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Trading Standards - common scams 2015
Do you want to know more about keeping your friends and family safe from scams? Watch Our Trading Standards service’s video to find out how to avoid some of the most popular techniques currently being used to scam people out of their money. For more information on scams or other Trading Standards issues, contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06 (for a service in the Welsh language call 03454 04 05 05) or email [email protected] Scams can also be reported to South Wales Police via the 101 non-emergency number.
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Trading Standards
There are 13 Trading Standards Officers on the Island to help businesses comply with regulations, and to advise the public about their consumer rights; we spoke to members of the Trading Standards Service to find out more about how they protect businesses.
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RESOLVEit Crucial Crew Promo Video
RESOLVEit at Cardiff Crucial Crews 👉What is Crucial Crews?👈 Crucial Crews is a group of organisations consisting of members such as RESOLVEit, Fire and Rescue Services, British Transport Police, Food Standards Agency Wales, Network Rail, R.N.L.I, Western Power, Women’s Aid, Barnardos, The Samaritans, The Dogs Trust, British Red Cross, Barnardos, NSPCC, Arriva Trains, local Road Safety Units, various drug and alcohol support charities, local trading standards departments, local waste awareness departments, some local police forces, the Coastguard and many other charities and organisations. 👉What do we do?👈 We deliver essential and life-saving safety and PSHE messages to Year 6 and 7 children throughout Wales at a series of events entitled Crucial Crews. The presentations and workshops are delivered by professionals. They are designed to be relevant, engaging, curriculum linked advice involving real life situations. Annually we deliver workshops to 17,000 – 21,000 to 10-12 year old's across up to 17 Welsh authorities. The events have been running throughout Wales for nearly twenty years and are offered to the pupils completely free of charge and usually of no charge to the school other than for some areas transportation to a venue. We deliver at external sites to year 6 pupils in the South. In the North and West we deliver directly to Year 7 pupils in their respective schools. We also organise dedicated Welsh Language days at events for Welsh Language schools to attend and where possible most agencies will provide a Welsh Language speaker for those days. The agencies involved use the Crucial Crews network as we find it the most effective way to deliver our safety and PSHE messages to pupils throughout Wales. This network is known to the schools and bypasses any need to individually contact schools.
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35,275 Recruitment agencies trading in the UK
More than 9,000 recruitment agencies were set up this year According to ClearlyPR, an average of 818 new agencies startup each month. Thats a total of a record 35,275 agencies trading in the UK. Source: insider.co.uk December 2017 How do you seperate the good from the bad? Would you buy a product without reading the reviews? The general answer is NO! Why should it be any different for Recruitment Agencies? Your review is important! Help us by posting your reviews so we can collectively improve the standard of the Recruitment Industry... www.recruitersreviews.co.uk
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Intro to the Bond Market
Most borrowers borrow through banks. But established and reputable institutions can also borrow from a different intermediary: the bond market. That’s the topic of this video. We’ll discuss what a bond is, what it does, how it’s rated, and what those ratings ultimately mean. First, though: what’s a bond? It’s essentially an IOU. A bond details who owes what, and when debt repayment will be made. Unlike stocks, bond ownership doesn’t mean owning part of a firm. It simply means being owed a specific sum, which will be paid back at a promised time. Some bonds also entitle holders to “coupon payments,” which are regular installments paid out on a schedule. Now—what does a bond do? Like stocks, bonds help raise money. Companies and governments issue bonds to finance new ventures. The ROI from these ventures, can then be used to repay bond holders. Speaking of repayments, borrowing through the bond market may mean better terms than borrowing from banks. This is especially the case for highly-rated bonds. But what determines a bond’s rating? Bond ratings are issued by agencies like Standard and Poor’s. A rating reflects the default risk of the institution issuing a bond. “Default risk” is the risk that a bond issuer may be unable to make payments when they come due. The higher the issuer’s default risk, the lower the rating of a bond. A lower rating means lenders will demand higher interest before providing money. For lenders, higher ratings mean a safer investment. And for borrowers (the bond issuers), a higher rating means paying a lower interest on debt. That said, there are other nuances to the bond market—things like the “crowding out” effect, as well as the effect of collateral on a bond’s interest rate. These are things we’ll leave you to discover in the video. Happy learning! Subscribe for new videos every Tuesday! http://bit.ly/1Rib5V8 Macroeconomics Course: http://bit.ly/1R1PL5x Ask a question about the video: http://bit.ly/29Q2f7d Next video: http://bit.ly/29WhXgC Office Hours video: http://bit.ly/29R04Ba Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/QZ06/
Financial Accounting Standards  | Intermediate Accounting | CPA Exam FAR | Chp 1 p 1
Please like and share my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/accountinglectures/ The  essential  characteristics  of  accounting  are  (1)  the  identification, measurement,  and  communication  of  financial  information  about  (2)  economic  entities  to  (3)  interested  parties.  Financial  accounting  is  the  process  that  culminates  in  the  preparation  of  financial reports on the enterprise for use by both internal and external parties.  3.  Financial statements are the principal means through which a company communicates  its financial information to those outside it. The financial statements most frequently provided are  (1)  the  balance  sheet,  (2)  the  income  statement,  (3)  the  statement  of  cash  flows,  and  (4)  the  statement  of  owners’  or  stockholders’  equity.  Note  disclosures  are  an  integral  part  of  each  financial statement. Other means of communication information that might not be included in the  financial  statements  include  the  president’s  letter  or  supplementary  schedules  in  the  corporate  annual  report,  prospectuses,  reports  filed  with  government  agencies,  news  releases,  management forecasts, and social or environmental impact statements.  4.  Accounting is important for markets, free enterprise, and competition because it assists in  providing information that leads to capital allocation. The better the information, the more effective  the process of capital allocation and then the healthier the economy. The  objective  of  general  purpose  financial  reporting  is  to  provide  financial  information  about  the  reporting  entity  that  is  useful  to  present  and  potential  equity  investors,  lenders,  and  other creditors. General­purpose financial statements provide financial reporting information to a  wide variety of users.  6.  The objective of financial reporting identifies investors and creditors as the primary users  for  general­purpose  financial  statements.  As  part  of  the  objective  of  general­purpose  financial  reporting, an entity perspective is adopted. Companies are viewed as separate and distinct from  their  owners. When  making  decisions,  investors  are  interested  in  assessing  (1) the  company’s  ability  to  generate  net  cash  inflows  and  (2)  management’s  ability  to  protect  and  enhance  the  capital providers’ investments.  7.  The  accounting  profession  has  developed  a  common  set  of  standards  and  procedures  known  as  generally  accepted  accounting  principles  (GAAP).  These  principles  serve  as  a  general  guide  to  the  accounting  practitioner  in  accumulating  and  reporting  the  financial  information of a business enterprise.
Exclusive interview with Dubai Trading Agency (DTA)
Marasi Online TV conducted an interview with Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani from Dubai Trading Agency during the Offshore Arabia conference and exhibition 2016. Mr. Lakhani talked about the challenges facing the maritime industry and his opinion about the future of marine in the UAE.
