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Net Demand and Time Liabilities in Hindi |Banking |Only Audio

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VEER BOLIYA (1 month ago)
Great plz Make other videos like This For remove our confusions👍🏻
Raghvendra pratap Singh (2 months ago)
This is truly very nice. And a request please make video in which includes most of the banking terms and define them like in this video. Plz
Commerce Insights (2 months ago)
I'll surely upload videos on banking terms.
Ratan Malode (2 months ago)
When will RBI return CRR to respective banks??
Commerce Insights (2 months ago)
It'll always be with RBI, only the % of CRR may change.
Ratan Malode (2 months ago)
+Commerce Insights but in case der is no case of bank run / shortage of money...den what about CRR ...what time it vl be with RBI
Commerce Insights (2 months ago)
RBI does not return CRR to banks. CRR acts like a security deposit with RBI. In case a bank turns insolvent and is liquidated, the amount of money kept as CRR can be used to pay off the depositors/accountholders.
Current Affairs (3 months ago)
Itna andhera q pada raha hu. Can't c.
aayush Sinha (4 months ago)
Well explained
Commerce Insights (4 months ago)
Thank you

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