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This is the vintage 1970s Select-A-Tenna. It's wireless, no wire connections. It works by electromagnetic coupling with your radio. This is high definition [HD] video for Youtube. Peace, Mark Allen Channel (4GUESTS.COM)
Weak & staticy AM signals on Delco Radio
Listening to weak & staticy AM signals on a 90s Delco car radio in-home. Will do a full bandscan once I isolate my power supply a bit more (need longer wires).
BMW 645  650 no AM / FM or Poor Radio Reception.
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Concerto AM/FM Vacuum Tube Radio LL21552 Video #7 - Weak AM
The AM section of the radio is picking up lot's of noise and interference but not much signal. After some investigation, I discover the cause is something I've seen many times but I am not too sure how to treat it. This has to be fixed for the radio to work on the AM band. The FM band seems to be working fairly well.
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1977 Chrysler AM FM Stereo signal seeker radio
Super rare option for 1977, made by Motorola. This radio was made with motorized signal seeking option. Also called "Town & Country". This one is in very good shape, needing a restore but it's vital signs are good
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Enhanced AM Reception on The Sproutie MK II
Showing how weak AM signals can be enhanced on a regenerative receiver by nudging the receiver into oscillation, thereby injecting carrier at the signal frequency. Details of The Sproutie MK II can be found at https://aa7ee.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/the-sproutie-mk-ii-hf-regen-receiver/
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Repair of A 1950 Sparton 141XX AM FM Tube Radio
Picked this large table radio at a junk store. The speaker had come loose inside the cabinet. This was another set that didn't like the use of an external antenna, without going through a resistor. The radio had all sorts of issues. All of which are now resolved except for it needing the correct knobs.
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How to pull in weak signal with flex radio smartsdr
Something I've been struggling with for a while I figured I'd give some tips and show you what I've learned
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Grundig S450DLX with weak AM reception
I illiterate how to do a real basic peaking up of IF stage in a Grundig S450DLX.
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VARA- Weak Signals
VARA Protocol with Winlink (RMS Express). Very weak signal, not even tracked by the analyzer, S/N close to -10dB and speed at 1kB/min. Connection remains very reliable without dropping. With S/N = + 10dB I got average speed close to 15kB/min with peak at 43kB ! Stunning protocol for email over HF ! Elio - IZ2RLJ
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Airspy HF+ Software Defined Radio SDR Weak Signal AM DX Adjacent Channel Nulling using LSB and USB.
The $200 Airspy HF+ and their corresponding free SDRSharp software perform some pretty neat tricks that I've only ever seen in configurations cost $1K - $2K. I've waited many years for something that performed like this but didn't break the bank. What's more, I live less than 2 miles from a very strong AM broadcasting tower that even overloaded my AOR AR5000 that recently crapped out. So far, the HF+ shows NO SIGNS of this overbearing groundwave interference that I've had to live with for many, many years! In this short screencast, I show the powerhouse WSM 650KHz AM Nashville and two very weak, Latino stations on the adjacent channels of 640KHz and 660KHz. For the signal on 640KHz, switch to LSB completely notched out WSM. Correspondingly, switching to USB on 660KHz notched out WSM. I'm sold! Great work Airspy!!
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Mini Whip Active Antenna - AM/MW DX Weak signal of Radio Progreso from Havana, Cuba @ 640 kHz
Please excuse the fading of the signal, there are several strong stations in the U.S. on this frequency. You can skip to the halfway mark for the better audio signal, clearly it's from Cuba and able to verify from several websites of it's origin. I'm listening on my Grundig Satelitt 750 connected to the Mini Whip Active Antenna from a height of 30 feet on my roof connected with 100 feet of RG-8X coax cable to my basement shack. Havana, Cuba is about 1325 miles or 2132.3 kilometers from Yonkers, New York. Thank you for watching. :)
Radio Algérie Chaîne 3, 252 kHz longwave, weak audio copied in Rio Capim, Brazil
Hi there, this is a weak signal from Algeria, as heard in Northern Brazil. Audio is there, but hardly discernible. Nevertheless, great to copy another transatlantic longwave signal. Recorded on 30/11/18 at 03:11 hours UTC using an SDRPlay RSPDUO and Bonito MegaLoop FX antenna. Thanks for watching.