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What Is the Securities & Exchange Commission? Is It Effective? U.S. Finance
Within the SEC, there are five divisions. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the SEC has 11 regional offices throughout the US. The SEC's divisions are:[10] Corporation Finance Trading and Markets Investment Management Enforcement Economic and Risk Analysis Corporation Finance is the division that oversees the disclosure made by public companies, as well as the registration of transactions, such as mergers, made by companies. The division is also responsible for operating EDGAR. The Trading and Markets division oversees self-regulatory organizations such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) and all broker-dealer firms and investment houses. This division also interprets proposed changes to regulations and monitors operations of the industry. In practice, the SEC delegates most of its enforcement and rulemaking authority to FINRA. In fact, all trading firms not regulated by other SROs must register as a member of FINRA. Individuals trading securities must pass exams administered by FINRA to become registered representatives.[11][12] The Investment Management Division oversees registered investment companies, which include mutual funds, as well as registered investment advisors. These entities are subject to extensive regulation under various federals securities laws.[13] The Division of Investment Management administers various federal securities laws, in particular the Investment Company Act of 1940 and Investment Advisers Act of 1940. This division's responsibilities include:[14] assisting the Commission in interpreting laws and regulations for the public and SEC inspection and enforcement staff; responding to no-action requests and requests for exemptive relief; reviewing investment company and investment adviser filings; assisting the Commission in enforcement matters involving investment companies and advisers; and advising the Commission on adapting SEC rules to new circumstances. The Enforcement Division works with the other three divisions, and other Commission offices, to investigate violations of the securities laws and regulations and to bring actions against alleged violators. The SEC generally conducts investigations in private. The SEC's staff may seek voluntary production of documents and testimony, or may seek a formal order of investigation from the SEC, which allows the staff to compel the production of documents and witness testimony. The SEC can bring a civil action in a U.S. District Court, or an administrative proceeding which is heard by an independent administrative law judge (ALJ). The SEC does not have criminal authority, but may refer matters to state and federal prosecutors. The director of the SEC's Enforcement Division Robert Khuzami left the office in February 2013.[15] Among the SEC's offices are: The Office of General Counsel, which acts as the agency's "lawyer" before federal appellate courts and provides legal advice to the Commission and other SEC divisions and offices; The Office of the Chief Accountant, which establishes and enforces accounting and auditing policies set by the SEC. This office has played a role in such areas as working with the Financial Accounting Standards Board to develop Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board in developing audit requirements, and the International Accounting Standards Board in advancing the development of International Financial Reporting Standards; The Office of Compliance, Inspections and Examinations, which inspects broker-dealers, stock exchanges, credit rating agencies, registered investment companies, including both closed-end and open-end (mutual funds) investment companies, money funds. and Registered Investment Advisors; The Office of International Affairs, which represents the SEC abroad and which negotiates international enforcement information-sharing agreements, develops the SEC's international regulatory policies in areas such as mutual recognition, and helps develop international regulatory standards through organizations such as the International Organization of Securities Commissions and the Financial Stability Forum; The Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, which helps educate the public about securities markets and warns investors of fraud and stock market scams; The Office of Economic Analysis, which helps the SEC estimate the economic costs and benefits of its various rules and regulations; and The Office of Information Technology, which supports the Commission and staff in information technology, including application development, infrastructure operations. and engineering, user support, IT program management, capital planning, security, and enterprise architecture. The Inspector General. The SEC announced in January 2013 that it had named Carl Hoecker the new inspector general.[16][17] He has a staff of 22. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Securities_and_Exchange_Commission
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Rating Agencies
The film introduces into the activity of rating agencies and their growing importance for developing countries.
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Standards-Setting Bodies: FASB, GAAP, SEC, AICPA | Intermediate Accounting | CPA Exam FAR | Chp 1 p2
After the stock market crash in 1929 and the Great Depression, there were calls  for  increased  government  regulation  and  supervision—especially  financial  institutions  and  the  stock  market.  As  a  result,  the  federal  government  established  the  Securities  and  Exchange  Commission  (SEC)  to  help  develop  and  standardize  financial  information  presented  to  stockholders. The SEC is a federal agency and administers the Securities Exchange Act of 1934  and several other acts. Most companies that issue securities to the public or are listed on a stock  exchange are required to file audited financial statements with the SEC. In addition, the SEC has  broad powers to prescribe the accounting practices and standards to be employed by companies  that fall within its jurisdiction.  9.  At the time the SEC was created, it encouraged the creation of a private standards­setting  body. As a result, accounting standards have developed in the private sector either through the  American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) or the Financial Accounting Standards  Board  (FASB).  The  SEC  has  affirmed  its  support  for  the  FASB  by  indicating  that  financial  statements  conforming  to  standards  set  by  the  FASB  will  be  presumed  to  have  substantial  authoritative support.  10.  Over its history, the SEC’s involvement in the development of accounting standards has  varied. In some cases, the private sector has attempted to establish a standard, but the SEC has  refused to accept it. In other cases, the SEC has prodded the private sector into taking quicker  action on setting standards.  11.  If  the  SEC  believes  that  an  accounting  or  disclosure  irregularity  exists  regarding  a  company’s  financial  statements,  the  SEC  sends  a  deficiency  letter  to  the  company.  If  the  company’s  response  to  the  deficiency  letter  proves  unsatisfactory,  the  SEC  has  the  power  to  issue a “stop order,” which prevents the registrant from issuing securities or trading securities on  the exchanges. Criminal charges may also be brought by the Department of Justice.  At  the  urging  of  the  SEC,  the  AICPA  appointed  the  Committee  on  Accounting  Procedure (CAP) in 1939. This group issued 51 Accounting Research Bulletins (ARBs) during  the years 1939 to 1959. In  1959,  the  AICPA  created  the  Accounting  Principles  Board  (APB).  The  major  purposes of this group were (a) to advance the written expression of accounting principles, (b) to  determine  appropriate  practices,  and  (c) to  narrow the  areas  of  difference  and  inconsistency  in  practice. Its  pronouncements,  known  as APB  Opinions,  were  intended to  be  based mainly  on  research studies and be supported by reason and analysis.  The FASB  14.  Early  in  its  existence  the  APB  was  criticized  for  lack  of  productivity  and  failing  to  act  promptly,  then  it  was  criticized  for  overreacting  to  certain  issues.  A  committee,  known  as  the  Study Group on Establishment of Accounting Principles (Wheat Committee), was set up to  study the APB  and  recommend  changes  in  its  structure  and  operation. The  result  of the Study  Group’s  findings  was  the  demise  of  the  APB  and  the  creation  of  the  Financial  Accounting  Standards Board (FASB) in 1973. The FASB represents the current rule­making body within the  accounting profession.  15.  The role of the AICPA in standard setting is now diminished, but has a Financial Reporting  Executive Committee  (FinREC), which is authorized to make public statements on behalf of the  AICPA  on  financial  reporting  matters.  FinREC  also  issues  audit  and  accounting  guides,  which  address  particular  areas  in financial  reporting.  Furthermore, the  AICPA  has  been the  leader  in  developing auditing standards through its Auditing Standards Board—but the Sarbanes­Oxley Act  now  requires  the  Public  Company  Accounting  Oversight  Board  to  oversee  the  development  of  auditing standards. The AICPA continues to develop and grade the CPA examination.  16.  The  mission  of  the  FASB  is  to  establish  and  improve  standards  of  financial  accounting  and reporting for the guidance and education of the public, which includes issuers, auditors
HM Revenue and Customs visits EAVA FM
Cliff Hathaway from HM Revenue and Customs visits EAVA FM on the Legal Show hosted by Minesh Ruparelia from Just Legal Group on Tuesday 17th April 2012 to HM Revenue and Customs used to be Inland Revenue and Excise, but joined up to be HM Revenue and Customs. Cliff works for the communications side of the business, where they have around 30 million customers who pay their national insurance and income tax. HMRC also work on dealing with smuggled and counterfeit goods, in partnership with Trading Standards, UK VA and Enforcement Agencies. Read more at http://www.eavafm.com
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Should the Bills pursue a trade for Steelers receiver Antonio Brown?
Should the Bills pursue a trade for Steelers receiver Antonio Brown? Our Matt Parrino is discussing what Brandon Beane should do and looks ahead to free agency.
