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Samsung Pay Vs Apple Pay | Samsung Smart Pay | NFC + MST | Galaxy S6 | S6 Edge

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Samsung Smart Pay --------------------------------- Be ready to forget Apple Pay, Because Samsung Pay is now ready to hit the market. Practically, NFC is not universally accepted. If you go by statistics 90% of retailers, you can't make payment with NFC. Samsung promises to pay anywhere using your samsung galaxy s6, using Samsung pay with credit cards, debit cards and NFC too. Samsung comes with revolutionary technology MST, it supports even when merchant only supports Magnatic strip. Usage: Its really very simple to use. - Swipe your phone and activate Samsung Pay. - Authenticate with your fingerprint. - Tap it to the card reader. You're Done. Security: ------------- Samsung pay is not only easy to use, when it comes to security its made one of the most secured payment systems in the world. -As payment process starts with your fingerprint. - Card details are encrypted. No card data is stored at all with device or Samsung. Partners: -------------- To provide best in class mobile solutions Samsung has partnered with VISA and Mastercard also with: - American express - Bank of America - Citi - US Bank - First Data - Synchrony Financials - Chase
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Igor Ordecha (9 months ago)
Hahaha magnet bars.. what else? Checks? Greetings from country where 100% of terminals support paypass(NFC)
X nine (1 year ago)
samsung pay is also not avile able in every country even after 2 years
Sandy Yan (1 year ago)
but I still can not tell the difference. who is better? Apple pay or Samsung Pay? and why? because of the MST technology, Samsung pay is more widely accepted?
Yusuf Aslan (2 years ago)
BS! Waiting them to partner up with Discover and AA Citi MasterCard. as of March 2017, still waiting where Apple pay is supporting both. yikes, hate white collar bullshitters
Tom Robinson (2 years ago)
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Tyler Young (2 years ago)
"SAMSUN PAY" Really? Come on man.
Yuu Sonoda (2 years ago)
The dislikes are from triggered Apple Fans
TheByteable (2 years ago)
MST is pretty useless here in Canada or Europe. Almost every merchant required chip/nfc cards.
then how about vietnam.vietnam have samsung pay?
Shwetha kodumuru (2 years ago)
mst not available for s6 Australia, basterds
Spoderman (2 years ago)
to anyone saying samsung copied apple, shut up. Google used nfc payments years before apple. and even if Apple did it before samsung, Samsung did it the BEST.
Chris Wright (2 years ago)
apple 🍏 just fucking sucks plain and simple
김범석 (2 years ago)
doesnt work if you have the international model lol
Wolfgang Rush (2 years ago)
Useless video
Eros Ramos (2 years ago)
The first one who started was Apple so Samsung is a copy of Apple
tjaydatnugga (2 years ago)
mobile payment was copied by apple actually. Samsung bought a company that developed mst technology. They definitely didnt copy that. whenever apple goes to fast charging and wireless charging, there will be people that actually say samsung stole it. Im use to hearing it by now 😂😂😂
Louis Cipher (2 years ago)
Will it work in space?
Cayman K (3 years ago)
Thanks a lot for the video bro...
TheStormysky08 (3 years ago)
Apple created it and Samsung copied it.
BennTenn (2 years ago)
*Perfected it
tjaydatnugga (3 years ago)
+Andrew Davison exactly.
Andrew Davison (3 years ago)
lol Google wallet was making nfc purchases a thing back in 2012, years ahead of Apple. I'm done haha
tjaydatnugga (3 years ago)
Wrong. It doesnt even use nfc technology. Apple wasnt the first to make payment with your mobile phone possible. You dont know what you're talking about.
onee (3 years ago)
How is this a versus video. Please renaim it to. Samsung pay, and get rid of the click bait "vs. Apple pay".
Garreth Moran (3 years ago)
and still not available in europe really samsung
max sarinana (3 years ago)
Am I the only one who sees this as a problem you lose your phone suddenly whoever found it has access to all of your money
tjaydatnugga (3 years ago)
+max sarinana You wont regret it. Trust.
max sarinana (3 years ago)
+tjaydatnugga I might consider it sometime in the future not yet
tjaydatnugga (3 years ago)
+max sarinana It doesnt even use your real card. It makes uo a fake card number and associates it with your real card. I have to say, Samsung did a great job with this app and phone. I have no worries about using the app. I wouldnt worry about it.
max sarinana (3 years ago)
+tjaydatnugga I guess then but I wouldn't trust it either way better safe then sorry I guess
tjaydatnugga (3 years ago)
Nope. I have it and you cant use it without the owners fingerprint...
