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Turkish Lira Sign - Explained

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Text Comments (36)
Minecraft Canavarı (6 months ago)
*Türk varmı:)?*
Nikhilesh Surve (6 months ago)
It looks like a stylised *t* & it's Turkey's so one could actually think it's a *t* if they don't know what it is.
Killah Priest (6 months ago)
Great content
Frkn can Karlos (7 months ago)
upward inclined double bar supposed to be representing the steadly rising value of the money ...smh lira falls faster than my will to live...
Chrie Adams (8 months ago)
Looks like that anchor pulled the entire ship underwater. The Lira is garbage.
Carlo Galang (8 months ago)
I need your help my friend
Carlo Galang (8 months ago)
I have 1million Turkish lira didn't know where we exchange but it's ripped
Frkn can Karlos (7 months ago)
1million lira is now invalid. You should have exchanged it like 10 years ago
Unnamed _258 (1 year ago)
Notice me I am an Emerald Banana subbed you for a long time I'll keep doing this for no reason sorry from now I also live in Turkey
Troll The Great (1 year ago)
Lira İtalyacan mı
kalliope (1 year ago)
I'm Turkish and even I didn't know any of this, I just happened to accept that shitty symbol. Thanks a lot, dude
photostel (1 year ago)
i love this its like super boring hahaha
Macky Cabangon (1 year ago)
$¥M&0[S @ W€££@[email protected]¥
Cengiz söğütlü (1 year ago)
thank yo making this
EHP (1 year ago)
LMAO rising Turkish economy and the rising value of the currency since Erdogan's party got elected in 2002 dollar went from being worth 1.6 to 3.8 Liras. Even worse with euro which went from being worth 1.6 Liras to being worth 4.5. Erdogan is ruining Turkey and the funniest thing is that his supporters mainly vote for him because they think he is making the economy rise. Fuck the ignorant.
Sultanlar Sultanı (22 days ago)
EHP Still the Economy has risen. That's a simple fact. Also this thing with America had to be done at some point and it's better earlier than later if Turkey wants to be dominant again.
Unnamed _258 (1 year ago)
You are right but believe me it's not only his fault people chosen him...
HUTSI HUTSI (1 year ago)
EHP The problems you mentiont are partly true but you are ignorant if you only see the bad things but if you would compare the situation after the AKP you would see that the poor are getting richer and not more poor and this is only one success from hundreds. You can only tell lies and nothing else. The Turkish Airlines had its biggest successes in 2009-2017 and the military companys too. (https://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/162768/umfrage/umsatz-von-turkish-airlines/) Since 2006 the economy has grown from around 6%-11% every year and the numbers of the hospitals,universities,turkish companys and mega projects has more than doubled. The people were forced to stand hours long to buy bread. NATO allies? Ok you can want to be allies with supporters of the Pkk but I prefer my nations security and not to apple-polish like a bitch. By the way I didn't mentiont the huge devolopment in the turkish space program. Yeah fuck ignorant people this is the only thing we both are sure about.
EHP (1 year ago)
We are a country with an incredible agricultural capability and we are starting to import wheat. Do you understand how ashaming that is?The poor are getting poorer while the top ones are getting richer. The middle class and the lower middle class is also suffering mainly because of the buying power of the currency. The economic steps the government took were short-term beneficial ones. We sold almost every big Turkish company to political allies and foreigners. This is a stupid move if you are thinking about the long run economic growth. Also, Turkish Airlines is losing its exponential growth rate. Its main value gain was between the 80s and the first couple years of the 2000s. Also what other reason can someone who is properly educated have to vote for him? He is oppressive, ignores personal rights, can not stand the idea of free press and democracy, jailed tons of journalists and opposition. Also, do I have to mention the new presidential system which is extremely against the idea of democracy. He combined religion and politics to stay in power. Also, he built himself a damn palace with a thousand rooms in the middle of one of the most beautiful green spaces of turkey. Fuck people who support him and the decline of this great country. We can not even build a simple car and you are here talking about ASELSAN as if it was a one hundred percent Turkish company ruled and worked with Turkish people. We are importing all the equipment and basically putting them together like how you assemble IKEA products at home. Also we are moving further away from the west and causing diplomatic crisis with our nato allies, which is a terible idea. And lastly we are now below Saudi Arabia in the ranking for women safety index. As I said before, fuck ignorant people. You have no idea what you are talking about.
HUTSI HUTSI (1 year ago)
EHP Yeah you are right fuck the ignorant idiots which think that the worth of the currency is the main part of the economy. The economy has grown a lot that is a fact and not an opinion and this is not the only reason to vote for Erdogan. Healthcare and education has developet nearly to european standarts like the military and most important the capability to built your own needs especialy weapons and tanks. The airline is a big success thanks the AKP the Turkish airlines are knowen for the record of flying to the most places on the world and the biggest airport in the world is done in istanbul in 2019. Fuck ignorant people like you moron.
Ege Tekebaş (1 year ago)
As bayrakları as as! ❤🇹🇷❤
Phrasal (1 year ago)
Are you ready for the shitstorm comments?
Atilla Kayaş (1 year ago)
slowdown7x thats what I expect to see
Tomato w/ wings (1 year ago)
1:13 ''represents its rise in value'' lol 1 lira is 25 cents
denhaag 070 (6 months ago)
about 18 eurocents rn
Unnamed _258 (1 year ago)
Dennis Fluttershy you are right but our future doesn't seem so clean
Unnamed _258 (1 year ago)
That means I am getting wasted in my country I love how it looks. But it's economy is F.ked up I buy a game for 400Liraas u get it for a 100 dollars(Deluxes)
Tomato w/ wings (1 year ago)
how?can you expand on that?my argument is that the people that use the US Dollar have significantly more purchasing power than us but that also ties into taxes as i understood,so i was partly wrong i'll admit
Tomato w/ wings (1 year ago)
and the taxes,good god the taxes
Kaiser II (1 year ago)
Love these kinds of videos!
Jazzy Joe Johnson (1 year ago)
Its god king erdogan now
ESKİ TV TÜRKİYE (10 months ago)
empolyon2 (1 year ago)
Jazzy Joe you forgot anafartalar general and sultan xd
Mr No-One (1 year ago)
Second Turk in here-- Alright these kinds of comments irritate me too.
empolyon2 (1 year ago)
Oh baby oh yessssssss 🇹🇷🇹🇷

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