AM radio weak Chinese  car radio
Chinese refuse to believe their radio's are weak.
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Weak DX signals from the Pacific on 75 m  received in Germany
Weak DX signals from the Pacific on the 75 meter band received in Germany during a DXpedition to the fields on 4 February 2015 between 1853 and 1913 UTC. Stations received: 3945 kHz: weak carrier (Radio Vanuatu presumed) peaking at 1853 UTC, fading out around 1905 UTC 3905 kHz: NBC New Ireland, Kavieng, Papua New Guinea at 1913 UTC (not 1905 as shown in the video - sorry for the mistake) Receiver: AOR AR7030 with 50 meter longwire antenna
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Radio tracking 7 - increasing the signal strength
Find out more by watching the training within the field courses module: http://www.doc.govt.nz/getting-involved/training-and-teaching/online-courses/field-skills-online-course/
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77 Lincoln AM FM Seek Scan Town Country Stereo Radio
My 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car (aka Dorian) had an awesome AM/FM 8-track stereo system. However, the car left the factory with an AM/FM Seek/Scan Town & Country stereo unit. I wanted to restore the car to its original factory specs. You see, the car is one of eleven for that year. It means that out of all the Lincoln Continentals made in 1977 only 11 left the factory with this configuration of trim, colors, fabrics, accessories and options. It took a while, but I finally found the correct radio unit for the car. For the period, it’s pretty advanced with the signal seeking and scanning capability. There’s a signal strength selector for urban and rural (or Town and Country). If you select the Country setting, it seeks out farther (or weaker) broadcast signals. There’s even a setting to select only stereo signals. That may seem odd today, but back in the 70s, few stations broadcasted in stereo. While waiting for the sun to come up, I detailed the radio face plate (inside and out) and all knobs and buttons. It look shiny and new now. In some of my other cars, getting to the radio is easy, but not Dorian. I had to remove steering column trim, the lower dash trim, a panel under the dash pad, the ash tray and its housing just so I could access 3 screws and 2 nuts that hold the radio trim bezel in place. Then I could get to the radio and remove the old unit. The seek and scan function is way cool with the needle sliding across the window. When it reaches the end, it automatically reverses, going to the beginning of the dial and then starts seeking again.
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Vukodlak Productions-  1948 N.R.I.  (National Radio Institute) Signal Tracer Model 34  (RARE)
The NRI Professional Signal Tracer Model 34 was sold in the late 1940's by NRI, the National Radio Institute. NRI offered correspondence courses in radio and electronics. They also sold some very desirable test equipment of which, at the time, only the highest-skilled experimenters could design, lay out, and etch...or making one's own schematics. The NRI Model 34 signal tracer is essentially a superheterodyne radio with an RF-stage; an IF-Freq (Intermediate Frequency) of 455kHz, and a complete and exceptionally noiseless & attenuation-free A.M. four-band TRF radio with 2 tuned stages and an audio amplifier. Both sections are similar to the audio and RF-IF channels of the Rider Chanalyst (another great and higly collectible signal tracing test unit). The four bands of the NRI-34 cover 170 KHz through 11.4 MHz in four continuous ranges. This includes the commonly used IF frequencies as well as broadcast and two additional short-wave bands. Tubes are 6E5 eye tube, two 6BS6's for RF amplifiers, 6SQ7 as detector and first AF, 6K6G for audio out and 5Y3G as a full-wave rectifier. The unit pictured is actually playing a broadcast station on the built-in speaker. The speaker (unlike most found with various failed field repair attempts) is of course an EMDLS driver unit....Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS (moving-coil with field excitation coil) which are equivalently scarce and rare to find in PERFECT condition. As for the signal tracer being used as a glorified radio for that final nostalgic touch in your home or office study, the good news is that it does not even require a piece of wire for an antenna, has very impressive accuracy for what is considered the "late archaic" period in the evolution of radio network hardware. The utilization of a solid and well-fabricated/designed circuit design, the RF probe (center wire), the AF probe (left wire) and the ground wire clip (right wire) are permanently attached. Connecting the RF probe to an antenna allows even weak broadcasts and lots of short wave stations to be picked up from distances that would impress even the most demanding an jaded of vintage hi-fidelity audio electronics. The near mint and most memorable 6E5 "cat's"eye tube closes only on relatively strong signals, enabling a good indication of stage gain in radios undergoing well-documented and comprehensive alignment tests. Touching the RF probe with a finger while tuned to a local broadcast station will increase the signal to the point I have to turn down the volume control. The eye tube also indicates a fairly strong signal.