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NFL Rumors: Antonio Brown Trade, Nick Foles’ Future, Cam Newton Injury & Gerald McCoy
NFL Rumors including Antonio Brown Trade, Nick Foles & Cam Newton is presented by BetDSI! NFL Daily and BetDSI have an exclusive offer just for YOU -- Sign up and deposit with BetDSI to get a 120% deposit bonus! Head to http://www.chatsports.com/BET and use promo code LIVE120 to get the offer! NFL Daily host Mitchell Renz is back with latest NFL rumors and news! What does the future hold for Antonio Brown? Plus, what QB changes could occur for the Jaguars and Bengals? Where will players like Ryan Tannehill, Joe Flacco and Nick Foles play next year? What’s the future look like for Gerald McCoy? Is there a chance Colin Kaepernick gets signed by the Panthers? Check out the complete list of the latest NFL Rumors below: - Antonio Brown to Broncos? - Joe Flacco to Jaguars? - Nick Foles to Jaguars? - Ryan Tannehill to Bengals? - Gerald McCoy getting cut? - Mike Tomlin not getting extension? - Cam Newton to miss 2019 season? - Colin Kaepernick to Panthers? SUBSCRIBE TO CHAT SPORTS ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9pkqFpbiwpZ6vXwaaUV_FQ?sub_confirmation=1 We’ve partnered with BetDSI to give YOU the best deal anywhere to gamble on NFL, College Football, NBA, NHL, and the list goes on! Sign up and deposit with BetDSI to get a 120% deposit bonus! Head to http://www.chatsports.com/BET and use promo code LIVE120 to get the offer! Deposit $100? Get $120 in free money. Deposit $500, you get $600 in free money. Like what Mitch is wearing? You can get a Mizzen+Main shirt for yourself! Head to http://www.comfortable.af to buy the Best Damn Dress Shirt ever. Mitch can be contacted by email: [email protected] or Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/mitchellrenz365 Download the Chat Sports app for iPhone or Android to follow NFL news, rumors, and scores: https://www.chatsports.com/app You can also subscribe to the NFL Daily video podcast on iPhone for free: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/nfl-daily/id1292348153?mt=2 Follow Chat Sports on social media: https://www.facebook.com/chatsports https://www.twitter.com/chatsports https://www.instagram.com/chatsports
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Credit rating agencies
uropean stock markets fell at the start of trading on Friday, after the Standard and Poor's agency downgraded France's credit rating by one notch to "AA," with outlook stable.VIDEOGRAPHIC
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Vehicles seized in Plymouth, Devon, by Police, VOSA, DVLA, HM Revenue and Trading Standards
Four people were arrested and 14 vehicles seized after officers from six forces joined together to create a net across Plymouth to scoop up the city's suspected criminals. Operation Utah involved more than 100 officers stationed at points across the city, including Embankment Road, Crownhill, Tamar Bridge and Stonehouse. Officers with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) equipment scanned thousands of number plates for several hours yesterday against various databases. Chief Superintendent Jim Webster talks about operation UTAH.
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Debt Advice TV | Advice on Debt Industry Standards and Regulations
http://www.DebtAdviceTV.com In this video Darran Hughes interviews Licensed Insolvency Practitioner Melanie Giles on the standards and regulation applied to the provision of debt advice and debt solutions. Darran opens the interview by asking Melanie Giles how well regulated the industry is in terms of the standards that those providing consumer debt advice are required to work toward. Melanie Giles responds as follows: The industry is currently very well regulated after a period of change and improvement as a result of consumer criticism and concern about the service and quality of debt advice some newer parts of the industry were providing. There are now a number of bodies that exist to protect both consumers and those working to ensure that best debt advice is available. The primary body currently being the Office of Fair Trading which is the government department responsible for ensuring that financial standards across many industries and sectors are compliant with the rules and regulations in place. Some elements of the work of the Office of Fair Trading will be moved to a new Financial Conducts Authority in March 2013. Insolvency Practitioners themselves have their own professional body, as well as other industry and trade bodies such as the Debt Managers Standards Association which is an FSA approved association. Also there is the Debt Resolution Forum which is a group of commercial debt management companies who are working together to raise the standards and promote good practice within the industry. And there is also the Association of Professional Debt Solution Intermediaries which represents those organisations that may not be licensed or allowed offer direct consumer debt advice and help, but may be the first point of contact for those seeking help, such as mortgage brokers and independent financial advisers. Melanie Giles advised all the viewers who may be looking for a debt advice to ensure they only use organisations and companies who are members of or licensed by these bodies, as they will be required to undergo some form of regular audit to ensure they are meeting with the required standards of best practice. Darran went on to ask if the increase in regulatory bodies had been effective. Melanie Giles responded positively with the OFT over the last two to three years taking the debt advice and debt management industry, the level of consumer indebtedness and the way consumers themselves are guided by the industry incredible seriously. The latter being an area that had not been heavily regulated in the past and there have indeed been some horror stories of companies that have been operating in that market place. The OFT has taken a very heavy handed view at licence renewal stage. Melanie Giles advised the viewers that anyone who provides or facilitates the provision of debt advice to consumers is required to hold a Consumer Credit Licence. Although historically it was a relatively straight forward application process, the current standards are very high and prohibits any organisation or company from providing that debt advice without having the relative experience, qualification and expertise of working in the industry. The FCA have also indicated that they will have very sharp teeth when it comes to unauthorised operators or those who fail to meet the necessary operating standards of best practice and debt advice and management guidance. The interview is one of a series of debt advice interviews with Melanie Giles, that explore the whole issue of Finding Debt Help, including topics that discuss the qualifications and experience to look for when selecting debt advice; what industry standards and regulatory framework exists; what scams and schemes to be wary of; and what options are available to consumers when they have difficulties or issues with an existing debt advice provider. At the end of the interview Darran tells of his own experience and the need to get take action as soon as possible and how viewers can access more video and ask Melanie questions by registering with DebtAdviceTV.com which covers the whole United Kingdom with its Head Offices is Cardiff. To ensure they never miss a video clip, he encourages them to subscribe to the Debt Advice TV YouTube Channel by clinking on the icon in the clip. Debt Advice TV is a national service, whose head office is in Cardiff, United Kingdom. You can Call us on 0808 168 9038 with calls free form UK landlines, although mobile networks may charge. Or if you'd like us to call you, fill in the contact request form at http://www.Call-Me.DebtAdviceTV.com Access our full range of advice at http://www.DebtAdviceTV.com Subscribe to our YoutTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/DebtAdviceTV ...and watch our welcome video here: http://youtu.be/PXnTv5nXTwA Like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DebtAdviceTV Follow us Twitter - https://twitter.com/DebtAdviceTV Google+1 us at - http://googleplus.DebtAdviceTV.com
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Model Advice - Become a model
Model Advice provide expert guidance and support to aspiring and professional models. You have various options to choose from - Catwalk and Runway, Commercial Modelling, Promotional and Editorial Modelling and even Glamour Modelling. If you need help with Child Modelling for your kids or want to know the right child modelling agencies for them, Model Advice provides expert support system. MA is member of the Trading Standard's Islington Trader's Scheme of reputable companies, you can contact us with confidence! We also work with EAS (Employment Agency Standard) and BIS (Department of Business Innovation and Skill) Contact us and speak to one of our model consultants! 02072501404 Also, check out our website www.modeladvice.info At Model Advice we have an open door policy, so contact us if you believe you have what it takes to get into modeling! If you wish to become a Model please register your details on www.modeladvice.info/i-want-to-model You can also follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/model_advice
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The Big Short - "Jenga" Clip (2015) - Paramount Pictures
When four outsiders saw what the big banks, media and government refused to, the global collapse of the economy, they had an idea: The Big Short. Their bold investment leads them into the dark underbelly of modern banking where they must question everyone and everything. Based on the true story and best-selling book by Michael Lewis (The Blind Side, Moneyball), and directed by Adam Mckay (Anchorman, Step Brothers) The Big Short stars Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt. Director: Adam McKay Starring: Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Melissa Leo, Hamish Linklater, John Magaro, Rafe Spall, Jeremy Strong, Marisa Tomei and Finn Wittrock Tickets: http://paramountshowtimes.com/us/the-big-short/?campaign=YouTube Connect with The Big Short: #TheBigShort Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBigShortMovie/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/TheBigShortMovie Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBigShort Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/Paramount Official Website: http://thebigshortmovie.com Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment, is a unit of Viacom (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA), a leading content company with prominent and respected film, television and digital entertainment brands. Paramount controls a collection of some of the most powerful brands in filmed entertainment, including Paramount Pictures, Paramount Animation, Paramount Television, Paramount Vantage, Paramount Classics, Insurge Pictures, MTV Films, and Nickelodeon Movies. PPC operations also include Paramount Home Media Distribution, Paramount Pictures International, Paramount Licensing Inc., and Paramount StudioGroup. Connect with Paramount Pictures Online: Official Site: http://www.paramount.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paramount Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ParamountPics Twitter: https://twitter.com/paramountpics YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Paramount
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Agency Trading Desks 'Are Going to Have to Change Their Pricing Model'
With publishers and advertisers embracing increasingly sophisticated software to buy and sell advertising on an automated basis, the advertising agency trading desks "are going to have look at how they provide value to marketers," says Richard Joyce Senior Analyst at Forrester. Joyce, who is the primary analyst covering programmatic advertising, joined the big research firm from Accuen, OMG's agency trading desk.
