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The Downside of Contactless Payment

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Contactless payment systems are credit cards and debit cards, key fobs, smartcards or other devices which use RFID for making secure payments. The embedded chip and antenna enable consumers to wave their card or fob over a reader at the point of sale. Some suppliers claim that transactions can be almost twice as fast as a conventional cash, credit, or debit card purchase. At the same time the thief have also become smart. They have devised methods to copy customers card details on their devices. This video shows how the theft takes place in the real world.
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The_Other _Seto_Kaiba (21 days ago)
Anyone that pats me like that with whatever item/book/padding/device I would charge them with assault and detain that person until officer shows up. Then I can explain I have a contactless card and I got "touched" in a strange way by the guy.
Peet Kotze (1 month ago)
Makes me think of the B Chip implant
hdRageSc2 (1 month ago)
I'm using Google Pay. I simply turn off NFC, when I don't need it :D
Lance Leggins (2 months ago)
I'll stick with Andriod pay
Whatthefucktony (3 months ago)
Just use Apple Pay 😀
Tytygh Ultimate (4 months ago)
3:09 is precisely evidence of why magnetic strips should be banned on payment cards. They are incredibly insecure.
Hiten Ghavda (6 months ago)
I can just call the bank and they could just put the money back if someone did this
Christian Oshiro (6 months ago)
So how did he get into his hotel room
Touch Yosh (7 months ago)
There must be a reason to make things less secure for a reason? Magnetic strips are easy to copy. RFID is even contactless.
Arun Sudheesan (8 months ago)
Only nunber with *** can be known.. what is the use of knowing that??
tuco chucho (8 months ago)
How about this, just use cash!! This is all a scam to get you to go completely digital and cashless. @ this point 60-70 percent of the worlds wealth is held in savings and can’t be gotten @ so why not open a digital platform for the government so they have access to that as well. What a bunch of sheep!!!
Hiten Ghavda (6 months ago)
tuco chucho cause not everyone likes to take cash out the atm
Lügenlord Lol (9 months ago)
The USA want to say what safe is? Is this a fucking joke. They don‘t use a Emv Chip and a Pin. In my eyes Seouls they First use a pin
CostlyChris (7 months ago)
Lügenlord Lol What are you smoking?
Mario Ramos (1 year ago)
Now I'm wondering....was this new technology created to increase theft?
jess jesse (1 year ago)
1: tag = transresponder ! Your coil attenas short distance radio frequency ! Get awake dude !
Zes (1 year ago)
wrong, ts not scary or riskx, no scared etc. for such sht or anyx
Mika Pirhonen (1 year ago)
Watch closely and there aren't full card numbers showed, middle number are hidden. Also some card reveals card holder name, but not all. Some card won't reveal even validity data. Who really are worried are those who clone cards, more Chip&PIN transactions and no card leaks to black markets.
Bartosz Olszewski (1 year ago)
everything's better than a mag stripe though
julius ceasar (1 year ago)
all so that the caffiene addicts can have faster service at the drive through
Rui PTG (1 year ago)
I just got my first Master Card and was really hoping it wouldn't have this crap...
Anis Fairburn (1 year ago)
Urm bitch can take my cards info but with every transactions I made its a different six pin code.Try again.
TIlak Sevak (1 year ago)
It was 2012!!! Freaky thing is it came to public use only i 2017! Still it scares me!!!
Nereus (1 year ago)
nice to know ahahah I'm heading to AliExpress right meow
blackfear1562 (1 year ago)
This is so frustrating. I want contactless pay to be the norm but stupid new stations spreading misinformation to scare the masses is frustrating. I know this is old but the stigma still remains. Apple Pay and android pay are farrrrr more secure then the old scholar mag strip or even the new chips. Also I just want to point out how odd you would be if you were randomly bumping and rubbing up people.
Aidan Standing (1 year ago)
i think you can get card storage things that scramble the signals that the cards will give off when close to a terminal
jess jesse (1 year ago)
3: hello dumbfuccers ! If rfidchip in your body implanted next step is linked to your brain = you are domboe robot ! Fumbfuccccrs get awake!
909pete (1 year ago)
How will he get back into his hotel room 😱
Martin Juul Andersen (1 year ago)
If have two RFID chip card next to each other it can't read it. They "jam" each other. So bring two credit/ debit card or a debitcard or metro RFID chip card in your wallet and your save.
Gary Quan (2 years ago)
Pretty Shute he swiped, it would've been more credible if he used the contactless...
