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Credit Card Payments on the New Clover POS Cash Register System

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Every so often a credit card payment processing system hits the market that businesses get excited about. Clover is one such merchant services product. Seven out of the 10 businesses I walk into that have this device don’t use it properly, use it to its potential, or they don’t like it. The reasons why they don’t like it are almost always training. I want to help you to get clear on how to use this credit card processing system and make it work for your business so that you can accept credit cards and do it right. Let’s take a look at how these cash register point-of-sale systems work and using a how credit card processing with these terminals benefit you. WHAT IS THE CLOVER CREDIT CARD PAYMENT PROCESSING SYSTEM? Clover is an all-in-one point-of-sale payment processing system that lets you accept credit cards, EMV chip, and contactless payments from customers, safely and securely. It helps to simplify and run your business and gives you tools to do so. HOW DOES IT WORK? Clover functions off of an app-based platform built on Android. The only exception to that is vendors listed as IVRs, Independent Vendor Resellers. IVRs are allowed to use only the hardware of Clover while using their own software. One of them is Bypass, who takes care of the CenturyLink Field—the Seattle Seahawks stadium—and all its concessions. WHAT DOES IT DO FOR YOU? Clover merchant services opens up all types of payment processing and ways of taking orders. It improves your businesses efficiency and helps you connect with your customers. WHAT PRODUCTS DOES CLOVER HAVE? Clover’s hardware product suite is made up of five basic devices: The Station, the Mini, the Mobile, the Go, and the Flex. THE CLOVER STATION The Station makes it easier and faster than ever to run your business using one payment processing device. Built-in capabilities allow you to simplify daily tasks, speed up transactions, engage your customers, accept all types of payments effortlessly. Something to note is that this is the older version. A new version is coming soon. I do not have a release date, but it’ll have integrated chip acceptance and a thermal printer that comes with a customer-facing LED screen, so they can see the total payment due. It will also add the ability for contact payments, such as Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple, and Pay. This merchant services device comes with a patented swivel so that it interacts and allows for e-signature capture with the customer. THE CLOVER MINI Using a credit card for processing payment, The Mini is Wi-Fi-enabled and 3G-capable, accepts PIN debit, and one of the only devices that accept PIN debit on a touchscreen. It has an integrated receipt printer that can print for the customer. This operates independently as a cash register, POS device for retail, restaurants, and more. It can also work with another Mini tethered side-by-side so one will face the customer and one will face the business owner. It’s an excellent way to cut costs and move into a POS system. A third option is to have it face the customer the entire time and have a keypad merchant-facing for a friendly payment transaction. This set-up is perfect for businesses that are used to the credit card processing terminals where you swipe and go. This helps your customer’s process credit card payments fast. Minis run at 3.7-seconds per transactions for chip cards. That’s very fast. It’s because Clover controls the whole payment process. It’s one of the fastest ways to take a chip card. It offers more security for your customers, so they have a better buying experience. It also decreases the likelihood of fraud, so you keep your business more secure against chargebacks and fraudulent use of credit cards. It’s also an easy way to add a chip and become PCI compliant. You’ll never have to do an update or a download ever again, nor will you have no monthly fees for running a POS system. A merchant services machine like this is cutting edge technology and an inexpensive option for your business. It can work side-by-side with a Station. As we continue our series, we will be going more in-depth on these credit card payment processing products, so you can know which is a good fit for you. We also want to help you avoid some common mistakes with investing in a Clover POS register device.
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Orange Sock (1 month ago)
Ha, I wish I was the one that patented it. 💰💰💰 The swivel ability may not seem that impressive until you see how competitor's attempted to solve signature capture. They used additional hatdware where Clover was true complete integration. The electronic designer of Clover was a designer at Tesla and was rumored to be the founder of the company that designed Beats by Dre.
Alex Val Musica (1 month ago)
Patented swivel? You patented a movement? How miserable!
Victoria (2 months ago)
HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! This clover system doesn't let you 86 items! No COURSES!! And is extremely embarrasing at a table waiting for a customer to tip you!! And then you have 5 others tables wanting to leave but you have to wait for this stupid contraption! NO CASH TIPS because the customer is now FORCED to tip via credit card! HORRIBLE!!!!

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