F-14A Tomcat Tobar (3 years ago)
bye bye apple
ماجد 1995 (2 years ago)
A Poster (3 years ago)
Never knew Samsung Pay with *this* convoluted.
jetstream01 (3 years ago)
I've used this quite a few times on my S6 Edge+. It actually works really really well! It's way faster than swiping my debit card because it requires no pin entry or cash back or other usual yes/no questions on the card reader. Just tap and your receipt comes out.
Dontwhine (2 years ago)
+max sarinana actually the pin is useless on the debit card. when you slide your debit card you can hit credit and when it ask for a pin just hit enter. it will still go through.
max sarinana (3 years ago)
+Mehul Acharya ohh you mean the usual things to prevent people from stealing your money
Mehul Acharya (3 years ago)
+jetstream01 Exactly. MST beats NFC :)
Kevin Cruz (3 years ago)
I think Samsung pay is just another reason for samsung to compete with apple. Pretty much is their answer to apple pay. Also I think it should be available for all samsung devices prior to the Galaxy S6 it makes it seem that its another marketing strategy, Samsung just want to make people purchase their new devices so they they can have this new feature -_- which sucks clearly MST beats NFC however magstripe Is going to disappear eventually and NFC will catch up again or someone is gonna come up with something similar to MST and when this happens Samsung pay wont be so special anymore. Go with Android Pay because compatibility matters.
Sacha Taylor (3 years ago)
With his innovative re branded Apple Pay which it's basically another reason Samsung are now just copy cats
tjaydatnugga (3 years ago)
apple coppied it and samsung BOUGHT loop pay. Its not coppied at all. Apple wasnt the first to do it. Nobody ever calls out apple for copying shit but always tries to say samsung does.
Juice1984 (3 years ago)
NFC + MST? Another reason why Samsung Galaxy phones are better than apple.
diego grados (3 years ago)
i'll rather stay with the plastic ship card.
OkamiKazeify (3 years ago)
Well damn!
Cliff M (3 years ago)
It’s Simple. Safe. And Available Almost Anywhere You Can Swipe Or Tap Your Card. SAMSUNG PAY works with almost all card readers... In fact, it’s available in more stores than ANY other mobile payment method. It’s easy for ANY customers to use: simply swipe, verify, hover and pay. Samsung Pay works with both old and new terminals, including MAGNETIC STRIPE, NFC and EMV. It’s super safe than Apple Pay & Android Pay: SAMSUNG PAY uses Digital Tokenization, Samsung KNOX, and Fingerprint Authentication to provide secure payments. And, as terminals are upgraded to EMV, that security is leveraged too. (I had iPhone 6S Plus and returned it for SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE Plus - Gold Platinum - that is way better looking and have more usable features than ANY iPhone, sorry Apple) Have a great day to y'all
BANDHEAD Paparazzi (3 years ago)
Too bad Wells Fargo didnt jump on board 😒😒😒😒.... im going to Band of America
BANDHEAD Paparazzi (2 years ago)
+Spoderman its cool at least we're enjoying this wonderful app together
Spoderman (2 years ago)
+You Know Why Im Here sorry bout that, didnt check the date
BANDHEAD Paparazzi (2 years ago)
+Spoderman ik this comment was made last yr...when they didnt have it
Spoderman (2 years ago)
Wells got added
Jaydn Mata (3 years ago)
People think that Samsung pay completely destroyed Apple. Do you hear yourselves? Apple people would never switch to Samsung because of this one thing. "Destroyed." I laugh.
Reid Reynolds (2 years ago)
Money Gram lol
Reid Reynolds (2 years ago)
onee That's not true they are only using tizen for their smart watches, do your fucking research.
Money Gram (2 years ago)
Headphone jack "cough Cough"
Rajiv Malhotra (2 years ago)
+Serial Killer PT sucks that you cant remove bloatware....oh...wait...you can
onee (2 years ago)
+Serial Killer PT I don't have a problem with people who like Android, but the other guy, Rajiv Malhotra, (who deleted his comments or maybe he just blocked me) posted a lot of nonsense. Mainly trying to state his opinion as a fact.
