a reputable supplier to some of the largest resource development projects in Labrador. During this process, Hilda Broomfield-Letemplier has experienced first hand the evolving relationship between the resource sector and Aboriginal businesses. She uses her experience to give back to the community through her encouragement and support for Aboriginal- and female-owned businesses.
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Lon on Small Business
Lon Keyes's top priority will be to place a heavy government focus on the economic benefits of small business in Indiana. Keyes is a Candidate for the Indiana House of Representatives -- District 51.
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Reining in the financial impact of Obamacare on small business
Rep. Marsha Blackburn, (R-Tenn.), on the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's email scandal and the economic impact of Obamacare.
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SBNA Video: Economic Impact
This video is a social media clip taken from the "Small Business Network of the Americas" video produced by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of International Information Programs in June 2013. The speakers are José Raúl Chacón, Las Chacón, and David Rivera Quan, director of CDMYPE, Universidad José Matías Delgado, Santa Tecla, El Salvador.
Cybernomics – The Impact of Cyber Crime on Business Economics!
Hackers attack every 39 seconds and Cyber Crime happens to both big and small businesses. It's not a case of if you'll be hacked, it's a case of when. Will your business be next? Don't let Cyber Crime cause chaos in your Business, protect your Business today with Magnet Protect!
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Economic Benefits of a Second Casino in Philadelphia: Small Businesses Weigh In
For Reporting and Writing 1: A student takes a look at the possible economic benefits derived from casino licenses that have been awarded in the Philadelphia region, and attempts to get a sense of the local feel for the potential awarding of the second "city" license in 2013.
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Congressman Collins' Q&A at Small Business Cmte. hearing on ObamaCare impact 4-17-13
Congressman Collins speaks with business owners testifying before Congress about the economic impact of ObamaCare regulations.
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EU - The economic impact of lending through Funding Circle in the European Union
Small businesses mean big business. At Funding Circle, we’re celebrating the contribution that small businesses who access finance through our platform make to the global economy. Across the European Union, small business owners are creating jobs and driving the economy forward. Funding Circle is providing the finance they need to do this. Funding Circle's full economic impact, reported by Oxford Economics, can be downloaded here: http://www.fundingcircle.com/uk/impact Funding Circle is one of Europe's leading small business loans platform, where investors lend directly to creditworthy small businesses. As of March 2019, investors have lent over €6.2 billion to more than 55,000 European businesses.