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Clamping down on market crime in Harpurhey
Police arrested two people during a multi-agency raid on Conran Street Market, Harpurhey as part of Project Cove on Tuesday 14 June 2011. An estimated £22,000 worth of goods were seized, including 2,000 DVDs and CDs along with clothes, jewellery, tobacco and cigarettes. The operation included up to 70 officers from a multitude of agencies including police, fire service, the UKBA, Trading Standards and HM Revenue and Customs. Seventeen vehicles were checked by traffic police officers, six were issued with immediate summons for mechanical defects and one person was issued with a fixed penalty notice for having no MOT. Inspector Gareth Parkin who led on the raid for Project Cove said: "This was a fantastic result for such a large scale multi-agency operation. For those who are happy to buy counterfeit goods the raid may have been an inconvenience, but this kind of activity is for the law-abiding members of our community who see criminality taking place in front of them and want it to stop. "Project Cove is about everyone working together to remove crime and antisocial behaviour from this area and these results send a strong message that we mean business. Expect more activity like this in the future." http://www.gmp.police.uk/
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Food Standards Agency Breach own 'GUIDANCE NOTE ON HALAL FOOD ISSUES'
Pork DNA found in Halal prison food Major food retailers and suppliers are being summoned to an urgent meeting following a spate of mis-labelled or contaminated food products reaching the public. The Prison Service yesterday launched an urgent investigation and after a number of Halal meat pies and pasties supplied to jails were found to contain traces of pork DNA. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) also said it was suspending a supplier of meat to prisons after discovering that food products may contain traces of non-Halal meat, despite being sourced from a properly Halal-certified supplier. Food Standards Agency Breach own 'GUIDANCE NOTE ON HALAL FOOD ISSUES' Opens the flood gates to litigation from Muslim Inmates.. LETTER BELOW ISSUED TO: Heads of Environmental Health Services (England) Directors of Trading Standards Chief Port Health Officers cc: LGR CIEH APHA 29 September 2010 Ref: ENF/E/10/038 Dear Colleagues GUIDANCE NOTE ON HALAL FOOD ISSUES The Food Standards Agency issued guidance for Local Authority enforcement officers on Halal food issues in February 20031. The mislabelling and misrepresentation of Halal foods is of great importance to the Muslim Community, and continues to be an issue of concern. For this reason we are re-issuing the advice drawn up in association with relevant Muslim organisations, LGR and Defra. Food enforcement officers are requested to: Use this advice when planning inspections, food sampling and labelling checks relating to Halal foods Take appropriate enforcement action It would be very helpful to be informed of any action taken by LAs to enable us to provide assurance that LAs are aware of this issue, and take action where necessary to protect the interests of the Muslim Community. Should you require any further information on this issue, please contact the Agency‟s Food Standards Support Team (020 7276 8017). Yours sincerely Sarah Appleby
A Guide to Health & Safety, and Food Safety & Hygiene Prosecutions
A regulatory offence is any breach of regulations relating to a specific industry or activity which is typically prosecuted by non-police organisations. Such organisations may include the likes of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Environment Agency, local authorities or Trading Standards.
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What is MULTILATERALISM? What does MULTILATERALISM mean? MULTILATERALISM meaning & explanation
What is MULTILATERALISM? What does MULTILATERALISM mean? MULTILATERALISM meaning - MULTILATERALISM pronunciation - MULTILATERALISM definition - MULTILATERALISM explanation - How to pronounce MULTILATERALISM? Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. In international relations, multilateralism is multiple countries working in concert on a given issue. Multilateralism was defined by Miles Kahler as “international governance of the ‘many,’” and its central principle was “opposition bilateral discriminatory arrangements that were believed to enhance the leverage of the powerful over the weak and to increase international conflict.” In 1990, Robert Keohane defined multilateralism as “the practice of coordinating national policies in groups of three or more states. Multilateralism, whether in the form of membership in an alliance or in international institutions, is necessary to bind the great power, discourage unilateralism, and give the small powers a voice and voting opportunities that they would not otherwise have. Especially, if control is sought by a small power over a great power, then the Lilliputian strategy of small countries achieving control by collectively binding the great power is likely to be most effective. Similarly, if control is sought by a great power over another great power, then multilateral controls may be most useful. The great power could seek control through bilateral ties, but this would be costly; it also would require bargaining and compromise with the other great power. Embedding the target state in a multilateral alliance reduces the costs borne by the power seeking control, but it also offers the same binding benefits of the Lilliputian strategy. Furthermore, if a small power seeks control over another small power, multilateralism may be the only choice, because small powers rarely have the resources to exert control on their own. International organizations, such as the United Nations (UN) and the World Trade Organization are multilateral in nature. The main proponents of multilateralism have traditionally been the middle powers such as Canada, Australia, Switzerland, the Benelux countries and the Nordic countries. Larger states often act unilaterally, while smaller ones may have little direct power in international affairs aside from participation in the United Nations (by consolidating their UN vote in a voting bloc with other nations, for example). Multilateralism may involve several nations acting together as in the UN or may involve regional or military alliances, pacts, or groupings such as NATO. As these multilateral institutions were not imposed on states but were created and accepted by them in order to increase their ability to seek their own interests through the coordination of their policies, much of these international institutions lack tools of enforcement while instead work as frameworks that constrain opportunistic behaviour and points for coordination by facilitating exchange of information about the actual behaviour of states with reference to the standards to which they have consented. The term "regional multilateralism" has been proposed suggesting that "contemporary problems can be better solved at the regional rather than the bilateral or global levels" and that bringing together the concept of regional integration with that of multilateralism is necessary in today’s world. The converse of multilateralism is unilateralism in terms of political philosophy. Compared to unilateralism and bilateralism where only the country itself decides on what to do or make decisions between two nations, multilateralism is much more complex and challenging. It involves a number of nations which makes reaching an agreement difficult. In multilateralism, there may be no consensus; each nations have to dedicate to some degree, to make the best outcome for all. The multilateral system has encountered mounting challenges since the end of the Cold War. The United States has become increasingly dominant on the world stage in terms of military and economic power, which has led certain countries (such as Iran, China, and India) to question the United Nations' multilateral relevance.