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Weak Music on 27.705 MHz AM with LSB traffic
27705 kHz AM and LSB modes. Repeating techno beats on 27705 AM and two-way voice traffic on the lower side band.
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Solve issues with poor FM/AM reception with digital radio
How to solve issues with bad or poor FM / AM signal reception or interference in your car radio using digital radio device EasyDAB?
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Kenwood TS-850 with BHI DSP Installed - Weak Signal on AM
BHI DSP Installed in Kenwood TS-850S, will upload a better demonstration soon.
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SW DX - 3 Portable radios comparison on weak signal
Location: http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=42.633832&lon=23.239517&z=13&m=b Altitude: ~ 1340 m I've compared 3 portable radios on weak signal, on 6070 kHz - Channel 292 / Radio Geronimo, Rohrbach Waal, Germany(10 kW), and on 6095 kHz - Mighty KBC Radio, Nauen, Germany(250 kW) Three radios are: Sony ICF-22SW Sangean ATS 909W Eton G6 Aviator First half of the test is done with their telescopic aerial, where as one may notice smallest of the three, Sony is the winner. Second half of the video is done with Sony AN-71 compact shortwave antenna, where again Sony seems to be winner. Please watch annotations for more details. Your comments are welcome.
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SEMIER AM/FM Battery Operated Portable Pocket Radio, AM FM Compact Transistor Radio Description Portable AM/FM Radio With Simple Tuner – Small AM/FM radio , Telescopic antenna for this portable radio can be extended for better reception in weak signal place. Stable signal, multi-channel, listen to what you want from Walkman radio. Long Lasting Enjoyment – With the AM/FM radio, which runs on 2 AA batteries found in every household, you can stay connected and get broadcast news in real time. So keep one in your emergency kit or take it on a long trip, it'll come in handy. Compact-lightweight-handy – Small pocket size , easy to carry to anywhere. Great for walking, hiking, camping outdoors, and backpack travel. Better Sound Performance – Built-In high performance speaker provides clear and dynamic sound. With a built-in large speaker, it can easily fill a room with your treasured songs, or favorite baseball game. Gift idea: Easy to use, no complicated gadgetry "interface" to learn, just three easy controls. Very elegant and classy, it's sure to fill your heart with joy. Ideal gifts for your family and friends.
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FM versus D-STAR in weak signal
This is a 5 watts QSO, between CT4RK and CT1FZC, 100km away. My receiver was attenuated 20dBs for simulate the weak signal conditions.
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US Emergency broadcast received on tube radio - Source unknown
I received this broadcast today on my tube radio (Graetz 517k), the transmitting source is unknown. The signal was spread on a lot of typical AM broadcasting frequencies. The signal was very weak hence you can hear a lot of background noise which is typically on these frequencies on daytime, at night more stations can be heard crystal clear on this radio on typical AM frequencies, FM stations can be heard 24/7 perfectly. Recorded with Canon SX220 in Full HD using the simple inbuilt stereo microphone.
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AM loop antenna
AM loop antenna demo of sunset reception of a weak NDB 1630kHz aeronautical beacon ~300km away in the mountains.
