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5 Business Trends for 2018

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The year 2018 will be a crucial year for electric vehicles. Manufacturers are speeding up production plans as cities pass new regulations restricting the use of internal combustion engines. At the same time, IESE Professor Marc Sachon notes that another new and different challenge is emerging: what to do with old batteries. Recycling is expensive and countries like China still haven’t invested in that area; secondary markets for used batteries as home generators are small. Also to watch out for: the geopolitics of sources of two strategic minerals in batteries: lithium and cobalt. Zaire holds half the reserves of cobalt, and 60% of lithium reserves are concentrated in just three countries. Cartelization risks, says professor Juan Luis López Cardenete, should not be overlooked. Sustainability is also a crucial trend for the food and beverage industry. Consumers are pushing for healthier, organic and local products. The US has seen the rise of the first companies rating sustainability, explains professor Adrián Caldart, and positive marks can triple demand for some products. In the healthcare sector, sharing information on health outcomes is the main trend. According to Professor Núria Mas, this will shift the debate to what’s really important, measuring whether implementation is efficient, instead of focusing on whether the provider is public or private. Finally, for 2018 banks are expected to recover their profitability as interest rates rise. But as their core business becomes more attractive, Professor Juan José Toribio warns that new and potentially disruptive entrants such as Google or Amazon might start providing financial services.
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Gaurav Dhiman (1 year ago)
Pt 1 regarding batteries is interesting. Overall nice 👍.

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