Kalpita Karmakar (2 years ago)
adrian (2 years ago)
Mi-ar plăcea să știu cum să dezactivez contactless!! Știe cineva?
Tadeus Araújo (2 years ago)
It's amazing as the US have so many amazing new technologies but still rely on the magnetic stripe technology for credit cards while the rest of the world adopted the chip and PIN.
That Girl Bella (2 years ago)
Is there a way to disable or destroy it, without damaging the card?
I couldn't agree more. I'm currently looking into it but can't find any method for ANZ credit cards.
David Herron (2 years ago)
+ddvsds well we are living in a world where men are wearing tights and health and safety is killing jobs and peoples health. So that is not a surprise to hear they are forcing a fraud (tracking enabled card). My advise cut the fucker out
They can't do that, they're making all cards with paywave.
Btt (2 years ago)
That Girl Bella just ask your bank to issue you a card without it
Jesusandbible (2 years ago)
It is jaw dropping. We are now one step away from the mark of the beast. Thank you for posting this!!!!
Tytygh Ultimate (4 months ago)
You people are crazy. It's just a method of payment.
Btt (2 years ago)
Jesus Visa is not affiliated with MasterCard
Jesus (2 years ago)
VI - Roman Numerals / Latin for 6 SA - when applied musically is a Sixth chord Augmented. There's your 3 sixes mate. Your VISA card is the mark used by the MASTER to enslave you. (MASTERcard...)
Jesusandbible (2 years ago)
Now they TRICKED millions of people into having a chip on their card, all they need to next is insist it is put on our hand or forehead, because cards get stolen but hands dont. It is all prophesied. Looks like the chip might be the 666 mark.
bitch nigga (2 years ago)
What the hell
CoCo Barbiiee (2 years ago)
He told the woman with the green purse what she had in there before it beeped ? Also its obvious this could lead to fraud cause if you lose your wallet or purse and someone finds it they can use it without a pin.. We already know this shit 😂
Magic Man (2 years ago)
Not if you either have a EMV card with chip & pin or if you use something like a Flip Side Wallet to prevent RFID scanning.
srinivasa reddy (2 years ago)
what an amazing technology
jockymc (2 years ago)
Just line your purse/wallet with metal foil. I have an RFID blocking wallet. Especially useful if stuck on busy public transport where people are pressed against you.
Luigi A (2 years ago)
Koruma Id Protection - Protect your Privacy and Identity Or unless you're using cell phone with contactless technology such as apple pay or samsung pay, which would be harder to read as done in the video. In those cases the device is also assigned a number that's different from the actual credit card number and all purchases must be authenticated via a fingerprint. Not only that, but they replace the static 3 digit security code (the one in the signature panel for most cards, four digits on the front for amex) by a dynamic one that changes for every purchase.
Unless you use our Tap&Go wallets which solve this issue.
cbernier3 (2 years ago)
but then you'd have to take the card out of your wallet to use it, defeating the purpose.
Henderson Belle (2 years ago)
what?? how does he make that???? omg
Zalden N (2 years ago)
In my country I can pay with contact card only to 25 (in local currency) without pin code, after 25 I must type the pin code, when put the card close to the Device.
Martin Boduroff (1 year ago)
1 Bulgarian lev (BGN) is 0.57 USD right now (27 May 2017) :D Nope, it isn't, just the country's poor. :D
Aquakey 98 (2 years ago)
looks like ur currency is worth quite alot more than the u.s dollar...
Emma Jamieson (2 years ago)
I think I'll stick with my chip and pin thanks, too scary for me
Arun Ar (2 years ago)
Phen0mable (2 years ago)
All you need to know is that if your bank refund the money for unwanted transactions. It's banks job to keep your money safe.
Phen0mable (2 years ago)
+noncanadian what ??
noncanadian (2 years ago)
it's stupid fucking people like you remaining ignorant and trusting that allow banks/crooks to steal
Maximushornet (2 years ago)
I'm amazed that shop didn't need a pin? and the scanner doesn't pick up the 3 digits on the back?
cbernier3 (2 years ago)
credit cards don't use PINs in the US.
Zach Brose (2 years ago)
Get a FlipSide wallet. RFID protection.
Mike Wolf (3 years ago)
What's funny is that electronic wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay are more secure secure then those EMV cards since they require a secondary authentication such as a passcode or fingerprint.
Matthew Pike (2 years ago)
+Mike Wolf Also the NFC can be turned off. So unless you turn it on it won't work.
