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How to Creatively use free online resources? Freepik | Graphic Design | Adobe Illustrator

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#graphicdesign #tutorial #abstractart All the vector resources are collected from Freepik.com This design is part of a series, that is to go up on a back-lit space of a commercial space in Kolkata of size, 17 x 4 feet in dimension. I work all over India, on Mural and Large Scale paintings. To get in touch with me, text me up with any mode of communication you are comfortable with. Below are by social media handles you'd like to have a look at and text me up for custom orders. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/knl.bhrti https://www.facebook.com/KunalBharati... INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/the__hermit/ BEHANCE: https://www.behance.net/kunalbharati LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/knlbhrti E-MAIL: [email protected] Design, Graphic, Graphic design, Graphic design tutorial for beginners, 31, Graphic designing course in urdu, Graphic designing course, Graphic design tutorial, Graphic design tutorial for beginners in urdu, Graphic design tutorial for beginners in urdu full course, Graphic design in urdu, Graphic design software, Graphic design portfolio, Rule of 3rdsgraphic, Video graphics, Website design, Communication design, Interface design, Graphic design career, Creative directorgraphic design programs, Graphic design jobs,Graphic design portfolio pdf,Graphic design trends 218,Graphic design online,Graphic design logo,Graphic design university,Artist at work,Artist in studio,How to be artist,Drawing channel,Art channel,How to draw,Artist website,How to make website,Build website,Website maker,Wix website,Free website,How to build website,How to blog,How to portfolio,Online portfolio,Art portfolio,Free online portfolio,Free website builder,Website deisgn tutorial,Portfolio website,Website building for beginners,Website beginnersvideo help,Video how to,Video tutorial,Art,Elements,Principles,Line,Shape,Form,Texture,Balance,Layout,Composition,Illustration,Rule of thirds,University,College,Work,Portfolio,Day in the life,Student,Vlog,How,To,Get,Into,Uni,Gcse,A level,Highers,Typography,Hand lettering,Posterslogo,Branding,Gfx,Visual communication,Visual arts,Page layout,Howcast,Art director,,Creative directorgraphic design career,Graphic design major,How to become a graphic designer,Guide to graphic design,What is graphic designtrends,Graphic design trends,Design trends,Web design,Graphic design trend,Logo design,Design trend,Graphic designer,Print design,Design inspiration,Verhaal brand design,Brand designhow to design logo,Design a logo,How to design,Professional logo design,Indesign,Identity design,Freelance design,Type design,Graphic design tips,Michael jarrottgraphic design portfolio interview,Self-taught graphic designer,Example of graphic design portfolio,Portfolio design,First graphic design portfolio,Graphic design portfolio for university,How to make graphic design portfolio,Graphic design portfolio presentation,First graphic design job,Junior designer interview,Graphic design interviewvideo help,Business of design,Design of business,Design thinking,User centric design,How i became a graphic designer,Graphic designerwhat is graphic design,Graphic design for beginners,Graphic design educationhow to teach yourself graphic design,How to learn graphic design,How to learn graphic design online,How to learn graphic design step by step,How to learn graphic design free,Graphic designer career,Graphic designer tips,Graphic designer portfolio,Graphic design tips for beginners,Graphic design tips and tricks,How to teach yourself graphic design for free,How to start a graphic design businessgraphic design programs,2018,Photoshop,Illustrator,Adobe,Marketing trends 2018,Philip vandusen,2017,Entrepreneur,Small business,How to find trends,Trendhunting,Trend hunter,Create logo,Create a logo,Logos,How to,Logo,Create,How to make,Cs6,Tutorial,Learn,Make logo,Adobe illustrator cs6,Gradient,Creatnprocess,Line segment tool,Photo slice,Photoshop tutorial,Apart,Photo cutout effect,Gradient map,Cc"},"url":"illustrator,How to make a poster,How to brand,Adobelive,Adobe live,Illustration tips,Illustrator tips,Kristine arth,Portfolio presentation,Beginner,Beginning,Basic,Introduction,Color,Theory,Scheme,Palette,Combo,Combinations,Harmony,Harmonious,Hue,Saturation,Valuebusiness,Tips,Advice,The skool,Chris do,The futur,Professional,User,Centric,Started,Personal story,Struggle,Trail and tribulations,Turning point,Csun,Students,Visit,Blind
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