Itheman123456789 (3 years ago)
Samsung Pay is the new standard, literally made all its competitors almost irrelevant. MST beats NFC period when it comes to payment no competition. Have a Note 5 now and I can use it everywhere with a credit card machine except places where people swipe cards for you unless I hand my phone to them. Apple Pay now is equivalent to Apple Maps: a joke. Google is even worse though, y would they switch to Android Pay, which is garbage, from Google Wallet which was golden.
Real Tuff (3 years ago)
Why doesn't Samsung Pay work with the Note 4 or Note Edge?
Gaming Authority (3 years ago)
yup it is a new technology by Samsung
Real Tuff (3 years ago)
Oh ok. Thx!
Marshall Greene (3 years ago)
Because the note 4 and edge don't have a MST chip
JJB (3 years ago)
I'm a Samsung Pay Beta tester in the U.S. I've been using it for 3 days. Ask me any questions you have about it.
Gaming Authority (3 years ago)
mountedantman10 (3 years ago)
+JJB Nice. It sounds as though samsung pay could also get you laid. 
JJB (3 years ago)
+mountedantman10 Some cashiers look perplexed, most are just amazed or curious. If I think a cashier is going to be resistant to me using my phone, I just say "I'm going to see if Samsung Pay works here". If they inquire more, I tell them it's in beta testing right now. In my experience, most cashiers are just amazed and want to know how they can get it.
mountedantman10 (3 years ago)
+JJB Do you get a lot of weird looks from cashiers who never thought their register can make mobile payments?
XNeMeSis (3 years ago)
This is not a war between Apple pay and Samsung Pay. This is very simple Apple pay 10% of retailers Samsung Pay nearly 100% Apple got crushed no question. Game over. Apple needs to drop this Apple pay crap, and just pay Samsung to use this technology. However, you won't see it till the Iphone 9 or 10 since that is the current adaptation timeline for apple.
ThatGaming_Guy (1 month ago)
+The KittyKatKing Apple did it first iSheep? Android did it before Apple,Samsung Pay usee MST & NFC. Apple doesn't have NFC, IOS is so restricted
Khairul Hoque (3 years ago)
i totally agree with you
Mehul Acharya (3 years ago)
+Juan Carlos Gotcha on a pain point of apple hmm :D
PhotoAddict (3 years ago)
+animal gamer Google Wallet has allowed you to pay with NFC technology 2 years before Apple Pay was even announced. How is Apple Pay the "original"?
Mamo (3 years ago)
+animal gamer Copy? What a dope. It's MST and not NFC. And who gives a crap who did it first anyway. It's who does it best NOW.
Noemelyn Labrador (3 years ago)
where i can download samsung pay?
Gaming Authority (3 years ago)
a few more days now!
Tech With Holden (3 years ago)
Samsung pay Lol
fadi philips (3 years ago)
How can I get this app?
mountedantman10 (3 years ago)
September 28th is the launch
Gaming Authority (3 years ago)
very soon
mountedantman10 (3 years ago)
+fadi philips It's beta testing atm.
Vasco Oliveira (3 years ago)
Como é que eu consigo intalar o samsung pay? Como é que abro essa aplicacao?
Brandon Bailey (3 years ago)
It seems like there is to many steps with Samsung pay. By the time this guy has did fingerprint, tapped the side blah blah I've already paid and left with apple pay lol. Just hold it over, finger done lol
ab30494 (3 years ago)
+Brandon Bailey dont take long, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, even with screen off, use your fingerprint , and pay.
shaun wilson (3 years ago)
+Andy Estrada Booyah....I currently use google pay but it is annoying because only 10% of merchants use NFC!!! People dont seems to understand samsung pay is universal. Especially the brainwashed apple users
Alex H (3 years ago)
AndyTheCool (3 years ago)
+Brandon Bailey I dont think so because iphone doesnt support MST. You will go to the store and say, I would like to pay with m iPhone, then the store clerk will say, sorry, we dont support NFC yet, still, this wont matter to a samsung s6 user since it supports mst
kasim mohammed (3 years ago)
It dosent work in uk it wont let me give my phone number and its in dollers
Shahid Ahmed (3 years ago)
misleading video title, just copied video from other links.