Mike Wolf (3 years ago)
+Ponies Everywhere oh yes, that's true as well. I think together they both make it more secure. Apple say that the Touch ID confirms the owner's identity, plus because the card number is never stored on the device, personal information is never transmitted or shared with merchants.
Ponies Everywhere (3 years ago)
+Mike Wolf That is not what makes them secure, because in theory, once the info is out of the phone then its free season. What makes them secure is that they don't release card info; it sends a 1 time use code for the payment ;)
John Daniels (3 years ago)
But.... all the information that is stored on the contactless chip is already on the front of your card and can be easily read by anyone.
Btt (2 years ago)
Magic Man or just wrap your card in foil 🙃
Magic Man (2 years ago)
+jockymc It can't be just any wallet, though. You have to get a wallet which prevents RFID scanning.
jockymc (2 years ago)
Not if it's in your wallet in your pocket
Elek Ekberg (3 years ago)
It isn't just Fraud that's a problem. You could lose your Card, and by time you realise it, someone could have racked up numerous Sales, as they don't need your PIN. I would never have One! I prefer to use a PIN. It only takes Seconds anyway, and is safer than someone being able to do numerous Transactions, before you realise you have lost your Card and report and block it! Some Technology is obviously great. Some isn't though!
PlayTrailers (7 months ago)
A bit late here but no, my bank offers the stolen money back within 48 hours or so. Also if you keep money in a savings account then the thief really won't be able to do much as they only have your card and not your account. So all you need to do is open the app/website/phone and select the card has been stolen option to immediately shut down that card.
Elek Ekberg (2 years ago)
+Pritpal Desai True. I think it can take some time though. Which isn't nice for the Victim if they only have limited money :o/
Btt (2 years ago)
Elek Ekberg banks usually refund fraudulent transactions. so the consumer very rarely loses out.
Card came in the mail and immediately punched a hole through the RFID chip.
Melissa Mc (3 years ago)
I got my card cancelled today. I'm so scared im waiting to get my money back;(
Adolf Hitler (3 years ago)
This ''contactless'' technology is useless, is it so hard to just slide it through the POS machine and put your password it only takes 5 seconds, or if youre the guy like ''this contactless thingy saves 3 more seconds of my life! so why not to put my whole money in risk!''
Thales Alves (3 years ago)
rapaz ter o apk é facil , quero ver voce ficar madrugadas e madrugadas acordado testando as trilhas até achar a cabeça certa , entao nao me venha pedir , pork eu nao sou doador mendigos , compra , cada bin to vendendo a 1k , subindo no debito e no credito , eu peguei as bins com os desenvolvedores , e ta saindo lindo galera , chama no skypeee veeem seus putosss
KTM (3 years ago)
No shit! Okay, where's that tin foil from last Christmas' Turkey?
Jason Laboy (3 years ago)
@Richard Coleman The US still uses mag strips in every store almost no one accepts emv chips
Adam Socolofsky (3 years ago)
I have paypass on my mastercard with RFID Block and have never had an issue even when i traveled to Japan, Austria, Germany, and China, take preventive measures and paypass and paywave can be safe and fast, i had mine for 6 years and no issues of fraud
Ondrus21 (3 years ago)
When I got a contactless card for the first time, I tried to pay by touch and it took far more time than paying by contact. About 1 minute. So where is the advantage (besides easier way to steal my money)?  I just cut the antenna conducting between magnetic and signature bands by the box cutter and the card is not contactless anymore. Banks all over the world, fuck you!
Dementos (3 years ago)
Contactless takes 2-3 seconds for me. 💳💵
gamebomber66 (3 years ago)
why dont people just buy a RFID blocker to put your cards in? plus.. here in the UK you can only make a max payment of £20 per transaction. so if someone did steal your card they wont be able to pay for TV's etc
vic odell (4 months ago)
Someone who copies your card with a card reader available on line can make multiple purchases. The banks will only repay money after it has been reported as compromised, by the time you realise the card has been compromised your account is empty.. the simple answer is DON'T ACCEPT CONTACTLESS CARDS
Ann Other (7 months ago)
Now It's £30. Still not bothered?
scrapironfish (3 years ago)
I just had a new card sent to me with this crap chip inside it. I cut it out of the card Immediately after opening the envelope. It really takes that long to swipe a card and enter a pin? Stop forcing us to have a card we don't want. I should be able to opt out of the "touch-less payment card" and get a real one sent to me.
