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Contactless Payment Ring How NOT To Pay With A Contactless Payment NFC Wearable Contactless Ring NFC

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http://www.MobileContactlessPayment.co.uk Simeon Tuitt Contactless Payment Ring How NOT To Pay With A Contactless Payment NFC Wearable Contactless Ring NFC Demo. In This Video Simeon Tuitt Shows How NOT To Pay With A Contactless Payment NFC Wearable Ring And Why You Need To Use It As Shown In The Instructions. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TO MY SMART HOME VIDEO UPDATES Donate to the channel: https://paypal.me/SimeonTuitt Become a monthly contributor on Patreon and access supporter only video content: https://www.patreon.com/simeontuitt CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/simeontuitt Add me on MESSENGER Chat: https://m.me/simeon.tuitt
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Text Comments (22)
Jorgos Tsovilis (11 days ago)
He slides a card under it as soon as he holds his fist above the terminal. fake..
Majadi (8 days ago)
retard, i have one of these rings,
Simeon Tuitt (11 days ago)
You've still not seen a contactless ring pay in public yet? https://youtu.be/IQ9XNTBydx0
white rose tarantulas (2 months ago)
How did you set up the ring to make contactless payment please, I've have an nfc ring but don't know how to get it to make contactless payment which is what I bought it for.
The Beast (1 month ago)
+white rose tarantulas waste of money bro an nfc ring off wish hahahaha dumb
white rose tarantulas (2 months ago)
+Simeon Tuitt ah ok thanks for that, glad it was only £2 from wish now
Simeon Tuitt (2 months ago)
It has to be a payment enabled ring, you can't just use any ring. www.ContactlessPaymentRing.co.uk
ArthurKal (2 months ago)
Why do people Think it is fake? It is literally just a ring with an nfc chip inside of it. You know like some smartphones like the samsungs, you know where you just put your phone over the payment thing and it works?
Simeon Tuitt (2 months ago)
+Nathan Walledge www.contactlesspaymentring.co.uk
Nathan Walledge (2 months ago)
+Simeon Tuitt says link isn't available
Simeon Tuitt (2 months ago)
Some people just like being sceptical. 😒
lucafe oteva (5 months ago)
video update plz, not about what was reviewed in this video but a vid about the ring everyday use buying stuff
Simeon Tuitt (11 days ago)
XxMOHANEDxX (1 year ago)
Simeon Tuitt (1 year ago)
XxMOHANEDxX What is? www.ContactlessPaymentRing.co.uk
Stephen Bodman (1 year ago)
I was given a KERV Virtual MasterCard on their website i put in the activation code it said thanks for activating also stuck on £30.00 so hopefully it's active, like i said tried twice first time i was trying to put the ring it's self on the display...and today at local Tesco tried the fist but i've been told by staff the shop machine is not very good with Contactless Payments. not a strong signal.will take a look at your website...thanks for your quick reply..
Simeon Tuitt (1 year ago)
Stephen Bodman Did you activate the ring itself with code in the box? Tesco used to be great and then they changed something and messed up how great it picked up.
Stephen Bodman (1 year ago)
Well done,tried my twice now,still not able to make a payment with it...video nice and clear will give it a go with your technique
Anas Ahmad Nasir (9 months ago)
Do you find the ring works on certain terminals but not on others? I have found it is most responsive on the verizone terminals but when I use it with the ingenico ones, it's a lot more hit and miss. And most of the times doesn't register at all.
Stephen Bodman (1 year ago)
Meant to say Not worked on
Stephen Bodman (1 year ago)
yeah i used the activation code in the box that came with the ring,it said thanks for activating your card and i stuck on £30.00..have you had a machine that just does work on?
Simeon Tuitt (1 year ago)
Stephen Bodman Is it activated, have you made any payments with yours? www.ContactlessPaymentRing.co.uk to see more examples of how I use mine.

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