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Strategic Planning 101

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What is the difference between mission and vision? Do goals or objectives come first? Who should be involved in developing my plan and how long should it take? Get answers to these common questions and more in our "Strategic Planning 101" training. We know that planning processes can be time consuming and easily derailed. Learn how to avoid planning pitfalls and implement best practices in strategy and planning. In this training, you will learn a simple, yet effective way, to develop your strategic plan using MyStrategicPlan. Additional strategic plan management resources are available at www.MyStrategicPlan.com
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Paul Warren (1 year ago)
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Glenn Thomas (3 years ago)
Seems oriented to medium and large businesses. Our small business needs a "Light" version of this. Suggestions?
Business Knowledge (3 years ago)
noah Nemhara (3 years ago)
sunil sai (4 years ago)
Superior Knowledge, Thanks I was moving in life very cluelessly and achieving no goals and my family was unhappy with me. One of my friend introduced me to the concept of SWOT and after then , life has changed for me a lot. I am using Mobile app called "mySWOT" to utilize my Strenghts, overcome Weakness, seize Opportunities and avoid Threats
TheMZish (5 years ago)
great video! thanks alot! :)
MyStrategicPlan (5 years ago)
Hi Samuel, Thanks for watching. I just double checked our video and I'm not having any trouble watching or scrolling through the entire video. Perhaps your internet connection caused it to stall out?
Samuel Ashby (5 years ago)
The video stops at the 15:57 mark.

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