Ryan Brown (3 years ago)
what am saying is very basic but: 1)The RFID in your card doesn't contain that type of information is contain a frequency code that is used to contact your bank. If you do get cloned and a big IF then am afraid it was your bank sending information to non registered business you can easily get your money back and I suggest changing bank. 2)The max token that can be taken out is limited and once the limited transaction is taken your details are wiped in the UK you can only take out £20 max a day. 3)You need to be close to the reader for a second.
HackingSpartan (1 year ago)
Ryan Brown still not the max per day, its per transaction
Ryan Brown (1 year ago)
at time of posting it was 20
HackingSpartan (1 year ago)
Ryan Brown good post but one point is wrong. In the UK, it's up to £30 per single transaction
melluzzi (3 years ago)
Are they really accepting magstripe transactions in USA? Yep, technically RFID stores a copy of magstripe tracks, but as seen on that laptop display, one can't read anything more than any shop assistant who sees customer's card. By all PCI, VISA and MC requirements the whole world is using AES / 3DES encrypted chips and fallback to magstripe is not allowed even if the reader is present except in special circumstances (typically validated by customer's signature and ID).
cbernier3 (2 years ago)
+melluzi The banks didn't even start sending out cards with chips until last year. They are chip and signature cards, they don't send out chip and PIN cards. I don't think most of the hardware needs replacing, but they do need software updates, as they were never programmed to accept chips, certainly not programmed to mandate use of chips.
melluzzi (2 years ago)
+cbernier3 This is weird. All Europe and EEMEA region, including countries like Nigeria and Pakistan are only using chips for a long time already. Perhaps there is too much hardware that needs to be replaced in USA.
cbernier3 (2 years ago)
In the US, most stores don't have working chip readers. It's mostly magstrip here. No one checks id, or even the signature. I don't even try to actually sign anymore, just scribble whatever I want.
Oddball (3 years ago)
Have been using my new contactless card a week and it has been cloned already.
Iron Pirate (2 years ago)
+Oddball There you go again with the negative waves...
GuruAidTechSupport (3 years ago)
+Oddball It could be from anywhere, if you have ever even left the card sitting anywhere, someone could simply swipe it and leave without you ever know it happened. It could have also happened online. If I were you, I would get a RFID blocker for the card and wait a few weeks, it will still be hacked. Once we move to NFC payments on smartphones, this won't be a problem.
Oddball (3 years ago)
+GuruAidTechSupport OK but not had card long and can't remember using the mag strip anywhere. Only use the chip part.
GuruAidTechSupport (3 years ago)
Yes, but with modern contactless cards, tokenization is used via a dynamic CVV3 code. They also have a different expiration date in some cases, and no longer send the name over contactless. With modern cards, it's not possible.
Oddball (3 years ago)
+GuruAidTechSupport Watch 3.02 he does it in the video "lifted from an RFID card and copied onto a room key" Implying data was taken by radio not swipe system.
Tiny w (3 years ago)
1 Pickpocket Wallet 2 Go shopping  3 There fucked  4 You win
Xaionik (3 years ago)
This is why they're getting rid of magnetic strips and requiring pins. AND don't bother comparing this to Apple Pay/Google Wallet. You'll never get the true credentials EVEN if you break into the phone.
Durron 19 (3 years ago)
Line your wallet with a sheet of aluminum foil. Readers cannot detect rfid or nfc. Simple and effective
oana ioana (4 years ago)
very easy for protect yourself,just buy a safety wallet
AwwsomeGaming (4 years ago)
It made me laugh my ass off when they said its safe ;)
jonapsh (4 years ago)
My bank in UK is basicly forcing me, against my will, to have one of these cards. After numerous arguements, they've agreed to issue me a non contactless card but it's a downgrade, ie: I can't use it on the net or outside UK. Watching this has just proved my arguements
jonapsh (4 years ago)
+hwangeruk thank you. I will continue enjoying using my "grubby cash". It's not be problematic to me for the last 50 years
hwangeruk (4 years ago)
That's fine, you are entitled to feel how you want. I just posted, as you stated that this article proves your argument, which it doesn't as you don't understand that in the UK you cannot simply swipe which means obtaining the card number and expiry is now worthless - thieves cannot use those details. And since this video we've had contactless for 2 years, and the sky has not fallen down :) But enjoy your grubby cash if it makes you feel secure :)
jonapsh (4 years ago)
+hwangeruk I'm sorry but there is nothing that will make me feel this is a good idea. We will need to differ on this.
hwangeruk (4 years ago)
No it hasn't. In the UK most retailers only accept chip and pin, so you cannot simply swipe a card as demonstrated. You are also no liable for any theft from your card. To make a non contactless payment you need the PIN. Contactless payments are limited to certain values, say 20 pounds and only a certain amount per day (and if the payments are too numerous retailers will start challenging by PIN) You really need to get over yourself on this one. Cash for example can be dropped / lost with no recourse to anyone or anything. Contactless is super convenient, cuts down queue times (I hate waiting for people to faff for pennies) overall its a great system. This swipe stealing only works in the US as they haven't gone chip and PIN yet like we have in the UK.
