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Lecture 13: Convolutional Neural Networks
Lecture 13 provides a mini tutorial on Azure and GPUs followed by research highlight "Character-Aware Neural Language Models." Also covered are CNN Variant 1 and 2 as well as comparison between sentence models: BoV, RNNs, CNNs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning Instructors: - Chris Manning - Richard Socher Natural language processing (NLP) deals with the key artificial intelligence technology of understanding complex human language communication. This lecture series provides a thorough introduction to the cutting-edge research in deep learning applied to NLP, an approach that has recently obtained very high performance across many different NLP tasks including question answering and machine translation. It emphasizes how to implement, train, debug, visualize, and design neural network models, covering the main technologies of word vectors, feed-forward models, recurrent neural networks, recursive neural networks, convolutional neural networks, and recent models involving a memory component. For additional learning opportunities please visit: http://stanfordonline.stanford.edu/
What's Possible with Cloud Functions for Firebase (Google I/O '17)
Cloud Functions allows Firebase developers to create a mobile backend without having to worry about servers. Learn what's possible with Cloud Functions and how it can be used for many different key use cases for your mobile app. You'll see real world examples that show how Cloud Functions for Firebase is the programmatic glue that allows you to extend and connect Firebase products and cloud services. Watch more Firebase talks at I/O '17 here: https://goo.gl/pmO4Dr See all the talks from Google I/O '17 here: https://goo.gl/D0D4VE Subscribe to the Firebase channel: https://goo.gl/9giPHG #io17 #GoogleIO #GoogleIO2017
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Ensoniq EPS 16+ Sampling Tutorial
http://r-massive.com How to get started sampling with an Ensoniq EPS 16+ a.k.a. EPS-16 Plus, specifically focused on drums. Also relevant to the ASR10. This is an in-depth walkthrough and demonstration geared towards those new to sampling concepts and/or the EPS16+. Covering sample rate, filter rate, clipping, truncate, normalize, boost, envelopes, effects, and more.
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Discord Basics: How To Setup Audio and Video Settings
In this video tutorial, I show you how to easily setup your audio and video settings in Discord. Connecting microphone and webcam to discord should be easy using these settings. Everything I do online is hosted by Bluehost. For only $2.95 a month, Bluehost can help you set up and host your blog/website. Because Porter Media is a Bluehost affiliate partner, our community can use this link to receive a 50% discount off the monthly price AND A FREE DOMAIN NAME: http://goo.gl/iGVMmp MY SECRET WEAPON AND BEST TOOL TO GROW A YOUTUBE CHANNEL FAST TUBEBUDDY Download TubeBuddy Free Today ---- https://goo.gl/0z8H76 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE HERE: http://goo.gl/SG9kXI MY WEBSITES: http://www.youtubecreatorshub.com http://www.podcastersunplugged.com http://www.onlinebusinessrealm.com http://www.premiumtechtips.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­-- MY TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/TechGuru77 MY FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/TechGuru77/376182275747539 MY SNAPCHAT dmporter74 MY INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/dmporter17 LISTEN TO OUR PODCASTS: YouTube Creators Hub: http://goo.gl/6dnF54 Podcasters Unplugged: https://goo.gl/QUz0iq My YouTube Setup: Main Camera: Canon 80D - https://goo.gl/nEIttU Webcam: Logitech C920 - https://goo.gl/WYp9ft Main Monitor: LG UM57 - https://goo.gl/aFKRUp Main Computer: Mac Pro - https://goo.gl/Dav2T3 Microphone: Heil PR40 - https://goo.gl/GFE7K2 Adobe Creative Cloud - https://goo.gl/8HJONR I Use Screenflow To Record My Screencast Videos: Get It Here: https://goo.gl/vRjuJg Support me on Patreon to have access to a private YouTube Creators discord channel and join our community: https://goo.gl/YqtD4s Come Hang Out With Me On Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/dusttbuster Disclaimers: Links in the description are typically affiliate links that let you help support the channel at no extra cost.