Vyneke (3 years ago)
0:26 ...Samsun ? x)
James Dean (3 years ago)
the iPhoney trying to redeem itself.
Genc Berberi (3 years ago)
Can't find samsung pay app ?
Taco (3 years ago)
+Genc Berberi Not out till the summer.
H20 (3 years ago)
Nfc is old alredy i had that since my note 3 wich was a year and ago. Honestly i never used it i had softcard google wallet. My point is that apple pay is old and expensive and you cant use it evry where cus most stores dont have nfc. But using the same magnetic stripes, that credit cards have is awesome!!! Samsung always comes up with the newest tech...
Itheman123456789 (3 years ago)
+James Dean Every competitor copies each other it's not new. Apple is no exception taking pages off HTC. Hell, I'm literally holding both a HTC One M7 and a iPhone 6 right now and can't help but notice how they're like twins considering the 6 came out a year & half later. 6s even has live photos, similar to HTC Zoe.
Anon (3 years ago)
+James Dean so stupid, not only did Samsung have it first but they did it better.
TheFollower (3 years ago)
+James Dean You do realize that they had the payment system with NFC since the Galaxy S2 and that they just improved it with the S6, right?
James Dean (3 years ago)
+Hector Garcia Yeah like how they copy Apple EVERY.FUCKING.YEAR. "latest tech"….. even though magnetic stripes were invented almost a century ago.
Neto Santos (3 years ago)
Rudy Z , Samsung pay já começou , o Apple começa no mês de novembro.. aqui no Brasil..
Rudy Z. (3 years ago)
Samsung pay will be started in Korea (South Korea) , and USA first this summer, and it will change how people pay...better than Apple pay.
ThatGaming_Guy (1 month ago)
+Rudy Z. Now that's it's 2019 are you still using it? I haven't set up my card in it but I plan on using it
Rudy Z. (3 years ago)
Samsung Pay has started in the states, and I really don't know how many people are using Samsung P pay, but been using nearly month, and just love it. .so freaking convenient, and secure. .unlike Apple pay/Android pay, Samsung pay compatible with both MST (existing magnetic swipe machine ) Near Field Communication; NFC . And also don't need to open the phone, and go into the app. ..changes to NFC (vice versa ) automatically. ..major advantages. 
Rudy Z. (3 years ago)
+Kai L I couldn't agree more...Samsung pay is going to dominate over other mobile payment system.
Kai L (3 years ago)
+James Dean Samsung phones had NFC capabilities years before new apple phones. You do realize that right? Samsung Pay is NFC + basically all the retailers. This means you can use Samsung Pay in your Dry Cleaners, a little market around the corner and ETC.
Stephen Buckeye (3 years ago)
+James Dean You do know that Samsung (and several Android phones) have had NFC mobile payments for several years, right? I've used NFC mobile payments for over 2 years with my Galaxy S4. Apple has just gotten around to adding NFC payments (thru Apple Pay) and it is locked to Apple. They don't let anything else use the NFC device, and you can only (currently) use Apple Pay. Also, Steve Jobs once said, "No one is going to buy a [bigger] screen phone" than the 3.5" they had at the time. Steve Jobs is probably rolling in his grave over that. "Better than Apple" only means more restriction. Apple restricts everything about its products, and only brings technology out when it is right for them. (i.e. Leaving features until the next product cycle.)
Hector Hernandez (3 years ago)
Michelle P (11 months ago)
Hector Hernandez lol
MALI MALI (3 years ago)
Samsung pay actually beats apple pay, because you can use samsung pay almost everywhere
XNeMeSis (3 years ago)
+James Dean You don't understand this technology do you? This works in nearly 100% of places and apple pay 10% are you that stupid? The war is over apple lost they must adapt or be crushed.
Yelisa (3 years ago)
+James Dean Apple Pays in English Gematria Equals: 666
Hector Hernandez (3 years ago)
+James Dean were, no Walmart, no Cvs,no RID,no Target, no mayor retailers store what to invest in new terminal just for a new i crapp at least anymore .the phone have to change for the world no the world for the phone with this no more investment for corporations and like i say RIP APPLE PAY .PLUS IS FREE
Agus Lac (3 years ago)
Guntars Amtmanis (3 years ago)
Is it there some app for samsung s5 aswell? Cuz i want use this for my s5.
qwertyuychua (3 years ago)
copy cat
Lord Darkseid (3 years ago)
Weird how come Apple Pay doesn't work everywhere
James Dean (3 years ago)
+qwertyuychua Their new phone copied everything they made fun of about iPhone. It even bends easier. SMH
Johnny Trang (3 years ago)
Whos the copied now. Samsucks
Gaming Authority (3 years ago)
Apple pay copies Google wallet which was publicly available 3-4 years ago kiddo.