Richard Coleman (4 years ago)
Rubbish! Firstly you have to hold the card within 3-4 cm of the device (Not up to 30ft as commented below). Secondly Most places now would use Chip and Pin technology so copying the details onto a room card would mean the card shouldn't be accepted. (if the shop is allowing swipe cards they really need to update their security). It also would randomly ask for a Pin to check for security and 4th your bank will cover you IF your card details were used that way. I work for a bank in the UK and since it was introduced here over 4 years ago I've not dealt with one case of contactless fraud (The old system of cheques is still the highest level of fraud seen but the stupid media don't cover that as a story). Its stupid videos like this that make our jobs harder and the public less trusting (especially the older generation). The most you would get is the card number and the expiry date - not enough for even an online transaction as you'd need the persons name, address and 3 digit security code.
Ajay Mishra (10 months ago)
@hackingspartan would like to learn more in depth regarding contactless card from technology ,communication and message exchange point of view. sir would be great to share some info to me. *ignore grammer.
Ajay Mishra (10 months ago)
@richard would like to learn more in depth regarding contactless card from technology ,communication and message exchange point of view. sir would be great to share some info to me. *ignore grammer.
SJohmOreo (1 year ago)
SJohmOreo (1 year ago)
HackingSpartan tbh I feel pretty bad for my country; we still use chip and signature and the contactless systems are dead here (except for Apple Pay)
HackingSpartan (1 year ago)
Nereus I'm sorry you Americans are so behind in payment technology. What he means are that emv cards (chip and pin) do not share details with the payment terminal, contactless or not, they use tokenisation. And by pin he means that if you make a lot of contactless transactions in a day, you have to make a chip and pin transaction to verify it's you, so a thief can't go around the whole city tapping your card. Your card can be blocked the same way as a standard card and banks will refund you for fraud. He is not stupid, it's just that us europeans are way more advanced in payment technology, we had chip and pin cards for years, not the crappy unsecure swipe cards you had, it took you more than a decade to introduce emv cards, and it's still chip and signature not chip and pin. We had contactless for a bunch of years now, and instead of dying like in America, it's nearly in every store now in all of Europe. This also means that Android, Samsung and apple pay can be used practically anywhere. By 2020, all UK terminals will have to be contactless, so you can use contactless cards and phone payments in EVERY store in the UK and in 95% of stores in Europe. You'd be lucky if you're that advanced by 2050.
UltimatePisman (4 years ago)
It's weird to see how America still has no PIN chip on their credit cards. But a nice solution: hold multiple NFC-enabled or RFID-enabled cards close to each other while you don't use them. This way those readers won't be able to read your cards. I tried this with my V-PAY debit card, ING card (powered by Maestro), OV-chipkaart (for public transport) and ID (government) card. Every single device I tested on gave me an error when putting these cards together.
Ole's Music (4 years ago)
You have this crap in the US? seriously, ridiculous!? Anyone could just place a wireless pay-terminal at the end of some stairs or whatever and just transfer money right out of their pocket..I guess stupid people would agree to anything these days.
MaximoHomeAuto (3 years ago)
This was in the U.K. Long before the us.
Miguel Queiroz (4 years ago)
Use tin foil on your bag to block waves
Daniel Pritchard (4 years ago)
I keep mine in my tinfoil hat.  
more faster than classical way ,but ho much it secure 
Xenos117 (5 years ago)
No security code and no pin? Not really that dangerous then surely? 
Richard Coleman (4 years ago)
Still safer than carrying cash. Imagine having £20 in your wallet and someone steals that. They will spend it and you wont see it again. IF someone used your card you report your card stolen and get the money back through the bank as they protect you.
ElroyHarvey (5 years ago)
A few hundred dollars? In the UK contactless payments are limited to £20 each and after you do a few you will be asked for the PIN and will not be able to use contactless again until the PIN is entered. Even in the USA though if you were to be a victim of this kind of fraud you would be protected anyways so i really don't see what the consumer has to worry about.
Superbudman (5 years ago)

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