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Shortwave Radio - Radio IBC (weak signal in Italian) @ 6.070 MHz AM #shortwave #swl
Bristol Channel Radio is the home of radio signals received in the Bristol Channel area of the UK. The signals include HAM Radio, Air Band, ADS-B, Marine VHF, and various other non-commercial stations. The signals are received a short distance north of Chepstow, using an SDRPlay RSP2 and the SDRuno software. The UHF/VHF antenna is a stainless steel Royal Discone and the antenna for HF is a 20m Longwire with a 9:1 UnUn. This channel is provided for research and/or educational purposes, but general interest viewers are most welcome. Please go ahead and LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE, your support is appreciated. Bristol Channel Radio do not claim any rights whatsoever on any rights protected material heard in any of it's live steams / videos. If any affected material is heard within any Bristol Channel Radio content, this is unintentional, and will be removed upon request from the rights owner/s. If you would like to use any content from this channel for any purpose (outside of general viewing on YouTube,) you MUST seek written consent from Bristol Channel Radio before doing so.
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Shortwave Radio - WEWN Catholic Radio (weak signal from Alabama) @ 5.047 MHz AM #shortwave #swl
Bristol Channel Radio is the home of radio signals received in the Bristol Channel area of the UK. The signals include HAM Radio, Air Band, ADS-B, Marine VHF, and various other non-commercial stations. The signals are received a short distance north of Chepstow, using an SDRPlay RSP2 and the SDRuno software. The UHF/VHF antenna is a stainless steel Royal Discone and the antenna for HF is a 20m Longwire with a 9:1 UnUn. This channel is provided for research and/or educational purposes, but general interest viewers are most welcome. Please go ahead and LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE, your support is appreciated. Bristol Channel Radio do not claim any rights whatsoever on any rights protected material heard in any of it's live steams / videos. If any affected material is heard within any Bristol Channel Radio content, this is unintentional, and will be removed upon request from the rights owner/s. If you would like to use any content from this channel for any purpose (outside of general viewing on YouTube,) you MUST seek written consent from Bristol Channel Radio before doing so.
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Tecsun S-8800: Weak signal DXing with heavy fading on 15,200 kHz
Once again, testing HF performance on the S-8800 and comparing with the PL-880 and ICF-SW7600GR This video is featured in my Tecsun S-8800 review: https://swling.com/blog/2017/09/a-review-of-the-tecsun-s-8800-shortwavelwam-mwfm-portable-receiver/
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6885 kHz X-FM Shortwave C-QUAM AM Stereo Pirate on Perseus SDR
X-FM Shortwave popped up on the airwaves last night with Redhat's signature wide C-QUAM AM Stereo signal. Conditions were mostly poor here but I did capture a few signal peaks allowing me to open up the filters and fire up SoDiRa to demodulate the stereo signal. Enjoy!
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C.Crane CC Radio Evening AM
The original portable CC Radio from C.Crane does an amazing job on the AM band during the evening. It's 200mm ferrite antenna does a great job pulling in stations. I found the Passive loop not to be as effective at night that it was during the day. The performance of this radio is slightly better at times then the auto tuning 2E. I kept running out of volume and had to deal with the up and down muting that the 2E does as it tries to lock on a weak station. The original CC Radio has tons of volume and is much more enjoyable teasing out weak signals on the AM band during the evening. ▶ Original CC Radio on Ebay: http://bit.ly/CCRadios ▶ Todd's Shop: https://www.amazon.com/shop/todderbert Overall, a perfect pickup for someone looking to DX AM or FM on the cheap. Just make sure all the buttons, knobs, and display work. Shop for one under $50 and your getting one heck of a radio. If you want the 2m HAM version with auto tuning the 2E is hard to beat