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Addressing Climate Change:  Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards for Heavy Duty Vehicles
NOTE: If you need captions, please click the CC button on the player to turn them on. Description: EPA’s heavy duty phase two rule reduces carbon emissions and improves the fuel efficiency of heavy-duty vehicles including tractor-trailers, vocational vehicles such as garbage trucks and concrete mixing transport trucks, heavy duty pickups and vans, and trailers, helping to address the challenges of global climate change and energy security. The final standards are expected to lower CO2 emissions by approximately 1.1 billion metric tons, save vehicle owners fuel costs of about $170 billion, and reduce oil consumption by up to 2 billion barrels over the lifetime of the vehicles sold under the program. For more information about Heavy Duty Phase Two, go to https://www3.epa.gov/otaq/climate/regs-heavy-duty.htm For more about EPA: http://www.epa.gov/ For more about NHTSA: http://www.nhtsa.gov/ We accept comments according to our comment policy: http://blog.epa.gov/blog/comment-policy/
The Maritime Standard Awards 2017 - Ship Agency of the Year
Ship Agency of the Year Winner: GAC Received by Johan Thuresson, General Manager-Shipping Services, GAC Presented by Thomas Kriwat, CEO, MERCMARINE Group Of Companies
What is Trade Finance - Letter of Credit Trade Finance using Blockchain Services
What is Trade Finance and how can Blockchain help? Discover the benefits of blockchain services in trade finance and how blockchain technology is impacting efficiency and performance in the industry. Visit us now. - https://lti.co/rvJm5XJ Trade finance relates to the process of financing certain activities in areas of commerce and international trade. Trade finance includes products such as lending, issuing letters of credit, factoring, export credit and insurance. It involves manual processes & there is a risk of documentary frauds. The video demonstrates how blockchain makes the process transparent to all participants and removes the opportunities of frauds. So how does trade finance help? Our Expertise - It is evident that Blockchain is an opportunity for organizations across industries to transform themselves. In wake of probable disruptions, firms that adjust their business models accordingly, stand to reap greater benefits such as increased transparency, reduced costs and greater time efficiencies. As a leading IT Services Provider, LTI is collaborating with several of the leading organizations from across industries to identify and build DLT-powered solutions, tailored to their specific business needs. We invite you to partner with us in this journey, to collectively build business solutions and spearhead the digital disruption brought about by the Blockchain Technology. LTI’s Trade Finance Cognitive Automation solution brings in a paradigm shift to the handling of documents in the Trade Finance world. It eases and speeds up document verifications with NLP-based entity extractions and guided validations. This solution helps in cognitive OCR extraction of Trade Finance product-related entities from unstructured documents. It also enables in assisted validation and screening of entities for automated compliance checks. With granular process visibility, real-time alerts & reporting dashboard, LTI’s Trade Finance Automation solution makes document handling simple and convenient. Key Highlights: Leverage pre-built dictionaries & vocabularies of the bank for sanctions screening. Solution leverages NLP & continuous learning so that the system adapts to new information. Assisted operations integrate to the existing process and improve efficiencies. Product agnostic solution, and can be customized and integrated to the environment. Benefits: 1.Comprehensive and continuous learning brings consistency to the process & results, leveraging codification of knowledge. 2. ~20% to 35% reduction in TAT for information extraction, review and validation. 3. Timely alerts, resulting in penalties avoidance. Solving for Client Challenges across Industries - 1. Sovereign identity management solution for a large financial services company to reduce the cost of client onboarding, and create a user centric ecosystem. 2. Micropayments solution to enable new revenue streams for Media Houses, from pay-per-view transactions. 3. Trade finance solution for a leading bank to reduce the trade cycle time and cost. 4. Global raw material marine shipment process for a CPG Major to enhance visibility and accountability in the supply chain. 5. Asset registration and tracking for a government agency to safeguard buyers’ and sellers’ interests. Reach us at [email protected] or drop a comment in the comment's section below and we shall get back to you in the soonest possible time. Follow us: LTI on Twitter: @LTI_Global LTI on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/4500/ LTI on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/LarsenToubroInfotech/ LTI on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+LarsenToubroInfotechLtd
IQ Option - SixtySecondTrades 2017 –  How To Generator of quick profit on the binary options
Guide Channel and provide the tools and trade forex systems, binary option. Keeping the channels of the financial news and gather the knowledge related to financial investors have good knowledge and grasp of kip in the trade. All episodes of channel systems and tools to trader can download about to develop the trade of himself https://www.facebook.com/BO-ForeX-Market-Research-592818424224964/ https://twitter.com/?lang=en Description:HELLO TRADER I AM SHARING THE BINARY OPTION SYSTEM System Name:IQ Option - SixtySecondTrades – Generator of quick profit on the binary options… IQ Option - SixtySecondTrades is a very simple signal indicator, which shows us what is required to do: buy or sell. The algorithm of the indicator is closed, but most likely it used the trade standard indicators like ADX (Average Directional Index), but this is only an assumption. Indicator of binary options IQ Option - SixtySecondTrades puts a signal during the current bar on the previous bar, ie the need to evaluate its effectiveness for the next bar, which is somewhat difficult perception. Nevertheless, IQ Option - SixtySecondTrades proved itself well in trading binary options in turbo mode (60 seconds). forex,signal,binary options, binary options strategy, binary options $270 to $22713 in 4 days live account, binary option robot, binary options for beginners 2016, binary options agency, binary option trading, forex trading for beginners, forex trading, system forex, trading system forex, grid system forex, sonic r system forex, forex trading system secrets, best forex system, forex alert system, I SHARE THE DOWNLOAD LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION I HOPE THIS SYSTEM BRINGS SUCCESS FOR YOU PLEASE REGISTER NVTFOREX CHANNEL RECEIVED FROM OUR MANY SYSTEMS,THANKS BYE SEE YOU AGAIN THE BEST BROKERS: 1.ICMarkets.com:http://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=19447 2.Exness.com:https://www.exness.com/a/o2mu2mu2 3.Hotforex.com:https://www.hotforex.com/?refid=303411 4.BinaryOption.com: http://record.binary.com/_qEGhoApZQMG6tyDIijdDK2Nd7ZgqdR…/1/ Linkdownload:http://gestyy.com/wpEYIp
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Trade practices act compliance and Australian advertising
http://www.trinityp3.com/blog/ Darren Woolley of P3 interviews Sarah Barker of Minter Ellison on the latest issues facing advertisiers and their agencies in ensuring they comply with the requirements of the Australian Trade Practices Act.
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Al Jazeera Interview on Credit Rating Agencies
The Credit Rating agencies have helped cause this crisis by (a) being for profit organizations whose ratings are paid for by the sellers of financial instruments and (b) giving advice that might be useful in episodic events but which makes systemic crises worse.
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Standards and Poor- Rating Agency exteriors. To License This Clip, Click Here: http://collection.cnn.com/content/clip/37014999_164.do
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#MediaSnack Ep. 9: Publicis groupe, Aegis investigation, bad agency marketing - from ID Comms TV
01:08 - Publicis Groupe restructure 07:43 - ITV - Dentsu-Aegis investigation 11:05 - Bad Agency Marketing On this week’s #MediaSnack we can’t stop talking about the Publicis Groupe restructure (see Episode 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXkDmt8pIIg for a back story to all this). We spent some time last week with a delegation of institutional investors in the media sector at a special ID Comms Q&A lunch at Nomura Bank in London. Their questions were fascinating but lots of attention and focus was paid to Publicis Groupe, their restructure and their ability to reverse recent fortunes and find organic growth and grow margins. In today’s episode we delve further into these questions. We pick up on news that ITV, the UK’s largest terrestrial broadcaster has started an investigation into one of the UK’s largest media buying agencies (Dentsu-Aegis Network) for failing to meet their trading commitments (ITV suggest that the agency didn’t spend enough of its clients money with them). We discuss the merits and challenges with these kinds of big agency trading deals and wonder what the real benefit might be to brands when they seem to fail like these with increasingly regularity. Finally, Tom has a little moan about the poor standards of agency marketing collateral and what might be done to improve this. Plus, we make humble apology for our terrible Super Bowl predictions last week... Links from the episode: Publicis Groupe restructure http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/publicis-groupe-restructures-four-solutions-hubs/1375604 http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/266710/publicis-groupe-restructuring-now-taking-shape.html http://uk.businessinsider.com/sir-martin-sorrell-comments-on-publicis-groupes-restructure-2016-1 http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/aviva-reviews-60m-global-media/1379306 ITV Dents-Aegis Investigation http://www.brandrepublic.com/article/itv-probes-dentsu-tv-trading/1380273 Additional reading on Agency Share Deals Omnicom Channe5 http://www.mediaweek.co.uk/article/1298458/channel-5-lose-omnicom-makes-30m-advertising-exit http://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/jul/06/channel-5-ad-blackout-omnicom Channel 4 GroupM http://idcomms.com/should-a-tv-station-be-able-to-approach-an-agencys-clients-directly/ http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/channel-4-group-m-reach-500m-two-year-deal/1376946 ____________________________________________ About ID Comms: • ID Comms is a strategic media consulting company, founded in 2009 • We act as a trusted media partner to the world's leading advertisers, helping them to navigate the complexities of the changing media landscape. • Media is a very powerful lever for growth for brands, but the landscape is complicated, cluttered and confusing. Making sense of this and knowing what to focus on is a challenge for marketers. • It comes down to having the right knowledge to make decisions with confidence and the right controls to implement them, and that's what we do. • We provide clarity in this complex landscape by empowering our clients with the knowledge they need to take the right decisions and we provide the data and tools to give them more control over their media performance. Visit our website: http://www.idcomms.com Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/idcomms Follow us on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/id-comms/
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NTSA launch passenger vehicle body construction standard
The National Transport and Safety Authority in conjunction with Kenya Bureau of Standards and other agencies have formally launched a passenger vehicle body construction standard aimed at reducing fatalities in case of road accidents. As George Kithuka reports all vehicle assembling companies in Kenya will now have to conform to the new KS 372 guidelines before they are licensed to fabricate bus bodies.
