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How to Use Visa payWave

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Explains how to use Visa payWave and the benefits.
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roy (3 months ago)
Not safe
Yashif Ahmed (4 months ago)
If I loss my wallet and mobile phone. Before I block the card it can be way pin less as many times which is less then 80$.. where is the security. .
Well this sucks, because when you wave your card, it does not tell you for entering PIN number unless payment over $80.....DISAPPOINTING!
High Yoda (1 month ago)
How is that disappointing
Visa NewZealand (1 year ago)
Hi there, Visa payWave is designed to provide a fast, easy and convenient way to pay. You will be required to enter your PIN when you make a purchase over the set $80 NZD limit. Thanks, Visa
Alma Miles Dei (1 year ago)
the accent is so disgusting
Can I use it in ATM
jitendra chavan (1 year ago)
kya ye ATM machine pe chalata hai kya
Barcode III (1 year ago)
faster payments means lesser security
Gaurab Ghosh (1 year ago)
Dark soul well if you lose your card it's anyway risky. But also think about it you don't have to give card to unknown person and put your pin in front of everyone. No one can know your card no, pin, cvv. How cool is that?
laila illia (2 years ago)
i don't have problem with time, so i don't need faster payment by 3x. how many seconds faster? Not worth it for the risk of losing the card & others can use to buy as many time as long as it is less than $80 until the card is reported..
Bassest Bruh (2 years ago)
I think it's too easy.
ASRKV PRASAD (1 year ago)
I have visa pay wave card but available in few places like mumbai

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