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DjangoCon US 2017 - The denormalized query engine design pattern by Simon WIllison
DjangoCon US 2017 - The denormalized query engine design pattern by Simon WIllison Most web applications need to offer search functionality. Open source tools like Solr and Elasticsearch are a powerful option for building custom search engines… but it turns out they can be used for way more than just search. By treating your search engine as a denormalization layer, you can use it to answer queries that would be too expensive to answer using your core relational database. Questions like “What are the top twenty tags used by my users from Spain?” or “What are the most common times of day for events to start?” or “Which articles contain addresses within 500 miles of Toronto?”. With the denormalized query engine design pattern, modifications to relational data are published to a denormalized schema in Elasticsearch or Solr. Data queries can then be answered using either the relational database or the search engine, depending on the nature of the specific query. The search engine returns database IDs, which are inflated from the database before being displayed to a user - ensuring that users never see stale data even if the search engine is not 100% up to date with the latest changes. This opens up all kinds of new capabilities for slicing, dicing and exploring data. In this talk, I’ll be illustrating this pattern by focusing on Elasticsearch - showing how it can be used with Django to bring new capabilities to your application. I’ll discuss the challenge of keeping data synchronized between a relational database and a search engine, and show examples of features that become much easier to build once you have this denormalization layer in place. Use-cases I explore will include: Finding interesting patterns in your data Building a recommendation engine Advanced geographical search and filtering Reacting to recent user activity on your site Analyzing a new large dataset using Elasticsearch and Kibana https://2017.djangocon.us/talks/the-denormalized-query-engine-design-pattern/
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Text Mining with the HathiTrust & Empowering Librarians to Support Digital Scholarships
Arm librarians with instructional content and tools in digital scholarships and digital humanities. Enable librarians to build foundations for digital scholarship centers and services. For transcript and more information, visit http://www.loc.gov/today/cyberlc/feature_wdesc.php?rec=8520
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Archivematica: Creating a Comprehensive Digital Preservation System
Monday, May 24, College Park, MD - This presentation was co-hosted by the National Archives Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies (NCAST) with the National Archives Assembly, held at the National Archives at College Park, MD. Peter Van Garderen -- President and System Archivist at Artefactual Systems, Inc. Van Garderen demonstrates his company's digital preservation system known as Archivematica (pronounced "Archive-matica"), which tries to streamline the preservation of digital objects. The system is an open, user-friendly, customizable, and ever improving step-by-step program designed to support the preservation of digital objects, and is already in use by the City of Vancouver Archives. Designed with archivists and digital preservation processes in mind, Archivematica functions as a pipeline through which an archivist can easily process packets of information that have been submitted into an archives. The system interfaces with all standard file systems and preserves file hierarchies during processing. For more information, visit the NCAST web site at www.archives.gov/ncast. The National Archives Applied Research Division (formerly known as NCAST: NARA's Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies) serves as a resource for improving NARA customer services and business processes; and evaluates tools to improve NARA's electronic records and network operations. These presentations are sessions with our research partners where they talk about their research and findings and how these are helping NARA identify new theories knowledge, methods, and techniques to advance the lifecycle of electronic records.
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Talent Connect Live: Day 2
The Talent Connect Livestream is your front row seat to a three-day gathering of the world’s top leaders, innovators and influencers in the talent space. Join the stream October 9th – 11th, PDT to see keynote presentations, product demos and exclusive interviews, from anywhere in the world. You’ll gain actionable insights that will help you stay ahead of the evolving talent landscape on topics including Talent Intelligence, the Future of Work and Learning & Development.
COMPSCI 188 - 2018-10-30
COMPSCI 188, LEC 001 - Fall 2018 COMPSCI 188, LEC 001 - Pieter Abbeel, Daniel Klein Copyright @2018 UC Regents; all rights reserved
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Google Cloud Platform Live: Keynote from Urs Hölzle
Urs Hölzle, Senior Vice President, will be sharing Google's vision for cloud computing and announcing a number of new products and services. Bobby Murphy, CTO and co-founder of Snapchat, will make a guest appearance to talk about building one of the world's most popular applications on Cloud Platform.