Neville Nazerane (3 years ago)
+Johnny Trang yep... what +Ryan Vu said.... i have a mobile purchased before iphone 6 had released and i am currently using it for NFC payments
mohd tariq (3 years ago)
+Andrew Kim x xx
Sung-Hyun Kim (3 years ago)
And samsung wallet is shutting down so
Ryan Vu (3 years ago)
Google wallet which is android... came out a long time ago.
TreVaughn White-Davis (4 years ago)
You spelled Samsung wrong at 0:24 you spelled it Samsun
P3 Gaming (3 years ago)
That's a typo not a spelling error.
Carlos Oliva (4 years ago)
When this gets release Apple pay will be accepted everywhere
Carlos Oliva (3 years ago)
They block Apple pay even they accept nfc the merchant accepts whatever they want because they are the one that pay the fees so they could block any payment option they want
Hungry Rahly (3 years ago)
You cant block samsung unless you want to pull ALL credit card readers, since it mimics swiping a credit card. Dont kid YOURSELF, only 2% of retailers even have NFC readers. 95% of retailers have credit card magnetic strip readers. Thats a huge penetration. Then you have the samsung nfc which unlike apple issues a single use code, kinda like a single use credit card number. Banks have already released their stats on applepay. 1 out of every 20 transactions is fraudulent since their nfc transmits cc numbers plain text, its easy for someone walking by to steal those numbers. As far as samsung needing visa/mc, what a fallacy! You obviously dont know how the technology even works. They dont even need to talk to them. The system acts as if its just a cc transaction, they will be charged the same for their merchant account as if a cc was slid through the reader. In fact, it doesnt even have to involve ANY external servers. In that case samsung nor your cc company would even know you used it in such a way. Looppay is just a device, it doesnt require an external service and is 1000 times safer than NFC. DEFCON has shown us that nfc can be picked up 15 to 20 feet away by hackers, mst has a limited range of only a few inches and doesnt do negotiations. This means you have to be super close AT THE MOMENT of the transaction.
James Dean (3 years ago)
+Hungry Rahly Don't kid yourself. CurrenC will try to block SammyPay and most are making ApplePay an exception to their rules.
fred mckay (4 years ago)
the amount of fraud will be so high. Banks will get raped
JJB (3 years ago)
It uses the same authentication with banks that Apple Pay uses. You even call the same number at the bank to activate your card. Apple didn't invent that, MasterCard/Visa/AMEX (and soon Discover), the payment processors and the banks came up with it. It's an industry standard. In 4 days, I've paid with Samsung Pay at a greater variety of retailers than Apple Pay users have been able to since it was launched.
James Dean (3 years ago)
+Ryan Vu the TouchID copycat doesn't work too well.
Ryan Vu (3 years ago)
And it's not any fingerprint it has to be the one for the phone linked to one account. Unless a hacker can bypass the finger print then your point makes sense.
Ryan Vu (3 years ago)
You still need a finger print to use the card so I'm not sure what you mean. And that phone that's verified to the card lol.
fred mckay (3 years ago)
Let's say someone copied 100 cards in a different terminal. all they have to do is put the cards data on only one phone. Therefore the phone is now 100 credit card 
Jose Galvan (4 years ago)
Shut up and Take my Money
Alphas&omega (3 years ago)
+Jose Galvan ok why not
Gaming Authority (3 years ago)
mountedantman10 (3 years ago)
+Stephen Buckeye All businesses will be using Samsung Pay without even knowing it though. lol Also, there are no transaction fees currently, so it's pretty much cutting out the middleman.
Stephen Buckeye (3 years ago)
+Jose Galvan I know right?! In more ways than one... Give me the S6 (maybe S6 edge?) right now *throws money at Samsung,* but then throw money at businesses using Samsung Pay. :P

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