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How to delete files and folders in temp, %tmp%, prefetch One Click using Batch file - LD

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Link download file: https://ld-channel.github.io/web/how_to/delete-files-and-folders-in-temp-tmp-prefetch-One-Click.html Please help Like and Subscribe us for get knowledge Recently FB Page: https://web.facebook.com/MakeFeelLife/ Website: https://ld-channel.github.io/web/home.html Drake,Justin Bieber,Twenty One Pilots,Rihanna,Adele,Ariana Grande, The Weeknd,Ciara,Keri Hilson,Fergie,Justin Timberlake,Christina Aguilera ,Jennifer Hudson,Teedra Moses,Amerie,Ashanti,Kanye West,Cassie,Gwen Stefani .Christina Milian,Monica,Brooke Valentine,Teairra Marí,Electrik Red ,Nicole Scherzinger,Fantasia Nicki Minaj, Mutya Keisha Siobhan, Marquess,The Black Eyed Peas,ก้อง ห้วยไร่,25 Hours,T_T ทีที,Polycat,พงษ์สิทธิ์ คำภีร์, อะตอม ชนกันต์,The Mousses,Cocktail,Labanoon,Musketeers,Getsunova,Mild, วี วิโอเลต วอเทียร์,เอิ๊ต ภัทรวี,Klear,Jetset'er,ชาติ สุชาติ,ไผ่ พงศธร Heng Pitu,Adda,SereyMun,Preap Sovath,Nico,Sok Pisey ,Ouk Sokunkanha,Chhorn Sovanareach,Nop Banharith,Pich Sophea ,Khmer Comedy,Sin Sisamuth,Chhay vireakYuth,Vireak Seth, Eva,G-Devith,Lyric Song,Meas SokSophea,Khem,Neay Cherm,Khat Jame ,Movie,Yuri,Tena
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Denis Çerri (2 months ago)
thank you

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