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How To Open Pan Card Franchise Or Agency Full Information
HELLO AND WELCOME FRIENDS HELPFULL RASTA ME APKA BAHOT BAHOT SWAGAT KARTA HU DOSTO AAJ MAI BATAUNGA KI PAN CARD AUR ADHAR CARD KI FRANCHISE KAISE LEN AUR 50000 RS TAK MAHINA KAMAYE DOSTO 2 COMPANY KA LINK MAI DE RAHA HU JISSE KI AAP SAMPARK KAR KE KAAM START KAR SAKTE HAI DOSTO IS VIDEO ME MAINE PURI JANKARI DIYA HAI APKO KI KYA KYA KARNA HOGA APKO PAN CARD FRANCHISE LENE KE LIYE MAINE EMAIL KIYA THA COMPANY KO DONO COMPANY SE JO REPLAY AYA HAI WO MAI APKE SATH SHARE KAR RAHA HU AGAR KUCH NA SAMJH AYA HO IS VIDE ME TO AAP COMMENT ME JA KAR PUCH SAKTE HAI AUR HAN DOSTO LIKE COMMENT SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE KARNA NA BHULE THANK YOU FOR WATCHING. PAN CARD AND AADHAR CARD COMPANYLINKS STEEL CITY- https://steelcitynettrade.in/index.ht... ALANKIT-- https://www.alankit.com/tin_franchise... RELATED LINKS COVER THIS VIDEO Franchisee Form Alankit e-Governance division believes in providing quality information and high standard of service delivery, encouraging new advanced technology and making the system more accountable, transparent and effective for the clients. Franchisee Form Services Offered PAN TIN-PAN e-TDS RETURN UIDAI/AADHAAR PVC AADHAAR CARD NIR/NPS TRADING AND SECURITIES INSURANCE steel city securities limited tin fc franchise steel city securities ltd branches jai steel facilitation pvt. ltd steel city securities brokerage charges steel city securities ltd delhi steel city securities ltd. visakhapatnam, andhra pradesh steel city securities ltd hyderabad, telangana steelcity alankit pan card jhandewalan alankit assignments limited back office alankit pan card contact number alankit assignments limited customer care alankit pan card centre in rohini getting nsdl franchise for pan card alankit assignments limited aadhar how to apply for tin facilitation centre nsdl pan card agency how to get nsdl franchise pan card franchise from karvy how to get nsdl agency alankit pan card franchise tin facilitation centre franchise uti pan centre karvy pan card service centers nsdl pan card agency apply how to get nsdl franchise how to get nsdl agency pan card center franchise pan card franchise from karvy want pan card agent pan card agency application aadhar card agency registration pan card application status pan card application form pan card online print pan card application form free download duplicate pan card online view pan card online pan card correction form nsdl pan card ------------------ HELPFULL RASTA ---------------- LIKE-----COMMENT-----SHARE-----SUBSCRIBEE JIO CALLING SOLUTION-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPINL... LIVE TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjLxS... SCAN PAPER BY PHONE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVSz6... SPEED UP MOBILE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJfSC... Increase jio internet speed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57Ub6... YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0t2... GMAIL [email protected] GOOGLE+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/101552503... FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/helpfull.rasta TWITTER https://twitter.com/HelpfullRasta INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/helpfullrasta/
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Mwangi Kiunjuri is blaming investigative agencies for sleeping on the job over the maize scandal
Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri is now blaming investigative agencies for sleeping on the job over the maize scandal. The CS claims that the ethics and anti-corruption the commission, as well as Directorate of Criminal Investigations, are to blame over the controversial maize Payments involving the National Cereals and Produce Board. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: https://www.youtube.com/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KTNNews Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KTNNewsKenya For more great content go to http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/ktnnews and download our apps: http://std.co.ke/apps/#android KTN News is a leading 24-hour TV channel in Eastern Africa with its headquarters located along Mombasa Road, at Standard Group Centre. This is the most authoritative news channel in Kenya and beyond.
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What is a Commercial Paper?
Welcome to the Investors Trading Academy talking glossary of financial terms and events. Our word of the day is “Commercial Paper” Commercial paper is an unsecured, short-term debt instrument issued by a corporation, typically for the financing of accounts receivable, inventories and meeting short-term liabilities. Maturities on commercial paper rarely range any longer than 270 days. The debt is usually issued at a discount, reflecting prevailing market interest rates. Commercial paper is usually issued by companies with very high credit ratings. Because of this, and because it generally matures in a very short period of time, commercial paper tends to be a very low-risk investment. Most commercial paper is assessed by more than one rating agency. The four primary agencies are: Moody's, Standard & Poor's, Fitch, and Duff & Phelps. Although commercial paper is occasionally issued as an interest-bearing note, it typically trades at a discount to its par value. In other words, investors usually purchase commercial paper below par and then receive its face value at maturity. The discount, or the difference between the purchase price and the face value of the note, is the interest received on the investment. All commercial paper interest rates are quoted on a discounted basis. By Barry Norman. Investors Trading Academy
Business Today: Trading Bell with Paul Muthaura
Paul Muthaura is a member of the board of the International Organization Of securities Commision and the Vice Chairman of Africa and Middle East Regional Committee SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: https://www.youtube.com/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KTNNews Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KTNNewsKenya For more great content go to http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/ktnnews and download our apps: http://std.co.ke/apps/#android KTN News is a leading 24-hour TV channel in Eastern Africa with its headquarters located along Mombasa Road, at Standard Group Centre. This is the most authoritative news channel in Kenya and beyond.
