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Qt: Signals and slots example (non-GUI)

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Yuri Fernandes (1 month ago)
muito obrigado amigo pelo seu exemplo ,vai me ajuda muito faz dias que estava procurando algo parecido
vapon (4 years ago)
What is the reason of emit in signals? couldn't we just call the function?
Daniel González (2 years ago)
This signal can be handled by many slot functions. To make a long story short: you emit the signal and functions react to it (if they are connected). Maybe you could relate this to how R.O.S. behaves (in robotics field), where messages are publisehd into topics and the nodes of the system subscribed to those topics get the message, while the others don't. It is just an easy way of dealing with interruptions.  Someone correct me if I am wrong in what I say, please.
Thanks for the tutorial, really nice.
Immac (RockLeet) (6 years ago)
Wow, it's really easy, thanks bro!
Siniša Petrović (6 years ago)
brilliant, thank you so much :)
Ben H (6 years ago)
Thanks, I'm glad you found it useful! I didn't speed up the video at all because I wanted to show what is actually possible in ~5 minutes of coding. Not to worry about the speed, though; the more code you write, the faster you'll get at typing it. Sometimes I wish I had a brain-to-text-file interface so I can just dump out tons of code at a time, because the whole typing thing is a real drag :-)
Moritz Gunz (6 years ago)
Do you really type so fast? Okay, I'm not the slowest guy with my keyboard, but if I wanna use special characters, I type much slower than normal. :D Thanks for your tutorial.
mukund yk (7 years ago)
Your keyboard sounds really good :D. Thanks for the tutorial btw :)

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