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WinForms Scheduler: Connecting Data and Customizing Forms

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Learn how to add our scheduler to a WinForms application. Connect it to data. And add custom forms. To learn more, review the documentation at http://help.devexpress.com/#WindowsForms/CustomDocument2949
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William Guenthner (4 months ago)
DevExpress is great at controls and TERRIBLE at training and documentation. There is no help here for adding this control to a real project and connecting to an existing database. I'm really not interested in building trivial examples.
Mike Benefield (2 months ago)
legancy sea (5 months ago)
how to open setup appointment stroge ?
DevExpress (5 months ago)
please contact our support team at [email protected]
Godwin Ngaju (6 months ago)
SInce the customfields only enables one. How do we now add more controls on the appointment (say 4 more controls)and save into the database.
Tiang King Ming (9 months ago)
Hi, I;m still using version 1.1. May I know how could I get the sample database query?
DevExpress (9 months ago)
Hi Tiang, did you mean 11.1? Please contact our support team @ [email protected] for assistance, you may need to upgrade :)
Gabriel Seben (11 months ago)
I would like to know where I can and find an example to add new resource at runtime. found examples do not definitely record new resources. thank you
Mehmood Siddique (7 months ago)
i have implemented this.. if you need help then contact me....
Ali bilmemne (1 year ago)
DevXpress Controls not easy to use. Very Difficult. specially grid control
Vareck Walla (5 months ago)
100% agree, esp. with this control.
Murat Can OLUKLU (1 year ago)
good job...
Johnnyxp64 (1 year ago)
since none wants to use datasets any more. would be nice to make a video with EF 5+ and sql server database. also how to code behind to open edit save and delete records with EF

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