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How To Open Pan Card Agency|franchise low investment business in india
HELLO AND WELCOME FRIENDS HELPFULL RASTA ME APKA BAHOT BAHOT SWAGAT KARTA HU DOSTO AAJ MAI BATAUNGA KI PAN CARD AUR ADHAR CARD KI FRANCHISE KAISE LEN AUR 50000 RS TAK MAHINA KAMAYE DOSTO 4 COMPANY KA LINK MAI DE RAHA HU JISSE KI AAP SAMPARK KAR KE KAAM START KAR SAKTE HAI AGAR KUCH NA SAMJH AYA HO IS VIDEO ME TO AAP COMMENT ME JA KAR PUCH SAKTE HAI AUR HAN DOSTO LIKE COMMENT SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE KARNA NA BHULE THANK YOU FOR WATCHING. PAN CARD AND AADHAR CARD COMPANY LINKS STEEL CITY- https://steelcitynettrade.in/index.ht... ALANKIT-- https://www.alankit.com/tin_franchise... UTI---------- https://www.utiitsl.com/UTIITSL_SITE/ContactUs.jsp KARVY---- https://www.karvy.com/locate-us RELATED LINKS COVER THIS VIDEO UTIITSL, erstwhile UTITSL, is a well established, long standing organization with proven experience in implementing state wide projects in the areas of Electronics, Information Technology, Networking and Solutions. UTIITSL has vast infrastructure in terms of well-qualified and experienced manpower, IT infrastructure and also presence across India. UTIITSL is the prime implementor of IT enabled services for Employee Provident Fund Organization, Staff Selection Commission Tamil Nadu, Calcutta Electrical Supply Corporation and many more. Click here to see a complete list of the clients. UTIITSL delivers complete customer satisfaction to their retail and institutional customers, by harnessing IT and best practices to achieve growth, competitiveness and productivity. Karvy’s business entities address a heterogeneous swathe of population from the super rich, to the nouveau riche, the ubiquitous middle class, the lower classes (the SEC E3 according to the new Social Economic Classification), urban and the rural folks. All of whom either make a living through large business (corporate world), SMEs, professional services, traders, farmers, labour, blue and white collar jobs and the government. Another key feature of Karvy has been its ability to offer leading edge advice based on incisive ideas that are strongly rooted in high quality research on every conceivable aspect of investments be it equities, forex, commodities, bonds, fixed returns, debt instruments or any other investment grade asset class. The customer has always been at the centre of every Karvy initiative. Franchisee Form Alankit e-Governance division believes in providing quality information and high standard of service delivery, encouraging new advanced technology and making the system more accountable, transparent and effective for the clients. Franchisee Form Services Offered PAN TIN-PAN e-TDS RETURN UIDAI/AADHAAR PVC AADHAAR CARD NIR/NPS TRADING AND SECURITIES INSURANCE steel city securities limited tin fc franchise steel city securities ltd branches jai steel facilitation pvt. ltd steel city securities brokerage charges steel city securities ltd delhi steel city securities ltd. visakhapatnam, andhra pradesh steel city securities ltd hyderabad, telangana steelcity alankit pan card jhandewalan alankit assignments limited back office alankit pan card contact number alankit assignments limited customer care alankit pan card centre in rohini getting nsdl franchise for pan card alankit assignments limited aadhar how to apply for tin facilitation centre nsdl pan card agency how to get nsdl franchise pan card franchise from karvy how to get nsdl agency alankit pan card franchise tin facilitation centre franchise uti pan centre karvy pan card service centers nsdl pan card agency apply how to get nsdl franchise how to get nsdl agency pan card center franchise pan card franchise from karvy want pan card agent pan card agency application aadhar card agency registration HELPFULL RASTA LIKE-----COMMENT-----SHARE-----SUBSCRIBEE JIO CALLING SOLUTION-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPINL... LIVE TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjLxS... SCAN PAPER BY PHONE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVSz6... SPEED UP MOBILE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJfSC... Increase jio internet speed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57Ub6... YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0t2... GMAIL [email protected] GOOGLE+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/101552503... FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/helpfull.rasta TWITTER https://twitter.com/HelpfullRasta INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/helpfullrasta/
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Ripple XRP - Big Moves Are Coming Soon (Technical Analysis)
🤑 EARN MONEY HERE: http://bit.ly/2SbOXUj 😎 XRP THE STANDARD CLOTHING: http://bit.ly/2RolGJD In this video, I do some technical analysis on @xrp I use bollinger bands, RSI , and MACD when talking about trading xrp in the coming days. I discuss consiolidation, price strength, irrational traders, and much more related to xrp and other altcoins. Will xrp go up or down? Here's my thoughts and technical analysis on xrp Subscribe for more xrp news . Ripple XRP - Big Moves Are Coming (Technical Analysis) Next trading video might be how to trade cryptocurrency 2019 - good idea? Earn Money To Be Healthy. Signup here: http://sweatcoinapp.uk/i/phil180108 FUTURE XRP MILLIONAIRE T-SHIRT: http://bit.ly/2DWshEi ✅ [OFFERS] ✔GET $25 BITCOIN FREE HERE: https://vrlps.co/PgQ2VFz/cp ✔Start INVESTING: https://cex.io/r/0/up107571407/0/ ✔TRADE ON BINANCE: https://www.binance.com/?ref=27529551 ✔FREE STOCK HERE: http://share.robinhood.com/philipm72 ✅ Business email: [email protected] ✅[MEDIA] MY SECOND CHANNEL: https://bit.ly/2KQGJ0i SUBSCRIBE TO MY EMAIL LIST: http://eepurl.com/c9Rag1 INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/thenaughtyinvestor/ FOLLOW ME ON STEEMIT: https://steemit.com/@naughtyinvestor [BOOKS] GET THE CRYPTO ICO INVESTING GUIDE: https://amzn.to/2HbhAMU or http://selz.co/4J3AW7aqN GET THE CRYPTO CHEATSHEET: https://amzn.to/2GICwgq or http://bit.ly/2HF2Ftf JOIN THE GROUP: http://bit.ly/2pi4Rjq Find Great Stuff on Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/3034687225 [disclosure] This is not investment advice. All investments have risks. I am not responsible for any financial losses or gains you have made in investments. This content is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Not financial advice. I'm The Naughty Investor and thanks for watching ! #xrp #crypto #ripple
S&P Inside Job? 'Somebody made big bucks on US downgrade'
With aftershocks of the U.S. credit rating downgrade still reverbrating around the world - Washington has decided to go after those behind the mark down. Rating agency Standard and Poor's, along with its parent company, are now in the crosshairs of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. They're being investigated for overestimating U.S. debt by some 2 trillion dollars, amid much more serious allegations of insider trading. News of the downgrade is reported to have leaked to certain market power-players hours before it became official. And, as financial analyst Karl Denninger explains - it's likely to lead to a much wider crackdown on rating agencies. RT on Twitter: http://twitter.com/RT_com RT on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RTnews
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Silver 'LIMIT UP' and $250,000 Bitcoin! (Bo Polny)
Before the FALL Season come to an END on December 20, 2018 great changes will have rocked our world from a RED Political Tsunami, a NEW Financial system and much more... and by the TIME the WINTER Season begin on December 21 many will rejoice with abundance and prosperity; however, America will NEVER be great again UNTIL abortion is stopped! Stock Traders, for specific CRASH DETAILS see our Bitcoin INDEX (LINK): https://www.gold2020forecast.com/cryptocurrency-index LEGAL & DISCLAIMER: The above represents the opinion and analysis of Mr. Polny, based on data available to him, at the time of writing. Mr. Polny's opinions are his own, and are not a recommendation or an offer to buy or sell securities, commodities and/or cryptocurrencies. Mr. Polny is an independent analyst who receives no compensation of any kind from any groups, individuals or corporations. As trading and investing in any financial markets may involve serious risk of loss, Mr. Polny recommends that you consult with a qualified investment advisor, one licensed by appropriate regulatory agencies in your legal jurisdiction and do your own due diligence and research when making any kind of a transaction with financial ramifications. Although an experienced analyst, Mr. Polny is not a Registered Securities Advisor. Therefore Mr. Polny’s opinions on the markets, stocks and commodities are his own and can not be construed as a solicitation to buy and sell securities, commodities and/or cryptocurrencies. __________________________________________ Gold 2020 Forecast, Stock Market Crash, Gold, Silver, Bo Polny, Dollar Crash, Global Stock Crash, Bubble, Bond Bubble, Hyperinflation, Gold Fever, Web bot, webbot, Clif High, Daniel’s Timeline, earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano, Bitcoin, Prophet, prophets, Litecoin, DigiByte, Etherium, Psychic, Cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin ETF, October 2018, Prophecy, Trump Prophecy, Mark Taylor, Lois Vogel Sharp
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Business Approval Register
Flue Check Ltd. is Trading Standards Approved with the Business Approval Register. Here he explains why.....
