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Mission, Vision and Strategy

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This video will provide you with the understanding of how to develop a Mission, Vision and and aligned strategy. There are other tools presented that will help in the development of the overall plan
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Beshoy Nagieb (10 months ago)
Comprehensive and clear. Thanks
Andre Vanneste (1 year ago)
-Video Introduction 0:00 -Welcome and Video Description 0:14 -Framework for an Aligned Strategy Description 0:54 -Bussines Mission Statements 2:19 -Vision 3:06 -Core Values 4:05 -Core Strategies 4:47 -Priorities 5:22 -High Plains Greenhouse (Company) Strategic Plan Example 7:25 -Appendix 9:38 -Words of Thanks 11:56
Takeyasu Nakazato (1 year ago)
Good... Can you explain the top-down and bottom-up sequential processes... thanks
vikas jadhav (2 years ago)
Very Valuable info. Thank u... Jason Ewing :-) vikas
Clara Bauleth (3 years ago)
Thank you I like how this video is clear :)

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