as a daytime AM listener. ▶ The CC Radio-2E Black at Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2FQ3DSN ▶ The CC Radio-2E Black at Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2T5qqkk ▶ The CC Radio-2E Titanium at Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2FZvsvx ▶ The CC Radio-2E Titanium at Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2FQYoFo Thank you for watching. * Todderbert's Rockin' Radio Shop * https://www.radiowavesbytodderbert.com ▶ Patreon Forum: https://www.patreon.com/todderbert Special thanks go out to my Patreon Cornerstone Supporters: Arnold Alt floredon Gary B Loretta J Mac R Peter A Rita B ▶ Todderbert's Discord: https://discord.gg/9E2yUSe
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Deutsches 700 Radio on 3985 khz - weak
A weak signal from the 1 kw station. Just before German sunrise. By contrast you can see the Radio France Internationale digital (DRM) signal on 3965 khz (also listed as 1 kw) doing a lot better (though I'm not sure if that is strong enough to demodulate), and of course also BBC on 3955 with 100 kw. There is also a trace of the German religious station on 3995 (maybe affiliated with HCBJ?) and the pirate Laser FM on 4026 khz. Feb 28, 2015 6:05 UTC
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2019 Toledo Weak Signals R/C Model Expo Show Ohio
2019 Toledo Weak Singnals R/C Model Expo Show Ohio
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Foamie Ninja - QuadQuad / Toledo Weak Signals Show 2019
#weaksignals #CaptainMavic I interview Chad "Foamie Ninja" on his QuadQuad custom built flying machine. https://www.instagram.com/foamieninja/ http://www.foamieninja.net ***** New to my channel? I started as an airplane guy. Presently my passion is FPV. As I learn more about the RC HOBBY, I'll share my experiences, tutorials and flights. ***** ➥➥➥ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ➥➥➥ New video every SUNDAY and FRIDAY about the RC Hobby. Subscribe http://youtube.com/captainmavic ***** Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rc.captain.mavic/ ***** Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CaptainMavic/ ****** RC Planes I fly...too many to list! I'm a Spektrum guy and just recently FrSky. DJI Mavic, Phantom 3 Pro, Osmo RC Quads I fly: (I fly ready to fly) Emax: Baby Hawk R, Hawk 5 Immersion RC: Vortex 250 Pro, 230 Mojo BetaFPV 75x (micro)
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570 AM WMCA New York City Weak Signal
Station was a daytime catch and was very weak
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Van Life Emergency Portable Radios
Ham radios and portable shortwave radios are an excellent alternative to cellphones and are an essential part of my gear when traveling in my 4x4 van in remote areas and in the event of an emergency.
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TRRS #1672 - Windsor AM/FM Radio From Jeff
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Weak Radio Apintie Suriname on 4990 Khz Shortwave with Sdrplay RSP1A
Yes its in the noise and weak, but it is Radio Apintie from Suriname
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AM Signal Interference in PA ONWP 20180607 002
AM radio interference happens at least 2 days each week, only to this station, and always between 2 very specific points. Anyone know what this would be? Happens around Edgeworth, PA. Recorded last year, but continues on to this day.
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5045 kHz Shortwave Low Power Ozy Radio Australia heard in Michigan on Perseus SDR
My first time trying to catch Ozy Radio was a success this morning after reading about their recent occupancy on 5045 kHz shortwave. I'm told they are currently transmitting with just 500 watts! Distance from transmitter to receiver is 9,928 miles (15977 km). Received in West Michigan using the Perseus SDR and D-KAZ loop aimed due North with an RPA-1 preamp for a little extra boost to pull this weak signal out of noise. This video ends after tuning down the band to SIBC on 5020 kHz to check their signal.
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Ham radio hf radio signals
I set up a temporary antenna to listen to the hf ham radio signals. I was surprised to hear a south african station that came in loud and clear.
