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An Introduction to Item Analysis - Number Everywhere!
As educators, we spend a lot of time thinking about and writing assessments - But how do we know whether or not we’ve done a good job thinking about and creating the assessment? Item analysis is a powerful tool that can tell us a lot about how that item, we’ll use item and question interchangeably, is functioning. It can answer questions like how difficult an individual item is, how good of a job is the question doing in identifying good and bad performances, and also can give us insight into whether or not our question is doing a good job. Video and accompanying blog post created by Aaron Dewald: http://blog.examsoft.com/numbers-everywhere-an-introduction-to-item-analysis/
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Item Analysis Part 2: Item Difficulty
How to calculate the difficulty of multiple choice items.
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Item Analysis Part 1
Anatomy of a multiple choice question or item.
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Item Analysis Demo
Item Analysis Custom Template Demo / Tutorial
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Tutorial Microsoft Excel - Test Item Analysis - Sorting The Test Result
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Bb - Item Analysis on Tests
Bb - Item Analysis on Tests
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Using Excel - Test Item Analysis, Difficulty Index for MC Items
A Snagit video capture that shows how to input the formula to determine the Difficulty Index for Multiple Choice items
Using Excel - Test Item Analysis, Sorting the Test Scores
A Snagit video capture that shows how to sort the test scores in the worksheet in order to delineate the upper and lower thirds of the students.
Item Analysis in Scholar Tests
This video explains how faculty can use Item Analysis to get detailed information on thier students' performance on test questions in Scholar.
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What is Item analysis in psychology
What is Item analysis in psychology - Find out more explanation for : 'What is Item analysis in psychology' only from this channel. Information Source: google
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Item Analysis Part 4: Calculating Item Discrimination
How to calculate the index of discrimination for exam items using high and low performing groups.
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Language Testing Item Analysis
Language Testing for primary school Lecturer : Dr Lee Ken Wah
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Item Analysis Made easy
This video is one part of Student Assessment Videos' series that cover an important sector of the assessment cycle which is Item Analysis. It covers item difficulty, Discrimination and how to interpret the item analysis report.
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Test item Difficulty
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Using Excel - Test Item Analysis, Discrimination Index for MC items
A Snagit video capture that shows how to input the formula to determine the Discrimination Index for MC items.
Constructing & Standardizing Psychological Test-III-B, (Item Analysis: Item Validity) (PSY)
Subject : Psychology Paper : Applied Psychometrics
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Item Analysis in Blackboard Tests
Dr Ant Edwards (University of York Maths Skills Centre) describes how discrimination and difficulty are calculated in Blackboard Item Analysis Reports.
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Item difficulty and discrimination explained
Two important statistics given in the SmarterMarks teacher reports are difficulty and discrimination. In this video, we explain the meaning of these statistics and how teachers can improve their assessments using them.
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Test Item Analysis Report - June 2014 Webinar
Webinar recording featuring Luke Stanke, Mike Bowen and Mike Mayne. Original air date: June 26, 2014
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Item analysis with spreadsheet
Using a simple spreadsheet to conduct an item analysis of a test or other group of assessments. This can be used to determine needed areas for development of class activities.
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Using Item Analysis in Blackboard Learn
This video shows how to use item analysis to to measure the effectiveness of test questions.This video shows how to use item analysis to to measure the effectiveness of test questions.
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Using Excel - Test Item Analysis, Difficulty Index for PC items
A Snagit video capture that shows how to input the formula to determine the Difficulty Index for Partial Credit items.
Putting it All Together: Using Distractor Analysis
Creating valid distractors for your exam questions can be a confusing process. In Aaron Dewald’s final video in his “Item Analysis” series, he offers tips on how to choose distractors, how many to use, and how to tell whether they’re “distracting” in a useful way. See this post here: http://blog.examsoft.com/putting-it-all-together-using-distractor-analysis/
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Item Analysis Part 5: Interpreting the Discrimination Index
How to make sense of the index of discrimination after calculating it, positive versus negative discrimination and what it all means.
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AUTOMATED TEST RESULT TEMPLATE Just PM to https://www.facebook.com/theddy.fernandez or call 09398756117
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Using Excel - Test Item Analysis, Discrimination Index for PC items
A Snagit video capture that shows how to input the formula to determine the Discrimination Index for Partial Credit items.
Item Reliability Analysis
The Item Reliability Analysis estimates the reliability or internal consistency of a set of variables. It is commonly used to assess the reliability of questions in a survey or test. This procedure calculates Cronbach’s alpha for the entire set of variables and when omitting each variable one at a time. A lower confidence bound for alpha may also be calculated. Consider trying our leading statistical program for 30 days for free on our website: http://www.statgraphics.com/centurion-xviii.
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Instructional Video - Item and Distractor Analysis
Item and Distractor Analysis
Twenty-Seven Percent: The Index of Discrimination
Index of discrimination determines how well the question can tell the difference between high and low performers, and is used when we need to decide whether or not our question is good at telling who is understanding the topic, and who is not – thus discrimination. This is video #3 in Aaron Dewald's video/blog series on item Item Analysis. Full post can be found here: http://blog.examsoft.com/twenty-seven-percent-the-index-of-discrimination/
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Cronbach's Alpha - SPSS (part 1)
Conduct and interpret an internal consistency reliability analysis through Cronbach's alpha, the corrected item-total correlations and the inter-item correlation matrix. Guidelines for identifying adequate levels of reliability are also provided. http://how2stats.blogspot.com/2011/09/internal-consistency-reliability.html
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How to Generate Periodical Test, Read Scanned Images, & Generate Item Analysis
How to Generate Periodical Test, Read Scanned Images, & Generate Item Analysis DOWNLOAD LINK: http://bit.ly/2xoqump http://bit.ly/2xk0UyQ OR Software Download Link: http://zipansion.com/20345511/schforms2 Password Download Link: http://zipansion.com/20345511/schforms Username: teacher Password: teacher
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Using Excel - Test Item Analysis, Formula for Sum of Credits
A Snagit video capture that shows how to input the formula that will calculate the "number of successful students" and "the sum of credits for partial credit items."
Using Excel - Test Item Analysis, Creating the Headings
A Snagit video capture that shows how to create the column headings for the Test Item Analysis worksheet.
Performing Item Analysis
In this video, we show you the item analysis forms available and the type data that you can collect. Also covered, is how to perform item analysis on 100 and 200 question tests as well as multiple version tests.
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Item Analysis
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Basic Item Analysis
jMetrik Item analysis
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Simplified Item Analysis Part 1
This is Part 1 in a 4 mini-part series on how to analyze student test data to improve the quality of your test questions and to inform your instruction. This process is a simplified version of an item analysis that would be used for validating standardized tests. To download the documents discussed in the video, visit http://www.highpointlearningsolutions.com. Any questions? Contact us at [email protected]
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The Definition of Item Difficulty
What exactly is item difficulty - and how do you measure it? Aaron Dewald explains how a simple calculation can illustrate which of your exam questions are great, which are too difficult, and which are too easy. See the blog post here: http://blog.examsoft.com/definition-of-item-difficulty/
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Demo: Multiple-Choice Test Item Analysis and Progress Monitoring
The paid premium multiple-choice testing suite at TeachersWebHost.com has an extensive system to support item analysis and progress monitoring.
Test Review Using Item Analysis at Locust Grove Middle School
See how educators at Locust Grove implement item analysis in their test review process.
Item Analysis
This tutorial demonstrates how to use Item Analysis. Used by permission of Blackboard.
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Math Item Analysis
Views: 78 Alan Usherenko

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