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Lesson 2 Fastai 2019 Data cleaning and production; SGD from scratch(中文字幕)
In order to facilitate the audience in Chinese areas to enjoy such a good tutorial, special subtitles were produced. Lesson 2_ Deep Learning 2019 - Data cleaning and production; SGD from scratch fastai- (中文字幕) 深度学习实验代做,我的微信:design-lion QQ:568897492 EMAIL:[email protected]
Google Developer Days India 2017 - Day 2 (Track 2)
Join us for the livestream of Day 2 at GDD India '17! This livestream will cover all sessions taking place at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre in Bengaluru, India. Check out the Day 2 event schedule here: https://goo.gl/zygeGy Google Developer Days (GDD) are global events showcasing the latest developer products and platforms from Google to help you quickly develop high quality apps, grow and retain an active user base, and tap into tools to earn more. Music by Terra Monk: https://goo.gl/pC5R3T #GDDIndia
Artists and Global Citizenship: a Pilot ArtsLink Assembly produced by CEC ArtsLink, New York City
CEC ArtsLink presented a pilot ArtsLink Assembly on Artists and Global Citizenship livestreaming from New York City on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at howlround.tv Friday 16 November 2018 at 2 p.m. EST (New York) / 19.00 UTC +0 (London) / 20.00 UTC +1 (Berlin) / 21.00 UTC +2 (Bucharest) / 22.00 UTC +3 (Moscow). Use #ArtsLinkAssembly in social media. The ArtsLink Assembly is a new public forum to share practices and ideas, to network and foster dialogue with international and U.S. artists, cultural institutions, foundations, and city and federal agencies. Central to the Assembly is the exploration of the impact of international cultural exchange and the artists' growing role in social justice and building an open democratic society. The ArtsLink Fellows 2018 from Albania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine will participate in presentations and focused dialogues. Speakers included, among others, Simon Brault, Director, Canada Council for the Arts; Izabel Galliera, author of Social Practice in Post-Soviet Europe; Leyya Tawil and Mike Khoury, artists; Nina Murray, U.S. State Department; Noor Zafar, lawyer; and Guiomar Ochoa, NEA. Foundations panel moderated by Cathy Edwards, New England Foundation for the Arts, features Zeyba Rahman, Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art; Michelle Coffey, Lambent Foundation; Rashida Bumbray, Open Society Foundations; and Barbara Lanciers, Trust for Mutual Understanding. Video index: 0:00 — Welcome Hadrien Coumans and Brent Michael Davids, Lenape Center / Simon Dove, CEC ArtsLink 7:39 — ArtsLink Fellows 2018: Inga Lāce, Latvia / Assel Kadyrkhanova, Kazakhstan 18:30 — Undoing Nationalism: Laurel Ptak, Art in General, and ArtsLink alum Michal Novotny, Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA, Prague, Czech Republic 29:20 — Arts Envoy Program: Nina Murray, U.S. Department of State 36:18 — The Ecological Challenge: Hadrien Coumans and Brent Michael Davids, Lenape Center 44:22 — New York Safe Haven Residency: Ashley Tucker, Artistic Freedom Initiative and Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria, Residency Unlimited 55:13 — Arab Experimentalism in Music, Performance and Live Art: artists Leyya Tawil and Mike Khoury 1:06:20 — ArtsLink Fellows 2018: Bozhena Zakaliuzhna, Ukraine / Viacheslav Ivaschenko, Russia 1:17:50 — The Arts Beyond Borders — Beginning with the Americas: Simon Brault, CEO Canada Council for the Arts. View the English transcript on the Canada Council for the Arts website: https://canadacouncil.ca/spotlight/2018/11/the-arts-beyond-borders-beginning-with-the-americas View the French transcript on the Canada Council for the Arts website: https://conseildesarts.ca/pleins-feux/2018/11/l-art-par-dela-les-frontieres-par-dela-celles-des-ameriques 1:45:25 — Foundations Investing in Trans-National Cultural Programs: Challenges and Opportunities. Panel moderated by Cathy Edwards, New England Foundation for the Arts with Zeyba Rahman, Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art; Michelle Coffey, Lambent Foundation; Rashida Bumbray, Open Society Foundations; and Barbara Lanciers, Trust for Mutual Understanding 2:30:30 — ArtsLink Fellows 2018: Zoya Falkova, Kazakhstan 2:41:10 — The Relevance of Socially Engaged Art Practice in Times of Crisis: Izabel Galliera, Assistant Professor, McDaniel College 2:57:33 — How the National Endowment for the Arts Fosters International Creative Collaboration: Guiomar Ochoa, International Activities Specialist, National Endowment for the Arts 3:07:35 — ArtsLink Fellows 2018: Adela Demetja, Albania / Karolina Halatek, Poland 3:18:26 — Make Sanctuary Not Art — Institutions, Artists and the Politics of Solidarity: Abou Farman Farmaian, The New School 3:29:17 —  Priit Raud, ArtsLink alum, Estonia 3:41:14 — The Muslim Ban: Policies Targeting Muslim Communities: Noor Zafar, ACLU 3:51:48 — ArtsLink Fellows 2018: Raluca Croitoru, Romania / Filip Rađenović, Serbia 3:59:30 — Thanks: All Fellows 2018 About HowlRound TV HowlRound TV is a global, commons-based peer produced, open access livestreaming and video archive project stewarded by the nonprofit HowlRound. HowlRound TV is a free and shared resource for live conversations and performances relevant to the world's performing arts and cultural fields. Its mission is to break geographic isolation, promote resource sharing, and to develop our knowledge commons collectively. Participate in a community of peer organizations revolutionizing the flow of information, knowledge, and access in our field by becoming a producer and co-producing with us. Learn more by going to our participate page. For any other queries, email [email protected], or call Vijay Mathew at +1 917.686.3185 Signal/WhatsApp. View the video archive of past events.
Mitch Jones - Arcane Dream Stream [VOD: Aug 31, 2018]
Mitch Jones - Arcane Dream Stream [VOD: Aug 31, 2018]
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