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Waveshaper • Radio Signal
Outrun is a genre of electronic music influenced by 1980s film soundtracks and video games. Beginning in the mid 2000s, the genre developed from various niche communities on the Internet, reaching wider popularity in the early 2010s. In its music and cover artwork, synthwave engages in retrofuturism, emulating 1980s science fiction, action, and horror media, sometimes compared to cyberpunk. It expresses nostalgia for 1980s culture, attempting to capture the era's atmosphere and celebrate it. Synthwave was inspired by many 1980s films, video games, and cartoons, as well as composers such as John Carpenter, Vangelis, and Tangerine Dream, however the genre itself arose from electronic dance music genres including house, synth, and nu-disco. The subgenre name "outrun" comes from the 1986 driving arcade game Out Run, which was known for its soundtrack that could be selected in-game. According to musician Perturbator (James Kent), the style is mainly instrumental, and often contains 1980s cliché elements in the sound such as electronic drums, gated reverb, and analog synthesizer bass lines and leads, all to resemble tracks from that time period. This aesthetic has been incorporated into retro themed movies and video games featuring synthwave artists. According to Bryan Young of Glitchslap, one of the most notable examples of this is Power Glove's soundtrack to the 2013 video game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Another popular example of the genre crossing into other media is David Sandberg's short film Kung Fury. The release of the movie Drive in 2011, whose soundtrack featured several synthwave artists, helped drive new fans and artists inspired by it toward the genre. Following the various influxes of new artists into the genre, several of these artists gravitated toward specific aspects of synthwave carved out by the early artists, leading to a wide variation in styles between artists who are associated with the genre. Nerdglow's Christopher Higgins cited Electric Youth and Kavinsky as the two most popular artists in synthwave in 2014. Since 2015, synthwave has reached a broader audience from outside musicians and popular media. Fashwave (a portmanteau of "fascist" and "synthwave"), is a largely instrumental subgenre of synthwave and vaporwave, with political track titles and occasional soundbites, that originated on YouTube circa 2015.The phenomenon was described as self-identified fascists and alt-right members appropriating vaporwave music and aesthetics. Sponsor us by just browsing the Web! Free, super easy and earn yourself! - Brave Browser: https://brave.com/lou120
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Alcaravan Radio?
I think this may be Alcaravan Radio broadcasting 1kW from a non-directional antenna in Puerto Lleras, Colombia (http://short-wave.info/?station=Alcaravan%20Radio) 5910 AM 0633z 15 May 2012 Sorry for the poor audio - the signal was weak. Captured on SpectraVue with an SDR-IQ fed by a Alpha-Delta DX Sloper
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Which is the best? Sony ICF-SW77 or ICF-2001D? Test #2 Rádio Educação Rural 4925.2 kHz, Tefé, Brazil
I hope you enjoy this, the second reception comparison - a very weak signal from Rádio Educação Rural and thus an excellent test to try and separate the performance of these two great portables. I am finding it difficult to separate them on this test; SYNC lock on both receivers worked perfectly, but at the same time, the modulation was equally weak. There's a portion of better clarity on the ICF-SW77 recording, but this was probably where the carrier peaked - for the rest of the recording it was just about the same as the ICF-2001D. I'd be interested to hear your views. Recorded at the 'DX wood' in Oxford UK on 15/07/16 at 00:40 hours UTC using a Wellbrook ALA1530 active loop antenna (outdoors).
Shortwave Listening: 25 m band
This video shows a walk through the 25 m broadcast band with interval signals and identifications of 20 broadcasters. The recording has been made on Perseus SDR with a 96 m delta loop on the 2nd of October at 14:00 UTC in Northern Germany, N52.27 E10.01, near Hannover. It contains big signals like KSDA Guam, as well as weak ones, like Scandinavian Weekend Radio with max. 500 watts form Finland. The languages are well mixed: English, Arabic, Belarusian, Kazakh, Portuguese, Korean, Kurdish, Hindi, Urdu ... The recording should give an impression of how lively international shortwave broadcast still can be. Happy listening: Nils, DK8OK
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Radio Ronin - 6925 khz - shortwave pirate
Radio Ronin on 6925.08 khz. Started off on 6940 khz, but quickly moved to this channel. They are in a weird mode which has a very weak AM carrier (and seems to disappear completely when they aren't modulating - eg in times of silence). So you can listen in USB, LSB, or Synchronous AM (but regular AM is bad). Feb 14. 23:50 UTC. Philadelphia, PA. QS1R and Wellbrook 1530s+.
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Generating 1575 42MHz weak(local OSC level) signal with DVB-T Tuner
Tuner:DVB-T+DAB+FM(R820T+RTL2832U)  Android Tablet:Hyundai T7 SDR Application:SDR Touch(v2.67) fRF=fVCO/N-fIF   fRF:Receiving Frequency   fVCO:VCO Frequency(Object Frequency)   N:Dividing Ratio  fIF:Intermediate Frequency For further information, please refer to the following URL. http://kenshi.air-nifty.com/ks_memorandom/2017/09/dvb-t157542mhz-.html
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