CFI 008/2015 Bocimar International N.V v Emirates Trading Agency LLC
Before: Registrar, Mark Beer, Hearing held on 1 August 2016 at 2pm - Part 2
Secretary Perdue Announces Creation of Undersecretary for Trade and USDA Reorganization
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue on May 11, 2017 announced the creation of an Undersecretary for trade and foreign agricultural affairs in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), a recognition of the ever-increasing importance of international trade to American agriculture. Perdue made the announcement standing by barges filled with agricultural products along the banks of the Ohio River. As part of a reorganization of USDA, Perdue also announced the standing up of a newly-named Farm Production and Conservation mission area to have a customer focus and meet USDA constituents in the field. Finally, Perdue announced that the department’s Rural Development agencies would be elevated to report directly to the secretary of agriculture in recognition of the need to help promote rural prosperity. Perdue issued a report to announce the changes, which address Congressional direction in the 2014 Farm Bill https://www.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/2642/text to create the new undersecretary for trade, and also adhere to President Trump’s request of his cabinet to deliver plans to improve the accountability and customer service provided by departments. “Food is a noble thing to trade. This nation has a great story to tell and we've got producers here that produce more than we can consume,” said Secretary Perdue. “And that’s good, because I’m a grow-it-and-sell-it kind of guy. Our people in American agriculture have shown they can grow it, and we’re here to sell it in markets all around the world.” USDA’s report detailing the reorganization was transmitted to Congress this morning. You may click here https://www.usda.gov/sites/default/files/documents/report-proposed-2017-reorg-usda-under-secretary-trade-foreign-agricultural-affairs.pdf to view the report on the USDA website. USDA employees and members of the public may comment on the reorganization plan by visiting this page https://www.whitehouse.gov/reorganizing-the-executive-branch hosted by the White House.
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Clearing Agencies to synchronise operations with URA
Agencies that work with the Uganda Revenue Authority will in the next three years be given capacity to upgrade and synchronize their online systems with the URA. According to the country manager Trade Mark East Africa Allen Assimwe, agencies such as the bureau of standards and the National Drug authority will be integrated to URA’s system. Here is Samuel Ssettumba's report. For more news visit http://www.ntvuganda.co.ug Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ntvuganda Like our FaceBook page http://www.facebook.com/NTVUganda
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Due Diligence Solutions - Retail Legal Compliance
http://www.staylegal.net - Providing solutions across a wide range of legislation, including Fire Safety, Health & Safety, First Aid, Food Safety, Trading Standards and Liquor Licensing Training.
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International Energy Agency Says CO2 Emissions From Rich Nations On The Rise
According to a report by Reuters, the International Energy Agency said that carbon dioxide emissions from the world's leading economies are set to rise in 2018, breaking a five-year decline, mainly due to higher oil and natural gas use. In a statement, the IEA said that energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in North America, the EU, and other advanced economies in Asia are set to increase by around 0.5 percent in 2018. Reuters reports that talks began in Katowice, Poland this week, as 195 countries meet to work out guidelines for implementing the 2015 Paris Agreement aimed at limiting a rise in global temperatures to between 1.5 and 2 degrees Celsius. http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/topNews/~3/QPiGliVFJjk/carbon-emissions-from-rich-nations-set-to-rise-in-2018-iea-idUSKBN1O31R2 http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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Credit Rating Agencies - Sovereign Debt S&P, Moody's & Fitch (2012)
The Committee will consider how accountable the major credit rating agencies are. CRAs rate bonds - government or corporate IOUs - to assess the likelihood of default. The three leading agencies are Standard & Poor's (S&P), Moody's and Fitch. 24 April 2012 BBC Parliament. - Moritz Kraemer, Sovereign Ratings Group, Standard & Poor's. - David Riley, Sovereign and Supranational Ratings, Fitch Ratings. - Alastair Wilson, Chief Credit Officer, Moody's.
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Wolverhampton Multi-Agency Day of Action
This is a short LIVE Google+ Hangout broadcast towards the end of a 16 hour operation tackling criminals whilst working with the DVLA, HMCTS (Courts warrant officers), UK Borders Agency and the Vehicle Standards Agency (VOSA). During this operation that didn't incur any overtime 32 people were arrested.
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Spot the warning signs of fraud and scams - Operation Signature
The next time you visit someone elderly or vulnerable, ask yourself: could they be a victim of fraud or scams? Scams are fraud and fraud is crime – this is the message that Sussex Police is sending for the start of this year’s Scams Awareness Month. During July, Sussex Police is running a range of partnership activities for the force’s well established Operation Signature campaign. This includes the launch of a new video which encourages people to spot the signs of fraud and scams when they visit those who may be vulnerable. The video urges viewers to contact Sussex Police on 101 or via www.sussex.police.uk if they think someone vulnerable is a victim. In Sussex, those over 65 are especially at risk of being targeted by fraudsters. During the month, Sussex officers, staff and volunteers are joining forces with Trading Standards, the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner and her Elders’ Commission, Neighbourhood Watch and Adult Social Care for a range of preventative measures including: The launch of the video at a Knowledge Lab partnership event in West Sussex, including the performance of a scams play by local students. For a full calendar of public events, click on the following link: http://www.sussex.police.uk/media/3626/external-events-template.pdf Detective Chief Inspector Tracy Edwards, lead for Operation Signature, said: "We need to break down the misconceptions which surround the word ‘scam’, that it’s a minor thing and it doesn’t cause damage. "A scam is a crime that can cause immeasurable pain to the victim. People can lose huge sums of money to clever and manipulative scams and frauds, and that’s not the only cost. "In Sussex, we see some of our most vulnerable residents losing huge sums of money, but also their confidence, security and relationships with family and those close to them. "Our new video helps people see the warning signs, which can sometimes be subtle. If you think someone is being targeted and they are elderly or vulnerable call Sussex Police on 101. All others should contact Action Fraud at www.actionfraud.police.uk. "You can also spend some time with friends and family to help them improve their security. Simple steps like installing anti-virus software, using a call blocker device and displaying a ‘no cold caller’ sticker can make a huge difference.” Katy Bourne, Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, said: "Scams are fraud and fraud is a crime that can ruin some people's lives. The criminals that perpetuate them often target vulnerable people, including older residents, who may be more trusting and less "tech savvy”. "Last year my Elders Commission talked to thousands of Sussex residents who highlighted real concerns about the potential scale of hidden or un-reported crime against our older citizens. "Falling for scams was a recurrent theme and we heard about an older resident who was ‘romanced' out of his savings and also a 92 year old conned into handing over £69,000 supposedly to help a neighbour. "My Elders' Commission lifted the lid on older citizens' concerns about crime and revealed that some people are being exploited and intimidated simply because their age and isolation makes them more vulnerable. That's why I am campaigning for the crime of Elder Abuse to be made an aggravated offence in line with racially or religiously motivated offences.” About Operation Signature The force’s Operation Signature programme identifies and protects vulnerable victims of fraud and scams, as well as preventing these crimes through a number of measures. This includes uniformed visits to those most vulnerable to offer advice and support, supplying trueCall blockers (www.truecall.co.uk) to those plagued by nuisance calls and a campaign including information and training videos. The team works with banks and other financial institutions and statutory and voluntary partners to improve processes and protect and support the most vulnerable. The programme also shares best practice with other UK forces. Top tips to avoid fraud and scams Remember: banks and police will never call or email and ask you to transfer funds to a new account, collect your cards from your home, ask you to buy high value goods and never ask you to hand over cards or money. Keep your money safe with these tips: Check people are who they say they are. Not sure? Don’t open the door! Never send or give money to people you don’t know or trust Remember to protect your identity – don’t share your personal information with unexpected callers Beware of email and computer scams. Treat all emails from unknown senders with suspicion and never click on links within them Never share your PIN number or enter your PIN into a telephone If in doubt, phone a relative, friend or someone you know personally.
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